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Photos: Lobby of Sheffield Council to protest against the massacres in Gaza

07-01-2009 15:24

More Photos: Lobby of Sheffield Council to protest against the massacres in Gaza

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Call For A New International - post forward

07-01-2009 15:17

A post to forward the message, and to repeat it as many times as necessary: Source:

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candlelit vigil for Gaza

07-01-2009 15:09

Silent Vigil for Gaza - on request for Palestinian groups

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Photos: Lobby of Sheffield Council to protest against the massacres in Gaza

07-01-2009 14:45

Supporters of the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign gathered outside Sheffield Town Hall on 7th January 2009 before going into the public gallery to raise the issue of the massacres in Gaza at a full Council meeting.

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Israeli attacks on Gaza/Dirty war against the Palestinian civilian population

07-01-2009 14:06

By their unlawful and systematic character,combined with the blockade of Gaza, housedemolitions and extrajudicial executions, the Israeli attacks on Gaza are a dirty war against the Palestinian civilian population

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Birmingham PSC planning meeting tonight - make your voice heard

07-01-2009 13:59

Birmingham Palestine Solidarity Campaign has organised a planning meeting to discuss future action regarding ongoing zionist invasion of Gaza at the Carrs Lane Church 7.00 pm tonight.

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Continuous VIGIL FOR GAZA to start Thurs 8 Jan 10.30, Parliament Square

07-01-2009 13:19

A round the clock vigil every day in Parliament Square, London

Starting Thursday 8 January at 10.30am and continuing 24 hours a day...


Supported by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

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Progress on Actions for Gaza in Newcastle

07-01-2009 12:43

After a really productive organising meeting last night, which was attended by around 25-30 people from many different backgrounds and political persuasions, we are building for the following programme of events over the next week (and have a whole load more ideas we didn't even get chance to discuss fully!).

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Palestine: sixty years of ethnic cleansing and dispossession

07-01-2009 12:11

Largely consisting of an article written in 1999 entitled ‘Palestine: fifty years of ethnic cleansing and dispossession’, an historical overview of the conflict in Palestine since 1947, by Dr. Ismail Zayid. Israel’s ‘defensive measures’ justified by those who talk on behalf of Israel and accepted as given by the media consistently fails to recognise that these militants fire weapons into territory which they believe belongs to them and which they view is occupied by Israeli settlers.

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*Pedal for Palestine: Ride against the massacre in Gaza*

07-01-2009 12:04

Join a critical mass style bike ride against the invasion of Gaza: meet
at Hyde Park Corner this Friday 9th January 6pm.

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Wolverhampton Coaches to Gaza Demo in London on Saturday

07-01-2009 11:43

Stop the massacre, Israel out of Gaza - Saturday 10 January

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Counter demonstrate the pro-Zionist rally Sunday at Trafalgar Square!

07-01-2009 10:37

Zionist suppportters are holding a rally in support of Israels war against the Palestinians in Gaza in Trafalgar Square on Sunday the 11th of January, from 10:40am to 12noon. This rally must not go unopposed! Please turn up to counter demonstrate.

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Peak Oil And The Century Of Famine

07-01-2009 09:09

Around the beginning of the twenty-first century, there began a clash of two gigantic forces: overpopulation and oil depletion. The event went unnoticed by all but a few people, but it was quite real. As a result of that clash, the number of human beings on Earth must one day decline in order to match the decline in oil production.

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Israel's blonde bombshells and real bombs in Gaza

07-01-2009 09:05

The cynicism embedded in the name, selected for what Ari Shavit, one of Israel's most celebrated commentators, called "an intelligent, impressive operation," is symptomatic to the cold, meticulous and calculated cruelty with which this attack was "designed," "executed" and "marketed" to the world.

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The End of Capitalism?

07-01-2009 09:03

The collective consciousness of the U.S. working class is on the brink of a profound transformation. We grew up being told that capitalism was the best of all possible systems, with apparent confirmation being supplied by the fall of the Soviet Union. But we are now entering a new reality that has the potential to overturn all the old, established assumptions — perhaps, in the final analysis, even to overturn capitalism itself.

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Open Gaza Border Now! London Demo Outside Egyptian Embassy 2 January 2009

07-01-2009 08:37

Mubarak war criminal
In London on 2nd January around a thousand people demonstrated outside the Egyptian Embassy to show their disgust at Mubarak’s role in the on-going genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza and to demand the opening of the Rafah crossing.

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Coach details from Birmingham to the London Gaza Solidarity demo

07-01-2009 05:11

For the Solidarity with Gaza protest in London this Saturday 10th January. Coaches leave from Carr’s lane church in Birmingham 8:00 am and pick up from Alum Rock and Handsworth.

Call 07721 427 690 for tickets.

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Birmingham stop the Gaza massacre protest

07-01-2009 05:08

During the days following the Israeli ground assault on Gaza, the people of Birmingham angrily spoke out about the atrocities being committed by the Israeli state. However what was an unprecedented protest in both numbers and emotions was policed and contained by Birmingham Stop the War.

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International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians and the Greek Anarchists

07-01-2009 03:24

An International Day of Solidarity is being called for January 23, 2009, for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the Greek Anarchists and other anti-authoritarian activists in Greece. There are many overlaps between these two struggles, and those similarities are explored below. The date of the demonstration is to also commemorate the anniversary of the Riots in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland, during the period of Nazi Germany (1943), where 70,000 Jewish people took this city back, and held it for a long time before the Germans took over. The date and the atrocities exposed in this article are highly ironic, given that the Prime Minister of Israel is a survivor of the Holocaust and he is actively and incessantly committing genocide against the Palestinian people.

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Olympics Debate: What will we have when the Circus leaves town?

07-01-2009 01:24


What will be left when the Circus leaves town?

Hear speakers, watch film and debate the Olympics at an event on Thursday the 8th of January 6.30 – 8pm at Stratford Circus,
Stratford Circus, Theatre Square, Stratford (opposite Pizza Express)