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Congratulations to Laura Peek, Times reporter!!!

20-11-2003 16:03

Congratulations to Laura Peek, reporter to The Times, who managed to infiltrate an open training on non-violent direct action and win a frontpage article. The "hardcore of the protest movement", as well as Indymedia London is happy that Laura survived her adventure "at the headquarters of an organisation calling itself Larc" and lived to tell this tale of stunning investigative journalism to the British public. We also congratulate her on the millions of pounds her article will generate for the honorable mister Rupert Murdoch - defender of the common man and self-styled anti-establishment representative.

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Japan is with you!

20-11-2003 16:01

The anti-war movement here in Japan offers solidarity to all the protestors who with anger, humor and creativity call the world's attention to the hypocrisy of two war criminal-terrorists seff-congratulating themselves on standing up for democracy.

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White House evacuated!

20-11-2003 15:21

The White House has been evacuated

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Miami Protests Update

20-11-2003 15:17

The legal marches taking place in Miami are now being declared illegal.

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FTAA Summit Has Started

20-11-2003 14:00

The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) summit has started in Miami, Florida, US. Huge protests will try to interrupt the negotiations, which involve the leaders of all 34 countries of the American continents. The FTAA, if signed, will allow corporations to sue local or national governments in special courts for enacting any regulation that can be seen as a "barrier to trade" - labour, environmental, or health regulations, for example.

Indymedia is reporting from the streets on FTAA Indymedia and broadcasting live web radio streams.
Update 3.30 pm: For users in Britain, please use this stream location:
to connect to the stream.

In the run-up of this summit, repression of protests and protesters by criminalizing dissent.

The local media takes a biased view against the protesters. The Miami Herald has already taken up an offer of the new police initiative to "embed journalists" in the police riot squads.

Thursday Nov 20:
10.30 am first protesters tried to attack fence, police attacked, protests declared illegal, downtown closed, buses blocked off, rubber bullets used, multiple reports of teargas and pepper spray, protesters attacked by bycycle police, protest circa about a 1000 protester, first arrests, lots of reports of police violence.

For Breaking News and timelines, please visit FTAA Imc.
More coverage:
[FTAA Imc | FRAA Resistance Radio | www-feature 1 , 2 , StopFTAA | Infoshop FTAA background information | Infoshop coverage]

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Demonstrators force Powell to cancel event

20-11-2003 13:42

US Secretary of State Colin Powell was to pick up a medal honouring his achievements, but was forced to cancel at the last minute. The US Embassy in London was unable to confirm whether the decision was taken for reasons of security. Mr Powell had been expected to meet the Prince of Wales to collect the medal at Senate House in London.

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Bush/Blair Damage Control Conference - a view from the States

20-11-2003 13:36

Today's joint damage conference performed by Bush & Blair is yet another stellar example of the collective neo-con delusion about the logical results of their belligerent policies.

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images from outside buckingham palace - wed evening

20-11-2003 13:16

group from tea party meet @ victoria arrives at buck palace
pix from buckingham palace last night

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London street webcams offline (surprise surprise, again...)

20-11-2003 12:48

webcams down again today - same as yesterdays crucial times

the register reported on it - correctly mentioning how this has happened during several other large demonstrations...

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20-11-2003 12:16

2004 Ireland Hosts EU Presidency
Bush will be in Dublin May/June (election time) for E.U / U.S. Summit !!!!!!!

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Pictures Anti Bush Demo Alt Jub

20-11-2003 12:05


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O.I.L BUSH Pictures Womens Protest LONDON

20-11-2003 12:00

Womens protest
O.I.L One In Love
Pro Enviroment Anti Bush

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20-11-2003 11:55

Video 1
Video Anti Bush Demo outside Buckingham Palace
Protesters were "FrogMarched" from Victoria to to Palace where they vented there anger at presenent select Bush

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Edinburgh Bush Demo Pictures

20-11-2003 11:42

Young people are still leading the movement
Pictures of the anti-Bush visit demo in Edinburgh Nov.19th 2003

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'City of London Closed to Bush' banner hang

20-11-2003 11:30

3 arrested for attempting to hang 'City of London Closed to George Bush' banner from Admiralty Arch

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Palace brigade stopped by sit down

20-11-2003 10:43

A parade of redcoats exits the Palace.
A daring sit down action stops the Buckingham Palace Brigade yesterday.

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Civil diobedience scenes yesterday.

20-11-2003 10:32

Fountain pool at Trafalgar Square was dyed red.
Various scenes of civil disobedience from yesterday's anti Bush protests.

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Bush not welcome at Molesworth

20-11-2003 10:22

Report of anti Bush vigil outside joint Analysis Centre Molesworth