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From passivity to proaction! (flyer and art)

27-01-2004 23:21

cut loose from authority!
Your alleged "leaders" often believe you are "incapable" and feeling too powerless to be more proactive than simply attending rallies and marches in a passive way. The flyer text here is meant to do two things: inspire you, and many others, to become more proactive--in a basic resistance of consciousness! Here is a giant pile of deep info that should inspire!

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Footage from Fairford coach Judicial Review Jan 2004

27-01-2004 23:17

Footage of Rhytmns of resistance protest outside Royal courts of Justice on JAn 15th 2004.

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Animal rights victory

27-01-2004 20:40

As many of you have already heard, Cambridge University has announced
that they are not going ahead with the proposed primate laboratories
at 307 Huntingdon Road. This is fantastic news down to the collective
power of the animal rights movement. So a big thank you to one and
all who took part in achieving this victory!

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Parliament of Puppets Narrowly Backs Tuition Fees.

27-01-2004 20:12

Don't vote Labour again.

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'NO WAR' against Sydney Opera House 2 - Interview with 1 'artist' = Dave Burgess

27-01-2004 19:19

On January 30 [Will+Dave] will be charged for painting NO WAR in 5m high blood-red letters on the Sydney Opera House [..] Now the state authorities are [..] threatening a jail sentence of 5(!) years, plus charging an outrageous A$151,000. [..] Green Left Weekly spoke with Dave Burgess about the "very real prospect of going to gaol" (so Judge Blackmore) [..]

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Lula in India

27-01-2004 19:08

Lula in India: “we can change the world commercial geography”

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Leak against this war

27-01-2004 19:01

US and British officials must expose their leaders' lies about Iraq - as I did over Vietnam.

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Libya and the US: How Terror Won

27-01-2004 18:48

If you believed the Reagan administration, Qadaffi was the source of every explosion, earthquake, blizzard and thunderstorm. If you believed Clinton and Major, he was responsible for Pan Am 103. If you believe Bush on anything, you need your fucking head examined.

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10 Euros for the Iraqi Resistance!

27-01-2004 18:01

While the Bush Empire squanders billions on it's pathetic attempt to conquer Iraq,
we're just asking 10 Euros per person to help stop it!

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My correspondence with Benny Morris

27-01-2004 17:36

My correspondence with Benny Morris about his article in Haaretz

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Holocaust Day is Hutton Eve - poem

27-01-2004 17:11

An 18 line poem the peace and justice campaigner author was moved to create after attending a Holocaust Memorial in Swindon on 27 Jan - just one day before Hutton reports on death of weapons inspector Dr David Kelly

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An Idiot Guide to the Ubiquitous WMD

27-01-2004 16:37

An Idiot Guide to the Ubiquitous WMD

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27-01-2004 16:15

SchNEWS on the World Social Forum - spot on as ever.


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Pretty Good Privacy vs. NSA(National Security Agency)

27-01-2004 16:11

Is it too late to advocate for privacy in a prisonplanet?
Because I feel this is the issue that should be stressed
over and over again. Undelining the privacy that is

We are being monitored by the CIA and NSA.
Then they have their counterparts worldwide.
GPS tracking in mobilephones.
Echelon eavesdropping on anybody it wishes.

Informants, infiltrators.
Read about the Cointelpro operations during
1960s and later.

Where is your privacy?
Can you really find any if you focus on the
fundamental meaning of the question?

Who is sniffing your mail?

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London Rising Tide disrupts Caspian oil & gas conference, 27.1.04

27-01-2004 15:17

Activists this morning disrupted a London conference dedicated in part to 'overcoming ecological and environmental concerns' about the pipelines that are beginning to criss-cross the Caucasus with Big Oil and US military backing.

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27-01-2004 14:34

article about the Bulkington and Meadowlands evictions

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Oxford occupation ending at 4 pm - be there!

27-01-2004 14:21

The occupation will be ending at 4 pm with a march to University Offices, anyone is welcome and encouraged to join us! Show your support for the people who have been occupying...

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Humanitarian Bombers in Court

27-01-2004 13:27

Dutch leaders give evidence on the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia - full version.

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Nike Throws In The Towel

27-01-2004 12:20

In September 2003, 0100101110101101.ORG started a surreal art project
called Nike Ground ( ), a "hyper-real theatrical
performance" built around a fake guerrilla marketing campaign: Nike was
supposedly buying streets and squares in major world capitals, in order to
rename them and insert giant monuments of their famous logo. Nike went to court - and lost.