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The New Look Indymedia UK

17-06-2003 13:46

Comments on the new design etc?

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17-06-2003 13:16

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors - MICROWAVE PHONES-ARE THEY KILLING US? - EHS/EMR lawsuits - Please Act NOW to save Freedom of Speech on the Web! - Depleted Uranium Arms May Pose Risks - Truth Is Strongest Weapon In War - Find the truth

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BVEJ News June 2003

17-06-2003 13:15

Latest BVEJ newsletter now on-line.

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EHS: state of recognition internationally

17-06-2003 13:10

What WHO is doing on application of the Precautionary Framework to EMF - Wireless Devices, Standards, and Microwave Radiation - How Safe Is Wireless Computer Networking? - RNCNIRP web site (Highly recommended) - War may have killed 10,000 civilians, researchers say - Where Are The Weapons of Mass Destruction? - Is the Neoconservative Moment Over?

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Arms protesters picket student ball

17-06-2003 12:37

Southmapton University Student Ball picketed by arms protesters.

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The Way We Live Now

17-06-2003 12:36

Some observations on contemporary society by Junius

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Not going to Glasatonbery?

17-06-2003 07:32

Free this weekend?

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Urgent: Stonehenge needs YOU!

17-06-2003 07:27

Stonehenge needs YOU!

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West Papua: ongoing Indonesian military atrocities in the Highlands Region.

16-06-2003 21:41

The ongoing Indonesian military atrocities in the Highlands Region, April-June 2003. Report from the Fourth International Solidarity Meeting for West Papua – North Component. Indonesian nationalism is on the rise, with self-interested multinationals waiting on the wings in the background.

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Vigil outside Irish Embassy in your Country June 24th

16-06-2003 21:27

We go to trial on June 24th. in Kilrush, Co. Clare charged with $2 U.S. million disarmament to a U.S. Navy War Plane at Shannon Airport Feb. 3rd.
We are under a cloud of 10 year max sentences, with a likelihood of 3-5...

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Cowley Road Carnival, Oxford

16-06-2003 20:58

Cowley Road Carnival, Oxford
Short report on Cowley Road Carnival, Oxford, which took place on 15 June 2003. There are also some photos of the procession. (article 1)

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More than 80 hours hanging from the Swiss consulate building!!!! And resisting s

16-06-2003 19:10

Despite Barcelona's warmest summer of the last 20 years, these two people and all the rising group of supporters in front of the building have been resisting for more than 80 hours now.

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Call for solidarity!!! Anti-G8 repression!!!

16-06-2003 17:45


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IMC UK list of links to postings about Martin

16-06-2003 17:31

Links to all indymedia newswire postings over the last two weeks about Martin:

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Labour website hacked

16-06-2003 16:42

Labour website hacked
The UK Labour Party's official website has fallen victim to hackers.

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ISM Reports: Brian Avery Returns Home

16-06-2003 16:25

ISM Updates - 16 June 2003

1.Brian Avery Returns Home
2.If they put the roadblock back again, we will come back and remove it
3.Army damages school, injuring 8 year old, and prohibits University
students from taking exams
4.Two shot along the border in Rafah
5.Border Crossing Blues
6. Appeal for Translators - English to any language

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Putin -it about.

16-06-2003 16:18

Putin-All at sea?

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Statement from injured activist Martin Shaw

16-06-2003 15:51

The below press statement was written by us with Martin's consent and feedback.

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LEEDS: Refugee Film Fest

16-06-2003 15:48

LEEDS: Refugee Film Fest
Tuesday 17th June & Thursday 19th June
Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre,
University of Leeds
free entry
more info on

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Ariel Sharon: Israel's Prime Minister of Concentration and Absorption

16-06-2003 15:34

"The failure of the Israeli legal system to act obligates the international community -- in particular the European Union since all its member states are High Contracting Parties of the Geneva Conventions -- to hold Ariel Sharon accountable, regardless of whether he is a private citizen of Israel, a cabinet minister, or the head of a government."