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New Black Flag released - exclusive extract

14-05-2008 08:39

The new issue of Black Flag has been launched with in-depth analysis of the BNP, the credit crunch, and anarcha-feminism, along with much more.

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Irish Redress Board Condemns Innocent People.

14-05-2008 00:34

An innocent person can be named by any applicant to the Redress Board and falsely accused of the most terrible sex crimes and child abuse. The unscrupulous applicant gets paid for doing so, is protected by state secrecy, and the innocent victim is destroyed for life.

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Bilderberg 2008 evades all scrutiny in Vouliagmeni, Greece

14-05-2008 00:23

Well the old tricksters did it this year. They evaded all our efforts to track them down to a precise date and venue. There has been a lot of Bilderberg searching activity on the forum ( ) including examination of bilderbergers' schedules, checking of hotels but no definite answer.

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Mobile Protest "Let Aid Experts into Burma" for Cyclone Relief

13-05-2008 23:51

Starting at Parliament Square
On May 10th, 10 protesters dressed in black in mourning formed a mobile protest around various London landmarks. They were protesting against the Burma junta's refusal to allow aid experts into Burma for Cyclone relief and also at the junta's disgraceful preoccupation with continuing the rigged referendum [1] on the military biased constitution on May 10th, rather than cyclone relief. See below for Global Day of Action for Cyclone Nargis victims.

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Bath Bomb #10 Out Now

13-05-2008 21:27

The monthly outpoured bile of Bath's idealists and misanthrope's reaches double figures...

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PNW Punk Gig: May 15 - In On The Green, Labroke Grove

13-05-2008 21:24

flyer front
May 15 at Inn On The Green, Labroke Grove, Rob The Rub and Peace Not War present the Punk Party For Peace.

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Is This US Congressional Injustice Racist, Or Callous Neglect ?

13-05-2008 21:00

No $$$ No Justice, No Lobby,No US Senate Assistance !!
No $$ & No Lobby = 100,000 innocent American Citizens being Falsely imprisoned !

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Fight Israeli apartheid!

13-05-2008 20:00

The need for permanent demonstrations in support of the Palestinians!

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Re : The rumours etc around Camden campaign / Candy Udwin etc.

13-05-2008 19:50

While we will reserve judgment about what is going on, Candy Udwin did in fact advise people that "they wouldn't be speaking to the Camden New Journal any more" and did describe the animals trapped in a Barnet lab as "just a load of rats" at a recent meeting. She did also try to persuade people at the meeting to accept the lab in Somers Town "in return for flats at the National Temperance site".

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The Tax Credit Gamble

13-05-2008 19:01

Millions of families each year are pushed into debt because of the incompetence of HMRC.

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Gay ALF Activist Roger Troen Dies at 77

13-05-2008 17:41

Can't Kill The Spirit: Gay ALF Activist Roger Troen Dies at 77

Sunday, May 11, 2008
The Oregonian

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Staples lies and beagles die

13-05-2008 17:18

Initially, it was reported on the SHAC website that activists had witnessed unmarked trucks delivering Staples supplies to Huntingdon Life Sciences in the UK. Since the campaign began, we have received reports of a number of different Staples responses.

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Foie gras nationwide day of action, Friday 16th May

13-05-2008 17:17

A nationwide day of action has been called for Friday 16th May against these establishments continuing to support foie gras. This is a limited list of contact details, please look up more easily accessible details relating to these supporters of the cruel trade, and duly inform them of the hell these geese and ducks go through for no more than a delicacy.

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Many candidates, corporate media obscures U.S. presidential politics

13-05-2008 15:12

Third political parties do not compete on a level playing field in U.S. politics; the corporate media will spend more money in one day, promoting the campaigns of Senators John McCain, Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, than the amount of money third political parties will spend in one year to promote their candidates, combined. While third party candidates are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on flyers and brochures, big corporations are spending millions to keep the names of their candidates in the public’s view.

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Palestine Today 051308

13-05-2008 15:07

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday May 13th 2008.

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'Freedom To Protest' Demonstration, 18th May, Edinburgh

13-05-2008 13:21

Poster: print and distribute!
A peaceful demonstration is planned to assert our right to freely protest without fear. It will be held at 12pm on the 18th of May at Parliament Square, as a response to the campaign of harassment and intimidation which Lothian and Borders Police is directing at peaceful protsters in Edinburgh. Such repression violates human rights and, if it continues, it will stifle popular participation in civil society. The demonstration is also in solidarity with the dozens of working class people who are oppressed by the Edinburgh 'justice' system every day.

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Redbridge No2ID 'Taking Liberties' screening - 19 May

13-05-2008 13:02

Redbridge No2ID campaign are showing 'Taking Liberties' in Ilford, on Tuesday 19h May, 7.30pm. Free entry. Please come and support - the more the merrier. Pass it on...

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Some Poetry Resources for Writers in Ireland

13-05-2008 11:52

P.I Logo (check out the sites)
This is an Arts and Media announcement. The Net has increased
participation in discussion on Independent publication and on
arts Writing. Mostly the sites are small and self-managed by
Volunteers. But they are good- I suppouse this article is
skewed toward those interested in irish Literature.

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Disturbing Stirrings - Ratcheting Up For War on Iran

13-05-2008 08:44

Led by Dick Cheney, Bush administration neocons want war on Iran. So does the Israeli Lobby, but it doesn't mean they'll get it. Powerful forces in Washington and the Pentagon are opposed and so far have prevailed. Nonetheless, worrisome recent events increase the possibility and must be closely watched.