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WTO/Cancun rally in Oxford

13-09-2003 20:04

Marching down Cowley Road (1)
Rally in Oxford, 13th September, against the far-reaching effects of the World Trade Organisation on communities throughout the world, including Oxford.

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Police Review Gala Awards Dinner 20.11.03, 6.45pm-11pm

13-09-2003 19:16

spoil them a meal, nominate the biggest pig of the year, send them an email

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'I Married an Extropian'

13-09-2003 18:52

I have personally long felt that Libertarianism and related beliefs have something to do with poor potty training.

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Indymedia Public Access Point for DSEi - thanks to all imc'istas

13-09-2003 18:02

indymedia access point for dsei protests
A big thankyou to all of the imc'istas who helped set up and run the indymedia access point at ground zero, right next to the ExCel centre at St Annes Parish Hall, as well as everyone who helped and contributed to the reporting, both on the streets and behind the computers in london, the rest of the uk and further abroad - as well as the radio crew who streamed on the net over several days and the video folks who managed to publish a lot of good footage.

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CHERYL SEAL WEEKEND UPDATE: Twisted Photos Sept. 12-14 plus WTO pix

13-09-2003 17:31

fractured photo captions plus gallery of WTO protest images from around the world

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DSEi Photos: Action at Delegates dinner, Thur 11th

13-09-2003 16:09

Samba at anti-DSEi dinner 1
Here there are three photos of the anti-DSEi action outside the Royal Lancaster Hotel, where the merchants of death were having their DSEi delegates dinner.

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Snooper's Charter

13-09-2003 14:29

Wide powers for state bodies in new 'snoopers' charter' for a total invasion and intrusion of privacy and civil liberties.

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Video Footage - possible use to anybody who was arrested

13-09-2003 13:30

Video footage - which may be useful as evidence to anybody who was arrested.

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Anti-WTO/ Cancun: Reports

13-09-2003 13:01

Summary links to reports and update 13/9

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Anti-WTO in Cancun: Statements / solidarity actions/ links

13-09-2003 12:57

Summary links to statements, solidarity actions and other anti-WTO protest websites

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Anti-WTO Cancun: Corean farmer Kyong Lee

13-09-2003 12:53

Summary of links to:
Letter from Corean farmer Kyong Lee, tributes, reports and pictures

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Anti-WTO Cancun: Pictures and videos

13-09-2003 12:47

Summary links pictures and videos from demonstrations and actions in the Anti-WTO protests in Cancun, Mexico 9 September - 15 September

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Arms & Leg Dealers

13-09-2003 11:58

Arms & Nuclear War Heads
A report (if a little late) of the Space Hijackers Arms Traders actions on 10/09/03

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ACLU defends RFID Protestor Rights to Free Speech

13-09-2003 11:43

CASPIAN, an organization opposed to RFID tagging of consumer items, was denied the right of free speech at a public convention venue. The operators of McCormick Place in Chicago denied the group the right to wear t-shirts with printed messages. Members of the public walk through the buildings regularly, and there are shops and a public train stop within the buildings.

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Respect to Kyung Hae Lee

13-09-2003 10:50

As another successful DSEi took up most of the newswire this hero went largely unnoticed.
All respect to Kyung Hae Lee, 56. (knife to the heart on Sept 10 2003)

What was he highlighting? Was it just anger at the Mexican pigscum?

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Update with news around the European Education Forum(EEF)

13-09-2003 10:24

here comes the latest information about the European Education Forum which will take place simultaniously during the summit of the European education ministers from September 18-20 2003 in Berlin, Germany.

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Impeachment Inquiry

13-09-2003 09:15

Santa Cruz, CA USA City Council passes motion to write letter requesting an impeachment inquiry

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13-09-2003 08:35

Translation needed from the Swedish IMC article believed to be about the killing of their Foreign Minister. This includes added Comments in English.

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Fight for His Freedom!

13-09-2003 08:32

On 20 August, a leader of the People’s War that has been sweeping through Nepal, Chandra Prakash Gajurel, known as Comrade Gaurav, was arrested by the Indian authorities as he attempted to travel to Europe to support the battle against imperialist intervention in his country. The reactionary monarchy ruling Nepal is now preparing a demand for his extradition from India, which has repeatedly sent Nepalese revolutionaries back to the government’s dungeons.