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Climate Camp - On the Ground: Suicide farmers found in Yorkshire

31-08-2006 21:25

One minute I am choking on fumes in smog and heat-ridden Central London, the next it's raining, it's cold, it's northern and I am only armed with a mountaineering helmet and a camera.

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fireworks from inside drax

31-08-2006 21:15

As of 22:10 we have unconfirmed reports of fireworks from inside drax

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You are stars

31-08-2006 21:10

Indymedia shows its brightest colours

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Manchester Gay Pride Parade: Pictures 2

31-08-2006 20:46

Saturday on the August Bank Holiday. Starting on Deangate at 2pm, the parade including 200 floats, snaked it's way round the city centre, finishing with an event at Princess Street.

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Manchester Gay Pride Parade: Pictures 1

31-08-2006 20:40

Saturday on the August Bank Holiday. Starting on Deangate at 2pm, the parade including 200 floats, snaked it's way round the city centre, finishing with an event at Princess Street.

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Hay Stax Not Drax

31-08-2006 20:33

Its time 2 face facts, make trax, put on ur face masks and stop Drax in its trax.

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Climate Camp Thursday pm:

31-08-2006 20:23

Thursday afternoon

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Report: 11 Hour Blockade of Israeli Company

31-08-2006 19:59

UK Headquarters of Israeli Company Blockaded to Gain Ruling on Legality of Trading with Settlements

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31-08-2006 19:57

Are we due for the much-discussed "next 9/11" in Chicago, on or around 9/11, 2006? A former Army intelligence and public affairs officer, the commander of the cyber-intelligence group, Ghost Troop, writes a powerful letter of warning to the US Army Inspector General and other US VIP's, warning that the next set up event is ready to be staged in Chicago between 9/7 and 9/11, 2006 -- and the newspapers are telling all about it in advance.

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Farmer attacks Drax Protesters with Tractor

31-08-2006 19:18

On two occaisions during today's day of action against Drax power station, a farmer drove his tractor striaght at groups of protesters. The first, in a field being crossed by white suited protesters and the samba band, caused people to run out of the way before the police shouted at the man to desist. The second, against the Kid's Block protest at the main gate, was prevented by police, who dragged the man from the cab and arrested him. Footage shows that it was the same farmer on both occaisions.

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Climate Camp: Thursday Mass Action Pics

31-08-2006 19:05

including Kids, Rebel Clowns, and the main group

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Kids Block at Climate Camp

31-08-2006 18:54

You’d have thought going out with some kiddie protesters and their parents was going to be pretty safe. But not when a simple march is policed by the London Met - in Yorkshire!

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Climate Camp Videos: Screening at Rampart tonight

31-08-2006 18:50

Videos and footage from today's action from the Climate Camp will be screened at Rampart tonight.
Start is at 8pm, but will carry on throughout the evening alongside Global Dimming and An Inconvenient Truth

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what about the Brough Noise Demo

31-08-2006 17:31

So what about the Brough BAe noise demo?
This posting, made a while ago, has asked for support for a noise demo against a large, power using, weapon making factory(hawk jets - for the UK government/military) tomorrow, Friday 1st September.

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Climate Camp Mass Action

31-08-2006 17:21

Several groups of activist went around the field of Drax, in Megawatt Valley, trying to enter into the power station. They were stopped by police officers and asked to join to the main group of protesters on the main gate of Drax.

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ClimateCamp: Heading to Drax this morning

31-08-2006 16:52

More pictures of a main group headed to Drax from the camp this morning.

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Support asylum seekers in London – demonstrate 4 Sep at Communications House !

31-08-2006 16:17

Protest at UK Immigration Service, Communications House, 210 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BR (nearest tube – Old Street) Monday 4 September 1-2pm.

Monthly demo in support of asylum seekers. Also launching the Kanyama Must Stay Campaign.

For further information phone 0207 837 1688

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Monday 11/9/2006 - London 9/11 Protest

31-08-2006 15:53

Truth Concert @ Brixton Mass
The British 9/11 Truth Campaign, are inviting people to protest outside the US Embassy on Monday September 11th 2006:

Join us on our National Demonstration to commemorate the 5th anniversary outside the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square in London on 11 September 2006 from 12:30pm -2:30pm. Supporters are urged to bring a flower to lay at the 9/11 Memorial Tree and wear black in memory of all those who have lost their lives.

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Police Prevent Essential Supplies From Reaching Activists

31-08-2006 15:46

During Climate Camp's Day of Mass Action at Drax Power Station fellow activists attempted to get water and food to dehydrated activists stood on the perimeter fence. However, police refused access to the nessecery footpath meaning the supplies couldn't reach them. It demonstrates the heavily unreasonable police presence during the whole camp.

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Euro 'citizen's inspection-SW France against nuke missile plans.

31-08-2006 15:30

A Euro citizens 'inspection' against the proposed and currently fairly secretive plans for a new type of mini-nuke is to be held in SW France 22-24 Sept 2006