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Vauxhall Staff Wildcat In Ellesmere Port...Again!

05-03-2008 17:46

Around five hundred staff at the Vauxhall plant in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, are reported to have walked out yesterday, over rumours that the company plan to axe 460 jobs.

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Kosovo constitution needs to provide more guarantees for Roma, NGOs say

05-03-2008 17:24

Roma NGOs ask for improvements of the draft proposed by the constitutional commission.

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Smash EDO benefit gig @ Cowley Club, Brighton this friday!

05-03-2008 16:39

Come out and support the Smash EDO campaign fighting to remove bomb manufacturers from our community

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Volunteers or Vultures: Scientology's disaster relief

05-03-2008 16:19

Having given Narconon the once over, a few of our less devout priests decided to take a moment away from tending to our Dark Lord Xenu (his Thetan be praised) to look into Scientology's other most prominent social project, the Volunteer Ministers. They can be seen at most major disasters, from terrorism and university shootings to earthquakes and hurricanes. They even get priviledged information from the Metropolitan Police. Just what are they up to?

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giving food to the homeless "antisocial behaviour". Two Arrested

05-03-2008 16:09

On Sunday the third of march, two members of a grassroots Brixton based group calling itself Reclaim Your Food were arrested for distributing free food to the public. The grounds for their arrest was that their presence constituted antisocial behaviour.

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Italy, Germany & Mexico: Flames, Liberation & Sabotage

05-03-2008 15:47

"ASK THE DUCK" (Mexico)
20 RABBITS FREED (Germany)

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Palestine Today 030508

05-03-2008 15:38

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday March 5th, 2008.

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The U.N. is escalating the Iran nuclear crisis

05-03-2008 14:47

If the Security Council were truly concerned about Iran’s nuclear programme, it would have lifted sanctions in the light of the IAEA’s latest report and thereby secured Iranian adherence to the Additional Protocol.

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Camden Death Lab poses risk to Camden Town Kings Cross St Pancras

05-03-2008 14:41

The MRC / Wellcome Trust / Cancer "Research" propose to build a dangerous virus containment facility on a Camden council estate {Somers Town} at Brill Place behind the British Library, at St Pancras / Kings Cross. The area has already seen bombings and could again become a target. Camden needs council homes and community facilities and is severly deprived. Thugs and informants allegedly paid by the MRC have targeted female Camden AR activists at their homes and over the net.

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Scientology: what's wrong with Narconon

05-03-2008 13:35

One common response to criticism of the Church of Scientology is to point to its social action projects (less charitably referred to as front groups.) Crime rehabilitation, emergency relief, drug treatment - whatever problems the Church may have internally, they are going out and helping people. Right?

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Birmingham police forced press photographer to delete images

05-03-2008 12:05

The Editorial Photographers website has published an exclusive article about a Birmingham-based photographer who was forced by a police officer to delete images from his memory card while covering a protest on public roads outside the International Conference Centre (ICC) in Birmingham city centre. Lawrence Looi, from the News Team news agency, has since lodged a complaint with West Midlands Police.

The full article can be found here:

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Liberty wins permisson to seek public inquiry in Harmondsworth conditions

05-03-2008 11:46

Liberty has won permission to seek a public inquiry over the "shameful" conditions it says foreign nationals were held in at a west London immigration detention centre.
The human rights pressure group contends that vulnerable detainees were left in overcrowded, flooded cells without food or water while fires burned during a riot at Harmondsworth in November 2006.

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Jack FM - prejudiced idiots?

05-03-2008 11:01

Oxford student interviewed by prejudiced idiot

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Middle East Circus of hope and giggles...

05-03-2008 10:59

Week 2 of Boomchucka Circus 2 Iraq's antics....

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Fitwatch Trial - Tomorrow - Thursday 6th March

05-03-2008 10:55

A Fitwatch activist is on trial tomorrow for obstructing the police whilst they were overtly filming the Climate Camp.

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Israel's Goals: Regime Change, Reoccupation

05-03-2008 02:44

Without exception, the same media which ignored Israel's imposition of Collective Punishment (after its Coup attempt failed) which Israel's own defence staff warned would provoke rockets, disseminated Israeli lies about the purpose of this war.

They claim it was about the rockets.

However, long before the rockets, long before Annapolis, this war was planned, with the goal of eliminating the democratically-elected Government of the Palestinians, so that Israel wouldn't have to partake in negotiations it could not control and manipulate.

These reports support what Israel's critics have been saying for months now.

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6 March Colombia Day Of Action

05-03-2008 00:26


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Sheffield Gaza Vigil Photos and Ilan Pappe Meeting Announcement

04-03-2008 23:33

Following are some photos of the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign vigil for Gaza held outside Sheffield Town Hall on Saturday 1st March 2008.

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Against the Israel State genocide attacks to the Palestinian people

04-03-2008 23:10

Latuff picture
Against the Israel State genocide attacks to the Palestinian people!
International solidarity against global oppression!

Friends of Palestine, friends of Palestinian people’s fight:

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Israeli Extra-Judicial Executions

04-03-2008 22:51

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights documented its extra-judicial executions from September 29, 2000 through December 2007 and updates it weekly on its web site -