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Good report back from WSF to ESF UK

24-02-2004 01:25

Dear all,

i write from India, where, as some of you might know, i spent the last few months (from October last year) working in the WSF office in the organisation of the WSF 2004.

It has been an incredible experience! I thought i would be back in London soon to take active part in the organisation of the next ESF, but my plans have changed. My only chance to be with you is therefore virtual. The first few reflections are attached below. They will be in the Newsletter of The Friends of Le Monde Diplomatique. They are rather long notes (around 4 pages), but the most interesting paragraphs (for this list) are the last ones.

Hope this considerations could be of interest, I look forward to read your comments

See you soon

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CPS switches charge at court on resist-bush protestor

24-02-2004 01:23

cops arrested me on 19/11/03 at small demo heading for Buckingham Palace; prosecutor today switched charge from assaulting a cop in the course of his duty to common assault; case adjurned to 19/4/04.

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ISM Rafah Co-ordinator Embarks On Speaking Tour

24-02-2004 01:17


Palestinian co-ordinator for ISM Rafah, Ahmad Sorany, is to embark on a whistle-stop speaking tour of Scotland, stopping off in Aberdeen, Inverness, Dumfries, Falkirk, Glasgow and Edinburgh and finishing off in Dundee.

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Welcome to IsraHell (by Latuff)

24-02-2004 01:04

End occupation NOW!
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

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23-02-2004 23:29

On Monday evening at 7.30 Alastair Campbell will be appearing at the Royal Festival Hall in London.


(Waterloo, Embankment tube)

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`Kelly was Murdered' Says UK Intelligence Insider

23-02-2004 22:21

Shocking new details about the death of Dr David Kelly emerged today exclusively on the Alex Jones radio show. Michael Shrimpton, a UK national security lawyer who was a guest on the show, revealed that sources within MI5 and MI6 are `furious' that Kelly was murdered.

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Fairofrd agg trespass / crim dam trials

23-02-2004 22:16

eight people in court accused of being naughty at RAF fairford

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kickstart social squat

23-02-2004 22:09

new website for manchester social squat opening soon!

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Blackwood Court Hearing Tuesday 24/2

23-02-2004 21:51

A reminder about tomorrow if anyone can get there - 2pm, Blackwood Magistrates.

But more importantly - more people are desperately needed on site during the next few days - if the eviction order goes through they need MORE PEOPLE to help.

At the moment there are too few people to put up any kind of resistance - lets not let this just fizzle out without a bang!

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Blackwood Pics

23-02-2004 20:18

FIT Team filming (look - no numbers)
Pics from Blackwood site

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Sheffield University Top-Up Fees Protest

23-02-2004 20:17

Demonstration on wednesday 25th February planned against the introduction of Top-Up fees.

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Police repression in The Hague shining example for peace agreements everywhere

23-02-2004 20:00

A report on how The Hague Mayor Wim Deetman managed to separate Palestinians and Israelis, prevent violent clashes between them and turned the day when the whole world was watching international law at work into a blueprint for all future negotiated repression. A true man of peace.

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Columbia: Uribe's Government destroys "Minercol"

23-02-2004 19:40

The minister for mining has started the process of dissolving the state-owned mining firm MINERCOL with the injunction Nr. 180073 from 27. Januar 2004, in a first step it was deprived its tasks.
Refering to the declaration of the decree 254 from 28th of january the breakup of Minercol has to be finished in two years time.

This breakup of a productive and profitable state company is part of the agreed restructuring programme by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund with the columbian state, with which also several thousand of jobs will be abolished.
Another aim is also to get rid of uncomfortable trade unions, like SINTRAMINERCOL, which denounce irregularities and violence against the workers.

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Did Canadian PM crush radio show for Bush?

23-02-2004 19:10

George Bush crushing free speech in Canada, Radio Host alleges.

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Protests in Argentinia: 107 Strassen blockaded

23-02-2004 18:30

Thursday, the 19th of february, has been the day of the "Piqueteros" in Argentina: 107 streets were blockaded in the whole country for more than 17 hours, also some train stations have been shut.
Additionally several demonstartions took place, and a rally at the government.

The underlying causes were the new laws made for increasing flexibility at work, cutting down of the social and benefit system, repression and else...

Here some pictures. More reports under Argentina Indymedia.
Hopefully, a translation will be finished soon.

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2 Zapatistas assassinated in Simojovel

23-02-2004 18:13

The assassination of two zapatista supporters in Simojovel - the Assembly of Good Government "Centric Heart of the Zapatistas In front of the World" denounces this double murder and the system of impunity which allows such crimes.

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Animals Defeat Bush-Cheney

23-02-2004 18:11

Animal Rights This Year With Democrats
animals canned hunts factory farms
feedlots endangered species

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Report back on Anti Wall demonstation at the Hague.

23-02-2004 17:55

Report back on this afternoon's demonstration called by Pengon/Anti Apartheid Wall campaign and the Dutch Coalition against the Wall.

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Forbidden Families

23-02-2004 17:21