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Olympics - Games of the Rich and Powerful Its Hidden History

14-08-2004 22:22

Friends, I thought this was a very comprehensive 'essay' on Olympics
> sent by
> a friend. It is long but interesting, can it be on Indymedia, Alex, or
> even
> in a shortened form?Zarina

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Venezuela: Vídeo

14-08-2004 22:12

sample of video of what happened, is happening and will happen in Venezuela....the triumph

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Edinburgh Demo in support of The Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela

14-08-2004 22:00

Edinburgh Demo in support of The Bolivarian Revolution

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Sabs stop shoot despite unprovoked attacks

14-08-2004 21:55

Shoot saboteurs manage to prevent a shoot from taking place despite the thugs hired to assault them and the incredibly biased policing.

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Camden council - phony consultation

14-08-2004 21:29

Camden Council is scared of the actual views of the residents but happy to spend money setting up fake 'consultation' exercises it can ignore or exploit at will.

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Squatting Stories Wanted

14-08-2004 19:08

Squatting: The Surreal Story.
We are collecting stories for a book all about the joys and hazards of squatting in Britain. No matter how long you've squatted you're bound to have a tale or two to inspire and entertain the rest of us.

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50 people protest against National Front

14-08-2004 18:00

The National Front were to visit Oakington asylum seeker reception centre at 1 O’Clock today to protest against the presence of asylum seekers. 50 anti-fascist protestors were at Oakington today to “show that the people of Cambridge have no interest in their politics of hate.” (See The fascists, however failed to show up.

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Photos of Anti-fascist Demo Near Cambridge

14-08-2004 17:47

Photos from the anti-fascist demonstration held at Oakington refugee detention camp on 14 August 2004. About 50 people turned up to counter a planned National Front demonstration which failed to materialize.

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Iraq: The Evil Of Cluster Bombs

14-08-2004 17:35

father on hunger strike & son, Mustafa.
Baghdad: A Father goes on hunger strike in support of his son, who has lost partial sight in one eye and fingers - due to a cluster bomblet. No one is to blame!!

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the fuckers

14-08-2004 16:41

A reported plan by a Protestant marching group to circumvent a
ruling against a coat-trailing parade in nationalist north
Belfast has been stopped.

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Interview with human shield Ken O'Keefe

14-08-2004 13:42

An in-depth interview with "human shield" Ken O'Keefe during his recent Japan tour, on direct action for Palestine, standing up to US military might in Iraq, the legacy of Hiroshima....and the better world to come

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collection of mainstream news source on Venezuela

14-08-2004 12:43

some texts of mainstream media about what is happening at the moment in venezuela

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Hard to imagine Islamophobia

14-08-2004 12:36

(Muslims put faith in written word to fight prejudice, A mosque in Finsbury Park confronts Islamophobia head on, The Guardian, August 9, 2004.)

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Anti-National Front leafleting in Cambridge

14-08-2004 11:51

The stall
Seven people leafleted the Grafton Centre in Cambridge, to build for the anti-fascist counter demonstration outside Oakington detention centre. The National Front has anounced that it will hold a rally there to protest against immigration policy. Anti-fascists will be there too!

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Ewa Jasiewicz arrested at Tel Aviv Airport

14-08-2004 10:02

Journalist Ewa Jasiewicz arrested at Tel Aviv Airport and denied access to Israel and Palestine for alledgedly "not being objective" in her previous coverage.

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Photos from Venezuela: a very big support demo at Caracas Bridge

14-08-2004 09:14

Pictures of the "NO" campaign about the mistrust referendum towards Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela.

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British Activist Detained at Tel Aviv Airport

14-08-2004 08:41

British activist Ewa Jasciewicz was detained by Israeli police on Wednesday as she attempted to enter the country. Further details are to follow.

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Sign the online petition Urgent!!

14-08-2004 08:20

Sing the online petition in behalf of the six basque nationalists in Mexican

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Why War?

14-08-2004 03:20

Because we let it happen?

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Labour Party Conference 2004 - who has their snout in which trough this year?

14-08-2004 03:16

Uh oh! It'll soon be that time of year again! The season when New £abour descends on an unsuspecting seaside resort, and tries to pass itself off as a party of social justice and equality. So, which corporations will be pulling the strings and distorting the agenda of debate at the Labour Party Conference this year?