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Water Cannon and Tear Gas in Brussels

23-02-2005 01:26

Police have used water canon and tear gas against anti-bush protesters near the EU headquarters in Brussels. Petrol bombs were thrown at the Police by demonstrators.

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Save Castle Mill boatyard

23-02-2005 00:11

Please help save the Castlemill boatyard in Jericho, Oxford. It's the only working boatyard that serves the boating community in Oxford and its closure threatens their very survival. No alternative yard is being provided by British Waterways.

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I'm just a sweet trans-atlantic alliance

23-02-2005 00:00

The NATO meeting in Brussels sets the stage for more foreign troops to enter Iraq, and free up the US for the planned June attack on Iran... good times....

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UK WMD project advances - campaigners take action (tomorrow!)

22-02-2005 23:40

Campaigners opposing the new developments at AWE Aldermaston will hold a symbolic “die-in” outside a West Berkshire District Council Planning Committee meeting tomorrow (Wednesday 23 February) to draw Councillors' attention to the potential implications of their support for two new building projects submitted by the Ministry of Defence.
Anti-nuclear groups believe the construction heralds a new era of research and development of British nuclear weapons.

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April 15th: All-Night Anti-Free Trade Protest In Whitehall + Global Action Week

22-02-2005 21:02

Thousands of people are expected to flock to Whitehall in April to take part in an all-night demonstration against free trade and forced economic liberalisation in what campaigners have called a protest against the "obscene world trade system".

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Israeli ambassador disrupted at SOAS

22-02-2005 20:42

Anti-aparthied student activists today tried to prevent an Israeli government official from speaking at SOAS. A demonstration was held, before fire alarms went off and everyone had to leave the University buildings, exactly as the ambassador was due to begin his talk.

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Hunter S Thompson - RIP

22-02-2005 20:18


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Caravan for Palestine : Call for the organization of local comittees

22-02-2005 20:17

A great and ambitious project is under construction in France. A caravan constituted by more than 100 vehicles will leave Strasbourg (seat of the European Parliament) on July 4, 2005 and will reach Jerusalem on July 19.
75 persons (about 20 vehicles) are already registered for the journey, whose route passes through great cities like: Geneva, Bologna, Ancona, Patras, Athens, Thessalonica, Istanbul, Ankara, Damas and Amman…

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Grave Threat to Civil Liberties in the UK

22-02-2005 19:39

The government has recently tabled two amendments to the Serious Organised Crime Bill currently going through Parliament and due to become law by May 2005. These are breathtaking assaults on civil liberties. The laws have been presented to the public – via a compliant media - as necessary to prevent animal rights extremism. They go much further than this, however, and criminalise ordinary protest activity such as consumer boycotts or even handing out leaflets to the public.

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exercise scorpio 2

22-02-2005 18:01

As a part of the biennial exercise Manchester Airport are looking for volunteers to act as Evacuees or Friends and Relatives during "Exercise Scorpio 2" which will take place on Sunday the 20th March 2005.

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M.Howard- Constituency info...

22-02-2005 16:38

Tory leader Micheal Howard's Constituency info. For those who may be interested in telling him what they think of his Gen Election policies etc...

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Make Poverty History G8 July - Travel + Accommodation Details

22-02-2005 16:30

The Make Poverty History campaign has set up a website for booking travel, accommodation and tours of the area for its supporters who will be attending their G8 summit demonstration march and rally in Edinburgh on Saturday July 2nd.


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QUEERD.i.y weekend.

22-02-2005 15:22

'Queerd' starts on the 1st of april (31st march 4 setting up) and will finish on the 3rd. It will be the first queer all-weekend Do-it-yourself festival to happen in Leeds.

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22-02-2005 15:22

"Where they smell a prey, they speak of terrorists. Where they see windmills, they speak of weapons of mass destruction that cannot be found."

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Tapas At Maelstrom

22-02-2005 12:48

A benefit night for Catalan prisoners.

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Revolt of the Unpeople in Brussels

22-02-2005 12:47

We are on the train from Cologne to Brussels to cover Mr. Bush's visit to the European Union for Indymedia UK. Newsstands and websites display pictures of happy European statesmen - Jacques Chirac looking aggressively relaxed during the handshake - and the talk is of rapprochement, a new partnership between America and Europe. Like a bad song or an awkward lover, Mr. Bush declares to the assembled notables that “no power on Earth could ever divide us.”

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RESIST G8 // 2nd South East Assembly

22-02-2005 12:46

The South East Assebly is a co-ordination of groups and individuals opposed to the G8 and who are mobilising towards the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Perthshire, Scotland in July 6th-8th.

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Palestine Demo!!!

22-02-2005 12:24


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Travelling to Brussels to give Bush the welcome he deserves … none.

22-02-2005 11:39

I came into Brussels this morning from Germany to join the European protests against Bush's international policies.

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Duck Tale

22-02-2005 10:55

The Banganga - Pt Shivkumar Sharma plays on 6 Feb, 2005
Concert acoustics can be managed excellently using low power wireless to deliver signals around the listening area - but most countries blindly ban or license to death the technology. This is a description of a live concert held recently in Mumbai, India. Free the airwaves, reclaim the streets!