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Israeli troops kill Palestinian teenagers

09-04-2005 18:06

Israeli occupation troops have fired at a group of Palestinian youths in the southern Gaza Strip, killing three teenagers

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Attacks across Iraq kill many

09-04-2005 18:04

Twenty-nine people were killed and scores wounded in attacks against Iraqi security forces and civilians on Saturday, the second anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. In the deadliest attack, 15 Iraqi National Guard members were killed on the main highway through Latifiyah, about 50km south of Baghdad, Defense Ministry souces said.

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Shia protest over US presence in Iraq

09-04-2005 17:59

Tens of thousands of supporters of Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr have marched in Baghdad to denounce the US presence in Iraq and call for a speedy trial of Saddam Hussein on the second anniversary of his overthrow. Chanting "No, no to the occupiers", tens of thousands of young and old men gathered in the poor Shia district of Sadr City on Saturday to begin a planned peaceful march to al-Firdos Square, the central Baghdad spot where Saddam's statue was torn down two years ago.

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Operation Gladio

09-04-2005 16:14

the gladio project was a real thing that happened why not read some more folks

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Election tour toon 3

09-04-2005 16:07

Election tour toon 3
And another

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Once Lucky

09-04-2005 15:45

“A slave is he who cannot think for himself.” (Euripides)

“As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy.”
(Abraham Lincoln)

“The worst form of delusion is self-delusion and the most amenable slave is one who thinks he is free.” (Anonymous)

In today’s world the above quotes could not be more relevant, the whole social world drama in which we all find ourselves cast has become a master-slave dichotomy. Subservience is now the modern way of life for the majority. Few are ‘free’, if any. It would be preferable if we all took stock of our real-life circumstances before resorting to indignation borne of denial.

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April 13: International Day of Action to Stop Caterpillar

09-04-2005 15:32

International Day of Action to Stop Caterpillar
Human rights groups to demand investigation of Israeli war crimes at Caterpillar's Annual Meeting in Chicago on April 13 - Simultaneous protests scheduled for dozens of cities around the world.

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church & state

09-04-2005 12:43

church & state

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Faslane G8 Action

09-04-2005 11:20

A call-out for support for the Faslane Blockade Monday 4th July

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Ali versus Chomsky

09-04-2005 10:17

Iraq solidarity movement is facing conflicting strategies.

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Today in Palestine

09-04-2005 03:51

This is a summary of the major news on Palestine.

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New anti-capitalist film on the www

08-04-2005 21:23

Calling all anti-capitalists!! A new film entitled "Capitalism and Other Kids' Stuff", which argues the anti-capitalist case in simple language can be viewed free at

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An Openly Gay Communist Wins in Southern Italy

08-04-2005 19:19

An openly gay candidate of Partito della Rifondazione Comunista wins in southern Italy, in regional elections that resulted in 11 victories for the center-left coalition, which now controls 16 of Italy’s 20 regions. Nichi Vendola's victory decisively refutes the American dogma that militants on the left, choosing radicals, can't attract votes at the center and lose to the right -- the dogma that the Democrats in America and the center-left in Italy promulgate, even though it has been often contradicted, as in the moderate John Kerry's loss -- as Vendola won 100,000 more votes than the center-left coalition.

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wear orange

08-04-2005 18:21

leading sunni and shia clerics in iraq have called for a massive demonstration against the US-led occupation of their country on the second anniversary of the overthrow of the Ba'ath government.

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Pope buried in the dung heap of civilization

08-04-2005 17:26

Il Papa: Nobody protested at this unprecedented gathering of criminal world leaders...

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job cuts looming again

08-04-2005 17:26

reports today suggest a rover car plant in the midlands will soon close with the loss of thousands of jobs. a number of labour seats in the region are said by the bbc to be "vulnerable" if the closure goes ahead.

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08-04-2005 16:45

“We are the market leader in obtaining ground breaking injunctions on behalf of individuals and corporations who have been the subject of harassment by direct action protests groups.” Law Firm Lawson-Cruttenden’s website

“I don’t have a problem with people coming here to protest - it’s a democracy” David Jones Managing Director EDO/MBM 8th March 2004

“We felt that after the blatant illegality of the war in Iraq that it was time that discontent over the way that the arms trade fuels conflict around the world was brought back to the factory floor”- SMASH EDO leaflet

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Don’t go boys and girls

08-04-2005 15:46

(Note to U.S. troops. If you are ordered to participate in any action
that is a violation of the Geneva Conventions or the Law of Land
Warfare, you have the legal right and obligation to refuse these orders and report the violation through the chain of command and PAST THE CHAIN OF COMMAND if necessary. If you are stifled in any way in your reporting of criminal activity, contact us at BTHN,( and we will assist you. We have access to military legal experience. Hostage taking is one of those violations. No one above the rank of SSG has been prosecuted for Abu Ghraib, so you know when these things come out who will be designated to take the fall. Every officer will develop amnesia about the incident and leave you twisting in the breeze. And read the piece below about your fearless leader, Donald Rumsfeld. He's assessing your situation with 'metrics' in his 'Iraq Room.' Dr. Stranglove, anyone?) Please spread this message to military folks everywhere.

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Murders, Death Threats and Disappearances in Colombia

08-04-2005 15:37

Following the massacre of 8 members of the San Jose Peace Community in February, other human rights activists connected with different peace communities are under attack. A death threat was received by the NGO Justicia y Paz a week ago, and now 5 members have been "disappeared".

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Disappeared in Colombia

08-04-2005 15:30

Recently five people from a peace community in Columbia have been "disappeared". Activists are calling on the international community to help in the ways described below