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Iran hangings: chronicle of a manipulation

08-09-2005 02:31

A mislead gay and lesbian movement mobilizes against Iran at the height of conflict between the West and the Teheran regime.

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Danish police evict trailersite in Christiania, Copenhagen

08-09-2005 02:27

Pictures Copyrighted to Mark Knudsen / Monsun

The Danish police has raided part of Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark. About 200 riot police stormed the freestate and quickly sealed off 'Fredens Eng' (The Meadow of peace) which is a part of the site, where people live in trailers. In one of the biggest mass arrests in Denmark ever, the police made over 100 arrests. There are various reports of injured people. Most people have been charged with not following police orders, although some with charges relating to violence against the police.

Christinia had been self adminstrative, meaning no permit was needed to 'build' new property or have trailers parked up on it's grounds. Newly introduced law, means trailers have to leave, so new development can take place. The people from Christiania have resisted this new legislation for years. They wish to keep their autonomy and self managed decision making structures that have kept the place running for over 20 years...

Links: Christiania Website | Denmark Indymedia | Photos: (1) (2) | Danish Clown Army Website | Video (mainstream media) | More Film Footage - (free registration) | Newly introduced laws threaten Christiania

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protest against NUS president's sell out on fees

07-09-2005 23:49

The Education Not for Sale Network is urging student unionists and student activists to protest against the National Union of Students leadership's collaboration with the Government pro-top up fees campaign.

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Actions at trident Ploughshares Camp

07-09-2005 23:23

Activists used lock-on tubes to block the road
This morning peace activists blockaded the nuclear weapon depot at Coulport on Loch Long, hampering day-shift worker traffic entering the base to a trickle and stopping it completely for almost an hour.

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Aldermaston: developments, plus .... UK WMD for sale!

07-09-2005 22:25

quick announce about nuke laser facility planning process and contracts

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Photos from Mela in Edinburgh Sunday 4th September

07-09-2005 21:06

Here are 13 photos from the 11th Edinburgh Mela which took place in Pilrig park, Edinburgh last weekend.

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simultainious policy and CAP reform discussion/ disclosure

07-09-2005 20:33

more on the discussion on CAP reform (if there is one!)

and web link for SP UK 'simultainious policy UK'
its a good idea.. if we can agree on what we want then it is a way to ensure that its what we get. democracy like.. innit!

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Cross-party support from MEPs for Save Spodden Valley campaign...

07-09-2005 20:20

An Aerial view of the Spodden Valley, Rochdale UK
Save Spodden Valley campaigners have been invited to speak this month at an asbestos conference in the European Parliament buildings. Whilst in Brussels, campaigners are also taking the opportunity to meet with MEPs and European Commissioners to discuss the controversial planning application to build over 600 homes and a children’s nursery on the site of what was the world’s largest asbestos textile factory at Rochdale in the north west of England.

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Greens oppose 33% pay rise for Council Chief Executive

07-09-2005 19:54

Norwich City Council’s Executive Committee will this evening (7 September) decide whether to increase the salary of the Council’s Chief Executive Officer by 33%.

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Benefit for Peoples' Global Action at DSEi convergence, 11.9.05

07-09-2005 17:07

7pm, Sunday September 11th
at the 'convergence space' for protests against the DSEi east London arms fair - venue to be announced on Friday at or ring 07817 652029.

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07-09-2005 15:52

The UK police will be issued with US taser stun guns. Why were we not consulted?

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anti war meeting in Swansea

07-09-2005 15:34

Anti war meeting in Swansea on tuesday the 13th September

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Celebrate Jeremy Clarkson's graduation

07-09-2005 15:12

Jeremy Clarkson is to be awarded an honorary degree by Oxford Brookes University on Monday 12th September. Yes, SERIOUSLY!!

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Another Fallen Soldier

07-09-2005 14:15

Through the medium of spoken word, Kamal Supreme suggest and explores reasons why our troops need to come back home. Over a hot beat produced by the Wondatwinz of Ohio This is a spoken word track with smooth hip hop flava!

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Climate change speaker meetings

07-09-2005 13:41

Details of the Oxford Speaker Series on Climate change - the latest talk being by George Monbiot and George Marshall on Thursday 22nd September, on the subject of climate change denial.

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Monbiot: Geldof Betrayed Poor

07-09-2005 12:20

Even as the G8 promises fall apart, Geldof stays silent

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indymedia cinema London Thurs 8th

07-09-2005 12:16

London Indymedia and Filmmakers Against War present...

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OutRage!-demo 8 Sept against Canada's Sharia Law proposals

07-09-2005 11:58

gar rights group,OutRage! are holding a demo against the proposed Sharia Law court in Canada Thurs 8 Sept 12-2pm Canadian High Comm- 38 Grosvenor St, London.

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Dsei Graffiti Adventure!

07-09-2005 11:12

oh no its the pigz!.....

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Spodden Valley asbestos: the national health and safety debate heats up…

07-09-2005 10:53

Protesting for a safe future...
Asbestos cancer: Are children up to 1000 times more at risk with HSE’s "acceptable" exposure levels?

Campaigners say an article just published by a national expert on health and safety has significance for the controversial Spodden Valley planning application.