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angels at nano-tech conference - pics

09-12-2004 17:57

the host of angels
The Heavenly Righteous Opposed to Nano-tech Greed manifested at a conference of potential investors in the nano-technology industry today. Harry Swan, once in charge of PR for Monsanto and now trying to sell nano-tech to investors, was presented with a Can of Worms Award.

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09-12-2004 17:51



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An anti-authoritarian society for ULU? meet monday 13.12

09-12-2004 17:25

spread the word!

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G8:Direct Action Trainers' Workshops

09-12-2004 17:20

Train to be a direct action trainer and play a vital role in preparing people for action at the G8
*Sheffield: Jan 21st-23rd, 2005*
*Glasgow: Feb 18th-20th, 2005*
*London: March 2005 (to be confirmed)

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Rumsfeld attacked by US troops

09-12-2004 16:04

US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld has been attacked by his own troops.

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angels against nanotech leaflet & pic

09-12-2004 15:40

angels against nanotech
leaflet from the event and logo

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Angels disrupt nanotech conference

09-12-2004 15:28

A host of heavenly angels from THRONG (The Heavenly Righteous Opposed to Nanotech Greed) appeared today unto a nanotechnology business conference in order to bestow a "Can of Worms" Award on a representative of the Nanotechnology Industry. Chosen to receive the award was Mr Harry Swan, formerly of Monsanto, who is Nanotechnology manager of Britain's leading producer of carbon nanotubes, Thomas Swan & Co.

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Glasgow Reshape anti-G8 meeting Mon 13th Dec

09-12-2004 15:16

Glasgow Reshape re-launch!
Come along to start making plans for the G8 coming to Scotland in July 2005.

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Events this Weekend at A-Spire and Maelstrom!

09-12-2004 14:08

This weekends events are in conjunction with A-Spire and will be held at both A-Spire and Maelstrom…

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09-12-2004 13:42

You've just got to accept it the next time you travel with your good looking wife or daughter: of course their breasts are firm like Semtex. And when they or you are fingered, just ask yourself: where's your spine ? Are you going to protest ?

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Walks Users Criticise Obscure Planning Application

09-12-2004 13:35

A view of the Walks as they are today
The Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk submitted an environmentally damaging planning application for the Walks (an urban park) during National Tree Week and not mentioning the tree clearances in the summary of the application or during replies to public questions at the last council meeting.

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[FAO: Indy Moderaters] Anti-G8 PGA Web Page

09-12-2004 12:39

Please add the following link: to the links in the top right hand corner of the list of upcoming events under the G8 2005 header.

Please call the link: PGA Anti-G8 2005


All other websites, e-lists etc... please also publicise this address.

More about Peoples' Global Action (PGA):

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Control freak Blair badly governing Britain

09-12-2004 12:19

The man in charge of Britains inquiry into alleged Iraqi WMD, Lord Butler has today launched a stinging attack on Blair.

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refugee seeking soldier didn't want to be a war criminal

09-12-2004 12:17

These are the real heroes, the soldiers who refuse to obey illegal orders, the soldiers who refuse to commit horrific war crimes and the soldiers who refuse to execute innocent civilians.

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Brighton Smash Edo activist arrested by special branch.

09-12-2004 12:16

A Brighton anti-war activist awoke yesterday morning to a dawn raid from Special Branch.

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new manchester 'leftie' bookshop opening this sunday

09-12-2004 12:06

The Basement, 24 Lever St. is proud to announce the opening of a new alternative political bookshop in the Northern Quarter on sunday 12th december from 11am to 6.30pm

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Messages of support family killed anti-nuke protester

09-12-2004 11:50

A couple of weeks back, a French anti-nuke protester died during one of the recent Castor-nuclear waste blockades. His family have signalled that they are happy to receive messages of support.

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what's really happening to Google ...and the net?

09-12-2004 04:49

More and more people use Google as the only way to search the net. Nothing wrong, you may say. But Google is changing...

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Birmingham social centre EVICTION ALERT Friday 10th December

09-12-2004 01:02

Ho Ho Ho and a Merry christmas