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Violent illegal eviction of 54 Freemantle Rd.

26-08-2010 15:22

Today police illegally evicted a squat on 54 Freemantle Rd.
No court papers had been served or warning given, yet police smashed in the front door and used dog teams to intimidate the residents and their friends whilst a police helicopter hovered overhead. Residents were not permitted to collect their belongings, which are apparently being held at Bridewell Station, presumably a further intimidation and information gathering strategy.

Under English & Welsh law squatting is a civil matter to be resolved in the civil courts between the squatters and the owners and the police should not involve themselves unless a bailiff authorised by the court has been obstructed.

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John & Yoko fundraising for Gaza Convoy

26-08-2010 14:20

Friday 27th August from 12pm

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26-08-2010 13:08


= the kidnappers of Mr Anari are found and brought to justice
= all violence and intimidation against union members is stopped immediately
= workers locked out from the factory are reinstated as per the agreement
with the Labour Department.



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EDL Racists

26-08-2010 12:44

Only 2 days until Bradford and the EDL are still pretending they aren't racist.

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On the Philippine hostage taking incident

26-08-2010 12:13

Akbayan (Citizens Action Party) on the the Ill-fated Hostage Taking Incident at the Quirino Grandstand and the Necessary Reformation of the Police Force

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JB SPRAY SQUAT, Nottingham, resistance is still strong,

26-08-2010 11:32

As most 'activists' in the squatting community will confirm, the legal wrangling of bailiffs turning up and people being evicted from a site usually run along the same lines...The bailiffs turn up, with some lock smith looking (usually) blokes with tools and then get in any available entrance to get people out...Anarchist Zones are not so easy to get rid of though, as the following article on the current resistance at JB SPRAY SQUAT will show...(apologies for the shoddy google translations, but hey, im trying to show solidarity, not perfect language skills)

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Real cost of restoring the Ashby Canal

26-08-2010 09:25

The press release " The real cost of restoring the Ashby Canal to Measham" (PR 74) provides detailed information about the real cost of restoring the Ashby Canal to Measham in order to contradict the implied claim in the MACE poster that £2.5m will bring the Ashby Canal into the heart of Measham. It also includes an assessed 'carbon' if UK Coal's offer is accepted

MOPG PR 74                                                                      26/8/10 




Posters around the Measham area are advertising that UK Coal plc will contribute over £2.5m in cash and kind towards restoring the Ashby Canal, should they be granted planning permission for opencasting coal on the Minorca site. The posters imply that the Canal will be bought right into Measham by illustrating it with pictures of the exiting youth club area being transformed into Measham Wharf when the Canal arrives.


Hopes are one thing; the real situation is somewhat different. On its own, UK Coal’s contribution will not bring the Ashby Canal to Measham. It is even very unlikely that they will, for that outlay, be able to restore the canal to Ilott’s Wharf, a spot just west of Bosworth Grange, still a long way from Measham.

Canal restoration is expensive, approximately normally £1000 a metre so the initial offer of cash and work in kind of £1.28m should, in theory, be enough to bring the canal from its present terminus north of Snarestone the 1250m to Ilott Wharf. 


However there is a major problem. To restore the canal to Ilott Wharf will mean building an aqueduct over the Gilwiskaw Brook. According to Geoff Pursglove, Leicestershire County Council’s Project Officer for the Ashby Canal Restoration Project ,UK Coal’s offer does not include providing the £500,000 estimated cost of building the Gilwiskaw Brook aqueduct. So even if UK Coal were granted permission, the restored section of the Ashby Canal could just end at Bosworth Grange, since one assumes that because money is now so tight, one of the main arguments used by the supporters of the Minorca Surface Mine application in the first place, this is where it would stop for the foreseeable future. The total cost for restoring the Canal to Measham was put at £14m in 2009 by Leicestershire County Council. (1)


The other proposed £1.2m worth of benefit is for canal related infrastructural work which although necessary, will not extend the canal any further.  


There is another price we will all be paying if this application is successful. That price is the contribution that restoring the Ashby Canal by means of the ‘bribe’, the word used by Mr Bricknell, the instigator M.A.C.E. and the poster, from UK Coal plc will mean the release of over 2,700,000 tonnes of Carbon forDioxide into the atmosphere (2). For every restored metre of the canal the other cost is the release of 2,160 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. This is because this is the amount of CO2 that will be released when Minorca’s coal is burnt. 


MOPG would like M.A.C.E. to either confirm or deny these facts:


That without further ‘hard to get finance’ the UK Coal offer will only fully restore the Ashby Canal to Bosworth Grange.


That the total cost of restoring the Ashby Canal to Measham is approximately £14m.


That UK Coal’s offer will also result in the release of 2,700,000 tonnes of CO2, one of the most harmful of the green house gasses


Most of us in MOPG do want the canal restored, but the current method being proposed would impose a major loss on the quality of life for those living near the site, destruction of habitats and would also, unnecessarily, link the restoration of the Ashby Canal to the pollution of our atmosphere and the risks associated with global warming.  We consider that too high a price to pay.


Steve Leary for MOPG commented


“Those responsible for raising peoples hopes that at one stroke Measham’s fortunes will be transformed as a result of UK Coal gaining permission to work the Minorca site owe it to their supporters to be more transparent about the offer. Otherwise they may find that having raised peoples’ hopes in this way, they face a degree of resentment for misleading people with their advertisement. In any case this proposed development is not without its other costs and do the supporters of the Ashby Canal restoration project utilising UK Coal’s offer want the restoration then to always be associated with global warming?” 




1) Ashby Canal Restoration Snarestone to Measham Business Plan Summary , Leicestershire County Council, July 2009.


2) Amount of CO2 gas produced by burning 1.25m tonnes of coal is based on calculations already provided in the following source        “Ref 2010 Guidelines to Defra / DECC’s GHQ Conversion Factors for Company Reporting,  Annex 1 p 7, August 2010 @







tel 05601 767981,     





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New co-op interested in new members

26-08-2010 08:23

We are two Libitarian Socialists who have set up a conventional internet based business, we are looking to covert it into a full "Yellow Rules" Workers Co-op in the near future. Over the next year or so we intend to add another two or three members, so that our Co-op can continue to grow and be viable in the future. There are no positions available at present, but are looking to make contact with others in the region who might be interested.

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Let the real Queens & Kings in - report of the eve

26-08-2010 08:22

Report on the queer "Let the real Kings and Queens in" action at Buckingham Palace

How long will we have to suffer from the ideal of the nuclear familly ? Which revolution will rid us of gender roles, sexism and patriarchy ? A bunch of queers tried to have a go, recognizing the royal familly as a symbol and a tool for heteronormative brainwashing. They tried to reclaim Buckingham palace for the real queens and kings - for the real, beautiful London.

On Sunday the 22nd of August 2010, Four Kings and Queens (with support and legal observer) came to Buckingham palace to reclaim the place, bringing with them a closet, a red carpet, banners, signs, flyers, a sound system and spare crowns for all wannabe Queens and Kings. The text of the flyer can be read on the original callout.

Soldiers were knighted, given honors such as the Disorder of the Queer ; Queens went to the gates, having forgotten the keys, asking to be let in, while a King tried to open the gate with random keys.

Most people were supportive, a number of passer-bys were crowned and joined in the event. The police of the usurpators weren't too happy and wanted the real Queens and Kings to go - but when asked what law allowed them to remove people they had to go away for over an hour to find some obscure bylaw applying to Royal Parks and open spaces. Even then, the show could continue, albeit without music and banners.

Eventually the real Queens and Kings left, bored by the resiliance of the ursupators, and paraded down the Mall, dispensing music and flyers to all around.

This event was planned and organised by the Queer Invisible Academy who are also organising a day of queer workshops on Sunday the 5th of September.

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Gypsies: the silence of the Pope, when it’s not co

26-08-2010 08:22

Gypsies: the silence of the Pope, when it’s not convenient to speak. Only 2 years ago, Berlusconi’s Government, whose coalition includes the xenophobic Northern League (the equivalent of the BNP), announced plans to fingerprint every Gypsy in Italy, including children. The row reached the point where the Vatican felt obliged to step in… and it did not speak up for the gypsies…

Gypsies: the silence of the Pope, when it’s not convenient to speak

The Protest the Pope Campaign supports universal human rights. We oppose the Vatican policies and teachings that discriminate people because of their gender, their sexual orientation, their religion or belief. In an apparent criticism of France’s mass deportation of Roma (Gypsy) immigrants, Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday (Aug. 22) urged French-speaking Catholics to “accept legitimate human diversity” and practice “universal fraternity.” We support these words. But we must not forget the silence of the Vatican in other circumstances as serious as the deportation happening in France.

Only 2 years ago, Berlusconi’s Government, whose coalition includes the xenophobic Northern League (the equivalent of the BNP), announced plans to fingerprint every Gypsy in Italy, including children. The plans were ditched because of the outrage they caused, with the Council of Europe’s human rights watchdog issuing an unusually strong-worded statement hinting that the plan by the Italian authorities to fingerprint Roma amounted to fascism. “This proposal invites historical analogies which are so obvious that they do not even have to be spelled out,” Council of Europe Secretary General Terry Davis said in a written statement.

Before the EU made this statement, “Famiglia Cristiana” (i.e. Christian Family), a mass-circulation Roman Catholic magazine, said exactly the same. The Berlusconi administration — the third formed by Mr Berlusconi since he entered politics in 1994 — prides itself on its close links to the Vatican and the Catholic Church. The Vatican speaks openly against opposition leaders. While the Secretary of State of the Vatican, Tarcisio Bertone, attends dinners with Berlusconi and his allies. When “Famiglia Cristiana” compared the fingerprinting of Roma children in Italian Gypsy camps to the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis before and during the Second World War, Government ministers rounded in fury on the Christian Magazine. The row reached the point where the Vatican felt obliged to step in… and it did not speak up for the gypsies… It distanced itself from the Catholic magazine that was warning of a fascist revival also feared by the Council of Europe.

You can read more on the plan to fingerprint the children of the Gypsies on the BBC and Usa Today. The silence of the Pope and the Vatican, failing to speak up for the Gypsies, is described on the Times. JUST ONE MORE OF THE HUNDREDS OF REASONS TO "Protest the Pope"

Join "protest the Pope" on Facebook too.

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Affects of Bullying at School often Overlooked

26-08-2010 02:37

While the US National Statistics will say the violent crimes are decreasing in public school, bullying, either as an act of verbal or physical abuse, is a problem that is not decreasing.

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No eviction at the Spray Squat .... yet! The pics

26-08-2010 02:32

The JB Spray squat in Radford were expecting eviction this morning. Two County Court employees and two police turned up at around 10am along with around 20 supporters of the squatters. They were also accompanied by 2 employees of Portable Property Management, the company which is employed to manage the building. After some initial inspection and drawing a map of entrances they gave up. A call to the bailiffs revealed that another eviction attempt is imminent in the next few days.

The JB Spray squat in Radford were expecting eviction this morning. Two County Court employees and two police turned up at around 10am along with around 20 supporters of the squatters. They were also accompanied by 2 employees of Portable Property Management, the company which is employed to manage the building. After some initial inspection and drawing a map of entrances they gave up. A call to the bailiffs revealed that another eviction attempt is imminent in the next few days.

For a full account of the days events, please check out:

No eviction at the Spray this morning

When they are evicted .... the building will return to being an empty eyesore with more bits continuing to fall off, and those currently housed there ..... become homeless.

Squatting is not a crime, but the owners right to just let it rot ... should be.

These are some recent posting on the newswire about recent events:

Possession Order granted to legal owner of JBSpray

J B Spray Squat, court date, Mon. 2nd Aug.resist!

Spray Squat prepare for possible eviction ..again


These are links to older postings, showing some of the positive posibilites for the building:

Spray Building :: Russell Strett

J B Spray Building Occupied / Evicted / Reoccupied

Spray Building Squat, Radford: A Guided Tour

Spray Squat Party 1 : Acoustic Gig

Spray Building Squat : Nottingham County Court Appearance

Spray Squat Party 2 : Acoustic Gig, with diner

Squatters in the JB Spray Building, prevent water company from cutting them off

Spray Building 'spring into action' open for business

Nottingham Spring into Action :: Bicycle power for electric generation

Squatters Retake Nottingham's JB Spray Factory

Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK
Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]
"It is not enough to curse the darkness.
                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"

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Bristol Animal Rights Collective Meeting [1]

25-08-2010 23:22

Bristol Animal Rights Collective will be having their fortnightly meeting tonight (Wed 8th September) at 7:30PM at Kebele Social Centre, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, BS5 6JY - All Welcome!
Bristol Animal Rights Collective (BARC) are an autonomous group of compassionate individuals dedicated to ending all forms of animal abuse and suffering. We campaign on a number issuses, including: veganism, hunt sabotage, anti-vivisection, zoos & circuses and many others!

Come along to our meeting if you'd like to get involved with animal rights in your local area or just want to see what it's all about. Everyone is welcome. We meet every fortnight on Wednesday at Kebele Social Centre, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, BS5 6JY at 7:30PM.

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Buying Israeli Goods is Funding Apartheid (Fresh artwork by Latuff))

25-08-2010 22:38

Buying Israeli Goods is Funding Apartheid
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against US backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Freeskilling - Tree Walk - 31st August

25-08-2010 22:22

Join Ben & Lucy for a fact filled amble round St Werburgs to get to know your trees a little better.

Meet outside St Werburgs City Farm Café at 7pm. All are welcome, and it's free.
We also have an exciting Freeskilling program for September and October:


7pm Better Food Co, Sevier Street, St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9QS

7 September Tantra
Curious about Tantra? Come and find out the real truth about this radical path for the transformation of humanity. With Jewels Wingfield

14 September Introduction to Yoga
Suitable for complete beginners, this yoga practice emphasises postural alignment, gentle postures and breath-awareness to support mental and physical wellbeing. With Bristol City Yoga

21 September Bicycle Maintenance
An opportunity to learn the basics of bicycle maintenance and ask questions about the workings of a bike. With volunteers from Bristol Bike Project. See for Bristol Cycle Festival events, 11-26 September. Sorry, no space inside for own bikes.

28 September Freestyle Rhyming
Discover the art of freestyle rhyme and how to do it - plus a host of interactive games to get you rhyming. With Paul Farrow

5 October Public Speaking – Tricks of the Trade
Learn how to prepare and deliver an inspirational and engaging talk or presentation - whether to 5 or 100 people! With Claire Milne

12 October Meditations for Inner & Outer Peace
Learn the basics of how to meditate, how to apply meditation to solving our human problems and finding the lasting happiness that we long for. With Kelsan Chonden

19 October Car Sharing
Set up and manage a car share with your own car, limit your car use and share running costs. Understand the logistics, pit falls, benefits and responsibilities. There will be a car-share match making service during the evening where you could find your perfect partner. With car sharers Sarah Pugh, Hannah Fearnley & Adele Watt.

26 October Bach Flower Remedies for Pets
Learn more about the Bach Flower Remedies and how you can use them to help your pets with emotional problems such as fear of fireworks, anxieties, bullying, grief, and re-homing. With holistic vet Holly Mash

If you have any skills you would like to learn, skills you could share, or if you would like to help organise freeskilling events, please get in touch. You can email or talk to one of the freeskilling team at the next freeskilling evening you go to.

Please spread the word!

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German activists take on Dolphinarium

25-08-2010 21:08

Sea Shepherd crew on the ship Bob Barker show support for the campaign

"We will not leave Münster until this dolphinarium, in which the dolphins are kept in conditions that do not allow for even their basic needs, is closed," say activists of The Black Fish, an environmental and animal conservation organization. The activists, some of whom recently returned from a high-profile campaign to protect the whales against Japanese whalers in the Antarctic, says that they moved to Münster specifically to coordinate the campaign against the dolphinarium.

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Alan Davie at 90 - a new selection of works on show from 5 September

25-08-2010 20:23

Alan Davie at 90

An exhibition of recent works

26th June – 16th October 2010 at the Park Gallery, Callendar House, Falkirk


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Pope to visit Edinburgh, September 16th

25-08-2010 20:23

The Pope will arrive in Edinburgh on September 16, as part of his four day visit to the UK. He will meet large crowds, and many protests, in a visit to the city which looks set to cost more than £400k.

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EDO MBM parts very likely to have been used in Saudi war crimes

25-08-2010 18:54

New revelations by Amnesty International UK, concerning possible Saudi war crimes implicate the Brighton arms company EDO MBM in attacks on Yemeni civilians.

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Palestine Today 08 25 2010

25-08-2010 16:31

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Wednesday August 25th, 2010.