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Biotechnology Update 12/5 - 12/19

19-12-2001 17:13

The following is a listing of stories on biotechnology posted to

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From Heathrow To Palestine

19-12-2001 17:08

On December 14th, four people, two men and two women prepare to leave Heathrow Airport for Palestine as part of the International Solidarity Movement. They hope to nonviolently intervene in the Isreali occupation to prevent palestines (and Israeli's) from being hurt. Chris Dunham from South London and Sarah Irvine from Manchester are interviewed at Heathrow Airport. Duration: 3:20 minutes

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First arrests under anti-terror laws

19-12-2001 16:09

a polite knock on the door?

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19-12-2001 14:28

Tomorrow, Thursday 20th sees the opening of the MOX plant at Sellafield.

A group of 75 demonstrators from Ireland will be joined by groups from around
England to demonstrate at Sellafield.

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Rigged elections

19-12-2001 12:02

rigging elections and a threat to democracy:

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19-12-2001 11:20

The CFR has its main headquarters at the corner of park Avenue in New York City, in a building given to the organization by the Rockefeller family in 1929. Its main goal is to create a one-world government by destroying the freedom and independence of all nations, and David Rockefeller continues to be its Chairman of the Board.

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D14 demonstration Brussels EU Summit pictures

19-12-2001 10:50

D14 demonstration Brussels EU Summit pictures
D14 Demonstration for 'Another Europe'. (article 1)

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D13 Brussels EU Summit pictures

19-12-2001 10:33

D13 Brussels EU Summit pictures
D13 'Euromanif' Trade union demonstration, Brussels. (article 1)

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Is Mumia Abu Jamal Off Death Row???

19-12-2001 10:13

News is emerging that Mumia Abu Jamal, on death row for nearly 20 years, may have had a sentence reprieve. If this news is correct its an amazing development, considering the fallout from September 11 and the opportunity this affords the US state to repress acts of defiance. If anything we would have expected Mumia's fate to be sealed after S11. This article comes from Associated Press

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Dead and missing Scientists update

19-12-2001 03:40

All are welcome to join in a group that will be watching governments and sharing information on them...two can play that game...

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smoking gun

19-12-2001 01:13

the video that proves that george bush is behind the attacks on afghanistan.

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My first song (from Latuff)

19-12-2001 01:00

My first song (from Latuff)
It's my first time in my whole life writting a song and, for non-native speaker of English like me, I thought it would be very difficult. My good brother-in-arts Marco made the music. All of you are invited to comment about "Bush Bless America". But please, I am NOT a song writer or musician. It was just an EXPERIENCE. Click link below to download MP3 produced by Marco.

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peace sculpture planning permission

18-12-2001 22:41

peace sculpture planning permission
planning permission for the greenham common peace march sculpture will be decided on jan 16th by cardiff city council and planning dept.

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Clissold Park - Save the Deer

18-12-2001 22:07

Generations of deer have lived in Clissold park for
over 100 years. They now face re-homing or potential
termination because of Hackney cuts.

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The Best Enemies Money Can Buy

18-12-2001 17:52

From Hitler To Saddam Hussein to Osama bin Laden – Insider Connections and the Bush Family’s Partnership with Killers of Americans Brown Brothers, Harriman - BNL- and the Carlyle Group

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The US has killed more than 3,767 Afghans

18-12-2001 17:33

The US has killed more than 3,767 Afghans ...more deaths than in World Trade Centre

Taken from Socialist Worker

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Marcher against police killing suspended by Lambeth council

18-12-2001 16:55

Alex Owolade is Chair of MfJ. He led the demo against the cop killing of Derek Bennett in July- and praised the local youth who quasi-rioted instead of denouncing them. Lambeth Senior Management are trying to sack him via a crap disciplinary. March for Justice on Friday 21 6pm Lambeth Town Hall.

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Excellent detailed report of Brussels protest

18-12-2001 16:03

Excellent detailed summary report of the protest in Brussels over D13-D15.

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International noborder-actioncamp, Strasbourg, July 2002

18-12-2001 15:38

The European noborder network is calling for the International noborder-actioncamp in Strasbourg, 19. – 28. July 2002. Strasbourg is the location of the Schengen Information System (SIS).

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Philipino Coppers Locked in Gym!!

18-12-2001 13:21

Pigs get a random taste of their own medicine