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The Guilt-Free Soldier: anti-remorse pill

24-02-2003 18:59

New Science Raises the Specter of a World Without Regret. Research is under way into a drug to treat post-traumatic stress disorder by eradicating fear and regret. But it could have far more sinister applications. Erik Baard wonders how long it will be before remorse becomes the first casualty of war.

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24-02-2003 18:57

A little movie called "October Surprise" - about the U.S. coup d'etat of 1980 by the CIA, the Mossad, and the media-money monopoly - has gotten the FBI (Foolish Bureau of Intimidation) rather nervous. Gee, I wonder why?

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Fairford - surveillance and general dodginess

24-02-2003 18:19

Personal observations on news and police behaviour at Fairford yesterday.

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London Critical Mass! FRIDAY! The ultimate response to oil wars!

24-02-2003 17:54

London Critical Mass! FRIDAY! The ultimate response to oil wars!

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24-02-2003 17:27

in english and french

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URGENT: Fax your MP now before the parliamentary debate (on the web- takes 5 min

24-02-2003 16:47

It is time to fax your MP, now, it will only take 5 minutes. Parliament will debate Iraq on Wednesday and will vote on whether to allow Blair to back Bush's war. Its up to you to stiffen your MP's resolve

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36 pics Fair?ford action

24-02-2003 16:30

36 pics in a .mov. well done everyone. no war , specially no war for oil

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e$$o shut down in the uk today!

24-02-2003 16:27

autonomous activists federated to greenpeace shut down 120 e$$o garages and e$$o hq this morning!

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Biotechnology Newswire Feb 24

24-02-2003 16:09

The following stories and events were posted to the on the biotechnology newswire over the last 7 days. You too can post, comment, and search for some of the latest information on biotechnology. Stop by, add your stories, read, add events to our calendar and more!

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24-02-2003 15:54

My anti-war poster

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Stop using fossil fuels in two easy steps...

24-02-2003 15:54

Don't wait for the "government" to deliver on its shoddy environmental white-paper greenwash!

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Globalise Resistance Scotland leuchers, IWD

24-02-2003 15:47

International womans day an anti-war event outside the RAF Air Base in Leuchars, North East Fife

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24-02-2003 15:21

International Womens day protest against Gap and Sweatsop Labour in Edinburgh

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Our man in Washington and Iraq

24-02-2003 14:54

Washington based Dutch ambassador to the US, Boudewijn van Eenennaam in the Washington Post said that "he is concerned about a monopoly of power
without checks and balances. Self assertiveness and an arrogance of power among some U.S. officials, that is a troubling thing.

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The Big Brisbane Nowar Rally

24-02-2003 14:30

A whimsical news report on the big rally, in a small city downunder.

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BBC take the piss

24-02-2003 13:27

BBC asks "where have all the protest songs gone" - after banning Seize The Day from the listener awards

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Reclaim the Bases. War Resisters' International calls for nonviolent actions

24-02-2003 13:12

Reclaim the Bases. War Resisters' International calls for nonviolent actions
War Resisters' International calls for nonviolent actions at military bases on 5/6 April 2003.

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Foil the Base; Transport details for demo at Menwith Hill

24-02-2003 12:23

Transport contacts for the Foil the Base demo at Menwith Hill spy base on Saturday 22nd March. Get in touch if you would like to be a contact in an area not already covered.

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Revealed: 17 British firms armed Saddam with his weapons

24-02-2003 12:07

Mick Napier of the Stop The War Coalition said: 'How can we support a government which says it's against mass murder when its record is one of supporting and supplying Iraq? This government depends on public mass amnesia.'

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What is your Anti-Bush?

24-02-2003 11:48

Under the flag of the "War on Drugs" the Bush Administration has set in motion a genuine Fascist government, assaulted our Constitutional Freedoms and threaten to destabilize the entire world in a quest for dominance of oil and natural resources. Time to march them out of office.