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Fitwatch Trial - Tomorrow - Thursday 6th March

Fitwatch | 05.03.2008 10:55 | Climate Camp 2007 | Repression | London

A Fitwatch activist is on trial tomorrow for obstructing the police whilst they were overtly filming the Climate Camp.

A Fit Watch activist, charged with obstruction, is planning to argue that the police were not acting in the execution of their lawful duty whilst photographing people attending the Climate Camp last summer.

At the last hearing, two CID officers from New Scotland Yard, so they are taking Fit Watch and the legal challenge seriously.

Superintendent Algar, who authorised the overt filming of protesters, will be crossed examined to justify the lawful basis of his actions.

Support is welcome, especially anyone happy to come and photograph and FIT and other cops attending court (nearest tube - Uxbridge).

The trial is scheduled to last two days.

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  1. good luck — k