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Directors bankrupt company - again - and exploit staff for the second time

24-06-2012 03:00

Company Directors took advantage of their workers by withholding their wages and exploiting legal loopholes to avoid paying what was owed. The Government and the local MP refused to help. Now the same Directors have used the same scam to exploit yet more workers. When will the Government do something?

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"Solidarity with Julian Assange" Vigils Briz DFA & Ecuadoran Embassy London

24-06-2012 02:43

PHOTOS from ongoing "Solidarity with Julian Assange" vigil outside of Ecuadoran Embassy in London
REPORT from ongoing "Solidarity with Julian Assange" vigil outside of Ecuadoran Embassy in London

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Outside the immigration centre of Melilla

23-06-2012 23:37

Just a few days ago the government demolished the shanty dwellings near the Detention Center for immigrants in Melilla (CETI), Spain. Just a few hours, the government has publicly declared that the same center, was attending the whole of the immigrant population of the city.

Well, today it is over a week, that two immigrants from Algeria live, day and night outside the doors of the CETI

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Bristol Indymedia Down?

23-06-2012 18:31

Haven't been able to access Bristol Indymedia for the past couple days (on multiple computers in different locations). Anyone know what the score is?

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Those who build awareness and autonomy are enemies of the state.

23-06-2012 16:45

This article has been written as part of the worldwide campaign to free 2 political prisoners in Chiapas. Alberto Patishtan is a member of the Other Campaign. Francisco Santiz Lopez is a Zapatista support base.

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Union attacks Progress

23-06-2012 15:56

Why the Unions should oppose both Progress and Hope Not Hate.

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End sponsorship of animal cruelty posing as "sport"

23-06-2012 11:50

A hare tumbles after being struck at an Irish coursing event
The horrific practice of live hare coursing in Ireland is kept alive by THREE main financial sponsors:

One of them is County Louth-based betting company, Boylesports, which also has an office in the Isle Of Man.

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Please sign the letter demanding the release of Chiapas political prisoners

23-06-2012 06:47

These 2 men are innocent, imprisoned for their political beliefs, please sign the letter at

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FCUKBA: a month of immigration repression and resistance

23-06-2012 00:41

A UKBA arrest
A month in immigration & control & resistance in the UK, 22nd May - 22nd June

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The Fascist hub of Northern Europe, version I.

22-06-2012 22:57

Euro Helle
Believe it or not, the Scandinavian country Denmark is, more or less, the fascist hub of Northern Europe, down to, among other things, its close connection to the US hegemony world imperialist domination etc.

And especially: the intimate cooperation between the Danish intelligence services, and the US espionage organisation, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Denmark is because of its “anti-terrorist” legislation and the politically almost uncontrolled intelligence services no less than a fascist state, put together with the police that can arrest citizens at there random discretion.

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G4S security undercover: London Olympics is wide open to terror or false flag

22-06-2012 20:50

Exclusive interview with investigative journalist Lee Hazledean who is training undercover as a security guard for the London olympics with private security firm G4S. The olympics start in 4 weeks time.

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Mini report from my last vist to Calais

22-06-2012 19:33

Repression is worst than I have ever seen, I reckon they are really trying to clear Calais of its migrants before the Olympics.

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Cardiff: Extradition - Film Screening

22-06-2012 19:04

Wales premiere of "Extradition", a powerful new documentary film. The event will include a Q & A with Hamja Ahsan (Talhas Brother) reading Talha's new collection of prison poetry.

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Decision (not now) expected any time on Assange asylum application

22-06-2012 16:55

supporter outside the Ecuador Embassy, London
Reports from supporters outside the Ecuador Embassy in London are that a decision is expected any time on Julian Assange's asylum application.

Update 6.30pm: no decision now expected today.

Supporters welcome at ongoing vigil outside the embassy.

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Reflections on the Tory smear campaign against Smash EDO

22-06-2012 14:06

Smash EDO is a grassroots response to the EDO MBM factory in Mouslecoomb's complicity in war crimes - a banner under which people opposed to those crimes can rally. Towards that end Smash EDO is currently organising a Summer of Resistance against EDO MBM.

Over the past few months Brighton and Hove Conservative Party (B&HCP) and, in particular, Robert Nemeth, Deputy Chairman (political) of B&HCP and manager of the office of Mike Weatherley, Tory MP for Hove, have engaged in a smear campaign which has attempted to label our campaign as anti-Semitic.

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Our student union was supposed to protect us, not spy on us

22-06-2012 13:16

by Sacha Hassan

reposted from Liberal Conspiracy

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First eviction protest for B.E.R.N

22-06-2012 13:07

On Wednesday 20th June the Birmingham Eviction Resistance Network held its first protest against evictions in Birmingham

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The Argus says 'No Comment'.

22-06-2012 12:11

The Argus says 'No Comment'
Upon asking a question to Brighton's Evening Argus, in the capacity as the candidate for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, in regards to an alleged involvement with a Police Cover....

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radio Kebele JUNE show

21-06-2012 22:49

radio kebele- bristol podcasting anarcho style