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Palestine Today 05 17 2011

17-05-2011 13:49

Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Tuesday May 17, 2011

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Dog Fighting Page Crushed

17-05-2011 11:14

An animal rights campaign on, a social networking website, said it would not tolerate pages which encourages an illegal act of cruelty.

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UG#549 - Human Casualties of The Chemical Civil War (Homo Toxicus and Poison Fire)

17-05-2011 08:57

This week's show looks at the health impacts of chemical pollution. At home, profit maximisation is steadily toxifying the environment of North America as corporations hide behind deceitful and outdated legal guidelines. In Nigeria, we see how $hell are blatantly dumping whatever is expedient, using a mixture of lawyers and violence to try to stifle objections. We conclude with a 2005 recording about the damage of pre-natal exposure to environmental toxins.

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Beyond Borders - Talks and discussion

17-05-2011 08:55

Bristol No Borders Host "Beyond Borders" day school. Talks and Discussion around the migration debate today.

Bristol No Borders are hosting a double header of informed debate and a great looking gig this Saturday.

All around the world a global crisis (i.e. capitalism) is being blamed on ordinary people.
The usual people are scapegoated.Across Europe and North America a whole range of people are being classed as illegal. Migrant workers, that are so useful to booming economies, are increasingly criminalised in a recession.

The national borders that divide us exist in our minds, but the impacts of migration controls are very real both in terms of human suffering and corporate profits. Migration controls and resistance to them are one of the big issues in these times of global economy.

Come to a day of talks and discussions at Easton Community Centre on Saturday 21st May in Bristol, 11.30-6.00pm

Confirmed speakers:

-Bridget Anderson(Justice For Domestic Workers,Oxford University) :“Why No Borders?”

-Clara Osagiede (RMT Cleaners Rep, Living Wage Campaign)
“Migrant Worker Struggle”

-Ann Singleton:(Statewatch)
“The Changing Meaning of Borders in the EU”


All Welcome, lunch available, £5 suggested donation or free to asylum seekers/refugees/unemployed

Then join us at The Plough, just across the road from 7.30pm as Kilnaboy, Spanner, Anarchofolko and Halfboy/Halfrat plus dj's olifka,missfit and sunmonkey, Door Tax £4/5 Full Article

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Activists block Grangemouth docks port to stop Forth Energy’s mad biomass plans

17-05-2011 06:43

Members of Action Against Agrofuels blocked the two sole access roads to Grangemouth docks yesterday, in protest over Forth Energy’s plans to build a biomass (wood) burning power station at the docks. The company, which is co-owned by Forth Ports, plans to build four large biomass power stations across Scotland [1]. Activists blocked off traffic to the entire port and fuel tankers were at a standstill. Seven protesters were arrested.

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Wildlife Rescuers Encourage Nest Watching

17-05-2011 05:31

Animal Campaigns have condemned cat owners who do not watch local bird nests during this time of year.

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if you've got 10 minutes spare this week.....

17-05-2011 00:36

As part of the growing mobilisation against the DSEI arms fair in September, activists from across the Midlands are targeting the Baby Show at the NEC this week. Like DSEI, the Baby Show is organised by Clarion Events.
It'd be great if you could help to ratchet up the pressure on DSEI and the corporations involved in its events, by contacting some of the numbers and email addresses below and letting them know how you feel about the international arms trade. They are keen to hear your views.

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stop the baby killers

17-05-2011 00:00

There will be a week of actions against the arms trade in the midlands starting on Monday 16th May. Clarion events who organise DSEI (the biggest weapons fair in Europe) are putting on the Baby Show at the NEC in Birmingham from May 20th – 22nd. For more background see

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Palestine Today 05 16 2011

16-05-2011 16:08

Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Monday May 16, 2011

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Spirit of Summer not Spirit of Slaughter

16-05-2011 15:55

A report on London Campaign Against Arms Trade action at the DSEi owner's Spirit of Summer Fair

London Campaign Against Arms Trade (London CAAT) members brought a blood bath to the Spirit of Summer Fair to protest about the fair owner's involvement in the DSEi arms fair. The blood bath was a paddling pool filled with bloody water and ducks representing some of the arms companies that frequent the arms fair. The security guards at Olympia asked us to remove the tiny pool as it represented a trip hazard, which we thought was a bit rich considering the harm caused by the weapons that DSEi exhibits and sells. The pool stayed where it was and attracted the attention of a number of passers-by. One exhibitor at the fair said they would not be having a stall at the next fair and that they would be writing to Clarion Events to express their distaste at their involvement in the arms trade. A journalist from a German TV channel was also present as she was doing a report on the European arms trade.

London CAAT will continue to keep the pressure on Clarion in the months leading up to September's arms fair. In the near future, there will be a regular vigil outside the Clarion offices in Hatton Garden (hopefully on the second Wednesday of every month). The Fine Art and Antiques fair in June is the next Clarion event we hope to have a presence at. On a wider level, the Stop the Arms Fair coalition is holding a day of workshops, plotting and scheming for an end to DSEi arms fair on June 12th at Friends Meeting House in Euston. Please get in touch if you want more info on any of these events.


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Edinburgh Uncut Activist Arrested

16-05-2011 14:55

Written by one of the activists who took part in Edinburgh Uncut's comedy bail-in on May 15, during which a protester was arrested simply for holding a banner inside a store.

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Picket of NHS 'listening' event

16-05-2011 14:55

Campaigners to Make Sure Government Listening On NHS Reform

On Wednesday 18th May, Nottinghamshire Save Our Services (Notts SOS) will be holding a picket outside the local NHS "Listening" event to raise their concerns about the Health and Social Care Bill.

The event is one of a series of events being held across the country as part of Andrew Lansley's "pause" following widespread opposition to the Bill.

Campaigners are concerned that, contrary to Prime Minister David Cameron's assurances, the Bill will essentially dismantle the NHS, removing the duty to provide universal health care from the Secretary of State for Health and handing the most profitable parts to private companies.

Rosemary Muge from Notts SOS said, "We're told that the cuts are needed to save money, but the same government slashing public services are happy to spend billions on a massive, unwanted, top-down re-organisation of the NHS that nobody but private healthcare providers wants."

Ian Hewitt from the campaign said, "The Health and Social Care Bill has been criticised by the British Medical Association, Royal College of Nurses, NHS Confederation, the unions and even the Liberal Democrat spring conference. The government now claim to be listening and our message is clear: save the NHS, abandon the Bill."


  1. The listening event takes place at  Belgrave Rooms, 25 Goldsmith Street, Nottingham Wednesday 18th May, 6-8pm. Notts SOS will be assembling outside from 5.30pm.
  2. Notts SOS was launched on 29th September 2010. We want to oppose cuts to services, job losses and cuts in benefits. We aim to support workers organisations, service users, community groups in fighting cuts in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire. We hope to inspire confidence to think, meet and act. And to be inspired.


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Peace activists to go on trial following nuclear weapons protest

16-05-2011 14:18

Three Christian peace activists face Criminal Damage and SOCPA charges following September 2010 protest at AWE Aldermaston

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The Animal Rights Zone Tom Regan Week.

16-05-2011 12:11

A week-long series of events have been organised (16 May - 21 May) to mark The ARZone Tom Regan Week, including the release of rare and exclusive questions and answers with the scholar/activist, a full transcript, and an ARZone member’s “workshop.”

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Sheffield incinerator waste burning plan

16-05-2011 11:52

The Veolia planning application to import waste to Sheffield to burn goes to Planning Committee next Monday - 2pm at the Town Hall. There should be some coverage in the Star tomorrow. The Green Party objection is outlined below for information. Obviously a presence at the meeting to outline objections will help the case against.

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Scores injured in Qalandia Nakba Day demonstration

16-05-2011 08:51

Qalandia Nakba demonstration Photo: Joseph Dana
Over 1000 men, women and children marched in Qalandiya Sunday to mark the Nakba. The Israeli military stopped the march using heavy handed crowd control measures which resulted in over 100 injured including 20 medium to serious injuries. The demonstration lasted from morning until night with one attempt at upending the eight metre high Qalandiya barrier.

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Climate Camp happened and it was great

16-05-2011 07:27

Climate Camp has traditionally offered three things – it showcases sustainable living, it offers a programme of radical education and throughout there is a commitment to undertaking effective non-violent direct action.

Climate Camp Lewes certainly did this well. A local camp with a local focus, the response has been positive to the point of an embedded, local-driven occupation being a realistic legacy.

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Workfare Enquiry

16-05-2011 07:19

This is a questionnaire for benefits claimants in the UK who have been forced onto work for your benefit schemes. It will be used as an organising tool by campaigns opposedto the scheme.