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Foucault and the Iranian Revolution

21-07-2005 23:28

This is an extraordinary radio interview that aired on KPFK Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles last Monday, on the Iranian Revolution and French Philosopher Michel Foucault, who embraced it. A new book by Janet Afary and Kevin Anderson about this historical situation has great relevance today for our understanding of political Islam, religious fundamentalism and the attack on science and reason.

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Some images from Oval station today.

21-07-2005 22:38

The station was evecuated and the area subject to an ever expanding cordon when I arrived. It was calm. It was obvious than other than a few cases of panic/stress there were no injuries as the Ambulances and Fire engines slowly left one by one. A chopper circled overhead for a few hours but has now gone too. The surrounding roads have now reopened though the station is closed and surrounded by cops with machine guns. Lots of activity inside.

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URGENT Communiqué from CIPO-RFM

21-07-2005 21:46

Today, July 20th 2005, at ten in the evening repression increases against the community “Trapiche La Soledad”- Sola de Vega.
Since yesterday July 19th San Cristobal – Sola de Vega authorities have placed a patrol in the only road that leads to the community of La Soledad.

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video - Bethnal Green bus 'bomber'

21-07-2005 21:30

'Nothing to see'
shot 21/7 around Hackney Road, Bethnal Green, East London

Shows some kind of offical - probably police forensics or scene of crimes investigator in decontamination suit, plastic boot covers and latex gloves - entering the number 26 bus some time after explosives specialists have checked the device.

Quicktime movie , approx 1 min long
(One modem friendly version and one slightly better quality)

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Deja-vu as copycat 'bombers' bring second round of chaos to London

21-07-2005 20:19

It should have been obvious that the first attack would not be the last but I don't think many people expected it so soon.

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Pictures of Warren Street "incident" 21/7

21-07-2005 19:50

Copper Assulting member of public to get them to move faster
Photos of as close as I could get to warren street.

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21-07-2005 16:46

John Pilger, Hans von Sponeck, Dahr Jamail and Others Respond to BBC Statement Regarding The World Tribunal on Iraq

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Undercurrents in Palestine

21-07-2005 15:07

Out trusty book keeper is in the middle east to be a witness.
Heres her report.

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Another Roy Meadows?

21-07-2005 12:29

An excellent and inspiring article by members of the M.E community which identifies the similarities between that of the case of Sir Roy Meadows (and the professions attitude to him) and that of a another controversial 'world expert' who makes massive 'unprovable claims about the condition and which have had major consequences for PWME.

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21-07-2005 12:28

Newswires are reporting a number of explosions on London's tube. Details are only emerging.

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Six minutes to save 5,000 years of history

21-07-2005 12:04

10,000 signatures on the petition, 1,500 objections - TimeWatch mean business
The planning process has started for Thornborough Henges. After lengthy delays caused by the applicants failure to provide key information to planners North Yorkshire Councty council met for the first time to discuss the application this week.

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EDO Warmongers Face Brighton City Council Vote of Censure

21-07-2005 11:37

Today at 3pm inside Hove Town Hall, Brighton and Hove City Council will vote on a resolution saying EDO MBM are not welcome in the city.

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Blair still in denial over the London attacks!

21-07-2005 11:09

Will he come clean?
Post 7/7, the need to understand what caused four British men to blow themselves up is crucial if we are to mount an effective defense strategy. Honest relection by all is urgently required.

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Iraqi Civillian Fatalities - 37% are caused by US troops!

21-07-2005 11:01
The report that appeared yesterday on this site shows that 37% of Iraqi cvillian fatalities have been caused by US/UK coalition troops with 25,000 dying in the first 2 years of the conflict. Previous research published in the Lancet suggest things are even worse.

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21-07-2005 10:35

He needs help, now.

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Lies surrounding the London bombings (spanish)

21-07-2005 09:58

Article in spanish about the London bombings

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Curfews / Stop The War / Miners Gala / The Bomb all in FIGHT BACK Blog today

21-07-2005 09:38

Whats new today in the FIGHT BACK Blog - assisting all those building a Socialist alternative to "New Labour".

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Liverpool UNISON healthworker and her husband fight deportation to Afghanistan

21-07-2005 09:17

Heather Bullen, a British citizen and UNISON health worker, and her Afghan husband Shah have launched a campaign to stay in Britain. Although they are happily married and settled, the Home Office have refused to grant permission for Shah to stay in the UK. They plan to send him back to Afghanistan where he could face persecution and danger. A hearing is set for 9 August.

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Transcript of London Anarchist Forum Debate Online

21-07-2005 08:17

The transcript of the talk and debate, 'Is Activism Counter Revolutionary' is now available online.

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Politika greenpeace benefit night

21-07-2005 08:00

chester greenpeace benefit gig