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Bush not welcome at Molesworth

Virginia Moffatt | 20.11.2003 10:22 | Bush 2003

Report of anti Bush vigil outside joint Analysis Centre Molesworth

A short vigil was held on 19/11/ 03 at the Joint Analysis Centre Molesworth to protest at George Bush’ UK visit. The JAC is a key joint intelligence centre for the US European Command (motto “Stability, Peace and Partnership”) and probably played a crucial role in the war in Iraq. It seemed a good place to go to let the US know that Bush is not welcome in this country.

We were small in number, 4 adults and 2 children, but were amazed by the impact we had. Inside the fence 8 armed soldiers and several MOD and US military police patrolled up and down. Outside the fence we were joined by a very pleasant MOD policewoman. The gates were closed for the duration of the visit which meant the entire shift change had to travel 2 miles down the road to go in at an alternate gate. We hadn’t intended to blockade the base, but it was very satisfying nonetheless to watch the disruption we caused as civilian and non-military staff alike were forced to do a “U” turn by our signs (“Bush Not Welcome” “The War on Terror = War on the Poor” “US forces out of Iraq”)and take the different route. Maximum disruption for minimum effort – we didn’t even have to sit in the road!

Half an hour into the vigil, we noticed a landrover drive up to the front gate. A smartly dressed woman got out holding a camera and came out to see us. She asked to take our photo and explained that she was from the Public Relations department (I think that’s what she said anyway). I asked her to please note our rainbow peace flags and asked if she would take one in to the Base Commander. She agreed to take a message from us to ask him to work for peace not war. Given the importance of the JAC to the Bush War Machine, it is unlikely that this would have been heard, but we can live in hope.

After the shift change ended, things quietened down, most of the soldiers went back inside and we were left to stand there in the wintry wind. As rain threatened we packed up a little early. We were heartened to see a stream of cars returning from the base the long way round. The message that Bush was not welcome at Molesworth had been heard loud and clear.

Virginia Moffatt
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