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Promote Peace, Denounce Death

04-07-2002 08:37

Promote Peace, Denounce Death
The latest cartoon parody by LaPeace

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UK's Thatcher 'Beheaded' at Art Gallery

04-07-2002 07:55


LONDON (Reuters) - Margaret Thatcher lost her head in a London art gallery on Wednesday when a man decapitated a new statue of Britain's former prime minister, police said.

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Carlo Giulianis day of death

04-07-2002 07:25

have a looke

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World Palestinian Resistance (parody of Latuff series)

04-07-2002 05:24

Parody of artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff. He has been refusing to include homossexuals in his works so we decided to make justice.

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04-07-2002 04:22

Scientists Have Warned Of Serious Global Cooling

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Where have all the ANARCHIST gone

04-07-2002 03:16

Where are all the anarchists

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The Other Reality

04-07-2002 00:46

My awareness of what is happening started when Sue Skinner wrote me about the Post Office Peace Gathering she started in Astoria, Oregon, population 10,000. They meet each week by the side of a busy highway in front of the post office (they had to fight for that right).

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Nuclear workers' children have increased cancer risk

03-07-2002 23:05

Working at the Sellafield nuclear plant in Cumbria may have been harmful after all. Children of men who had been exposed to radiation while working at the plant have twice the normal risk of leukaemia and lymphoma, according to a major new study sponsored by the nuclear industry.

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Afghan Wedding Party Like Slaughterhouse After U.S. Butchers Attack

03-07-2002 20:46

"I saw bodies flying like straws," said Haleema, an old woman brought to a hospital in Kandahar. "I had to jump over six bodies to escape."

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Bhopal survivors fast unto death - how to help

03-07-2002 19:08

What you can do in solidarity with the Bhopal survivor's brave fight to ensure corporate accountability

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United Pigs of America (cartoon by Latuff)

03-07-2002 19:05

United Pigs of America (cartoon by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Deadly air in Washington DC today

03-07-2002 18:41

Today a code purple air alert and a code red ozone alert was issued for the Washington DC USA area.

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Code purple air alert issued for Washington DC

03-07-2002 18:38

Today a code purple air alert and a code red ozone alert was issued for the Washington DC USA area.

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Bhopal Survivors on Hunger Strike

03-07-2002 17:28

Survivors of the 1984 Union Carbide gas leak in Bhopal -which has killed over 20,000 people to date - have started an indefinite hunger strike to protest the Indian govts attempt to dilute criminal charges for homicide outstanding against Union Carbide's former CEO Warren Anderson.

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The right to medical treatment

03-07-2002 16:57

Abuse survivors and the right to treatment.

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TODAY - police arrest anarchists, raid houses and hand out trumped-up charges

03-07-2002 16:32

Today police have arrested more people and searched houses related to an action at the Israeli Tourism board and El Al offices on the 13th May, which entailed someone spraypainting the word "TERRORISTS" on the wall.

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ID Card Poll

03-07-2002 14:59

Online ID Card Poll... Yes's are winning :(((

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Mobilise against Microsoft's 'final solution' for owning the internet

03-07-2002 14:52

Monday July 1st - Microsoft quietly unveils its plan for complete ownership/control of the world wide web and remote operation of all new PCs.

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‘Straw put a halt to Yarl’s Wood sprinklers’

03-07-2002 14:06

‘Straw put a halt to Yarl’s Wood sprinklers’ from Evening Standard 2/7/02
by Joe Murphy

Jack Straw personally overruled a senior fire chief who said sprinklers were essential in the Yarl’s Wood detention centre to protect lives, an official inquiry is set to reveal.

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Europe backs stricter GM rules - Hurray!

03-07-2002 14:02

Plans to enforce stricter labelling of genetically modified foods across the European Union have been agreed by members of the European Parliament