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A Day of Mourning for Torah Faithful Jews

13-05-2003 13:31

A Day of Mourning for Torah Faithful Jews

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Informations about June in Thessaloniki

13-05-2003 12:31


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Let Corus workers make steel for Africa

13-05-2003 11:36

Steel workers are thrown on the dole while people around the world desperately need the steel they could be producing. This is the logic of the capitalist system, argues Charlie Kimber:

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ISM nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

13-05-2003 11:29

ISM nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Letter of nomination from Svend Robinson

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another Bush ally to profit from war on terror

13-05-2003 11:01

Anothe Bush friend to make money from war on terror

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WTO authorises trade sanctions against United States

13-05-2003 10:40

"The World Trade Organisation has authorised the European Union to impose trade sanctions against the United States worth $4bn a year from 2004 in a dispute over tax breaks for American corporations." ... "The EU had complained that Washington had ignored a WTO ruling against the tax breaks which were said to amount to an illegal export subsidy." reports BBC

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Cuba - Freedom

13-05-2003 10:31

Cuba: Heavy Sentences Are "Totally Unjustified"

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Columbian Atrocities

13-05-2003 10:20


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Wake up Nestle Demo

13-05-2003 09:56

Wake up Nestle demo, Halifax, Saturday 10th May, Baby milk action.

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Need information on Souda Bay

13-05-2003 09:50

Information which will empower our position

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Genoa G8: Diaz 93 cleared of charges

13-05-2003 09:41

All the 93 protesters arrested during the raid at the Diaz school have been cleared of all charges.

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Sweet Disobedience- Why Luca Casarini was Pied

13-05-2003 08:59

Statement by the Biotic Baking Brigade Ricotta Division on the motivations for the pieing of Luca Casarini, leader of the Disobbedienti.

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Jewish state flexes muscles as US mission winds up without visible progress

13-05-2003 07:23

Jewish state flexes muscles as US mission winds up without visible progress
Israelis seal off Gaza Strip, kill 3 Palestinians

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Stakeknife already identified!

13-05-2003 05:55

Stakeknife already identified!
Stakeknife-the IRA grass has been identified by members of the SWP

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The Fault that could Fracture the Conservative Coalition

13-05-2003 04:42

Fusionism posited that libertarian means could be used to achieve conservative goals: Want a thriving, traditional family? Stop subsidizing illegitimacy with welfare payments; Want faithful, law-abiding children? Stop funding left-wing propaganda dispensed by public education.

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The Arab Media

13-05-2003 01:34

"Sheikh 'Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari is dean of the Faculty of Shar'iah (Islamic Law) at Qatar University..."

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Bliar's neo-con 'Labour' government beats Thatcher's at poverty and inequality

13-05-2003 00:57

"The latest figures show that inequality under Labour is, on average, a sixth higher than the equivalent average under the 11-year Thatcher government and 10 per cent higher than the Conservatives' 18-year rule as a whole."

Independent 12/5/03

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U.S. Now Blackmailing Mexico for Oil

13-05-2003 00:36

It's not just the Middle East! After blackmailing Mexico in 1848 for its entire northern half("Treaty" of Guadalupe Hidalgo) after its war of aggression resulting in U.S. occupation of that land(California-Texas), now in an act of deja vu, America is blackmailing Mexico again-for its oil. Starting to sound too familiar-and redundant?

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Can You Spot the War Crime?

12-05-2003 23:52

When is a war crime not a war crime?

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Jenin under Hatred. Occupied Palestine

12-05-2003 20:44

Silvia Cattori is an independent journalist. she lives in Switzerland. thanks to spread its testimony
April 2003 Occupied Palestine