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Continuous VIGIL FOR GAZA to start Thurs 8 Jan 10.30, Parliament Square

Vigil for Gaza | 07.01.2009 13:19 | Palestine

A round the clock vigil every day in Parliament Square, London

Starting Thursday 8 January at 10.30am and continuing 24 hours a day...


Supported by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Vigil for Gaza welcomes all who wish to peacefully protest against the blockade of Gaza and the current assault on its people by Israel. The vigil is a space to gather, speak, bear witness, pray, meditate, sing or otherwise demonstrate that we find this situation unacceptable.

Join the vigil at any time in Parliament Square, London for as short or as long a time as you can.

If you are able to attend the launch of the vigil on Thursday 8 January at 10.30am, please come along.

In order that as many people as possible feel able to participate in the vigil, it is covered by authorisation to demonstrate under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.

For further information on the vigil, contact or see For more campaign information see

Vigil for Gaza
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Photos of vigil from the first day

09.01.2009 15:16

Tony Benn and Brian Haw join campaigners at the start of the Vigil for Gaza in Parliament Square.

The vigil is highly visible in the middle of Parliament Square, opposite the Houses of Parliament. It is located next to Brian Haw's vigil for peace and justice.

Over the first few hours of the vigil on Thursday 8 January, a steady number of people came and stayed awhile, creating a peaceful and friendly atmosphere in which to protest against the situation in Gaza together.

MPs and Lords return to Parliament on Monday. Please come down and join the vigil on Monday and come before if you can.

See for regular updates.

Vigil for Gaza
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