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Staples lies and beagles die

Win Animal Rights (W.A.R.) | 13.05.2008 17:18 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Cambridge | World

Initially, it was reported on the SHAC website that activists had witnessed unmarked trucks delivering Staples supplies to Huntingdon Life Sciences in the UK. Since the campaign began, we have received reports of a number of different Staples responses.

Staples began by denying that they were supplying Huntingdon Life Sciences. Then they said that they were supplying Huntingdon Life Sciences in the USA but not the UK. Then they said they were supplying Huntingdon Life Sciences in the UK but not the USA. Then they claimed that they couldn't withhold supplies when they were ordered over the internet. Since then they have released statements saying that they will supply whomever orders from them.

As of April 27, 2008, their USA corporate headquarters was back to denying that they supply Huntingdon Life Sciences at all.

Apparently Staples is having a hard time keeping their stories straight. Typical for liars. Below you will find a sampling of letters that have been sent to Staples from concerned and compassionate consumers. Following those letters, you will see some of the responses from Staples.

See letters here:



How can they be so cold and callous, knowing beagle puppies will continue to be killed by a company they supply?

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is a company whose primary business is death and suffering. They kill 500 animals every day for product testing. Not for medical progress and not because they are seeking to find a cure for human diseases. They do this for thinks like toothpaste and tanning lotion and food additives like Splenda and caramel coloring.

Staples has been caught delivering supplies to HLS in a disguised vehicle. What do they have to hide? Perhaps they don’t want others to know that they supply the bloody butchers and animal abusers at Huntingdon Life Sciences. Contact Staples today. Ask them to stop delivering supplies to HLS.

Facts about Staples:

- World's largest office product supplier
- Employs 76,000
- Own over 2,000 stores
- Stores in 47 states in the USA
- Stores in 22 countries
- Staples 2007 sales = $19.4 billion
- Quill Corp. is owned by Staples
- Caught delivering to HLS UK
- Admit supplying HLS New Jersey
- They don't need HLS blood money

Talking points for correspondence:

* Let them know that they are a supplying a company who has been exposed, in numerous undercover investigations, abusing animals in their care.

* Ask them if this relationship is consistent with their corporate ethics and "Staples Soul"?

* If they tell you that they do not have a contract with HLS, ask them why they will not issue a statement that they are not now and will not in the future supply Huntingdon Life Sciences?

* Ask Staples to live up to their corporate ethic by cutting their ties to Huntingdon Life Sciences.

* At the end of this page you will find a link to "STAPLES LIES", find out about the lies they are telling on the phone and via e-mail.

* From the Staples website, please consider referring to this in your correspondence:

"Staples Soul. It’s what moves us."

"Every day, Staples strives to be a conscientious corporate citizen and great neighbor. Our focus on corporate responsibility, or what we refer to as Staples Soul, moves us to embrace diversity, sustain the environment, give back to our communities and practice sound ethics. Linking these values with our global business strategy and operations contributes to our financial success and helps us become a great employer. For more information, go to"

Staples "Ethics"

"Staples strives to be a model of corporate governance and ethical business practices. Our commitment to integrity is embodied in our Code of Ethics, which all associates are expected to follow. We also seek to work with suppliers who share our values, as reflected in our Supplier Code of Conduct."

More information about HLS:

Win Animal Rights (W.A.R.)


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