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SWP vs anti-SWP: How they try to spread divisions in the antiwar movement

18-11-2002 19:50

Those who want to weaken the antiwar movement are desperate to open up cleavages between the SWP and the rest of us. There are going to be fake pro- and ant- SWP postings used on the web to manipulate a response.

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police raided meeting of international activists in one of the pubs in prague

18-11-2002 19:40

This evening at about 6pm, police raided the meeting of international activists in one of the pubs in prague.

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Destroying the US Economy through exposing the Squeeze on Gold?

18-11-2002 19:40

This posting contains:
1). Article entitled: "Destroy the US Economy"
2). Article entitled: "The Squeeze On Gold - Worldwide", by Maree Howard first published in the Independant on Sunday in January 2002.

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Correcting Govt. and Media Lies On the Firefighters Dispute

18-11-2002 18:56

It's looking increasingly likely that the next strike WILL take place, as bully Blair seeks to flex his muscles. Anybody who can make it down on to the picket line, even just for a few minutes, will be more than welcome. The firefighters really take heart from the overwhelming public support they have thus far received.

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Peru's frustrated privatising president set for poll setback

18-11-2002 16:24

The "Peru Possible" party of President Toledo is set for heavy defeats in the recent regional and local elections.

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18-11-2002 15:53


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Gulf Wars: Episode II

18-11-2002 15:27

Gulf Wars: Episode II
MAD advertised its new issue as having a 'free, politically-incorrect poster'. Its a brilliant satirical piece.

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18-11-2002 15:24


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Biotechnology Newswire Nov. 18

18-11-2002 14:41

The following stories and events were posted to the on the biotechnology newswire over the last 7 days. You too can post, comment, and search for some of the latest information on biotechnology. Stop by, add your stories, read, add events to our calendar and more!

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SWP condemn direct action as 'elitism'

18-11-2002 13:48

Lindsey German, chair of the Stop the War Coalition and leading Socialist Workers Party member, accused people involved in non-violent direct action of 'elitism' in a major article in this month's issue of the SWP's Socialist Review.

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11/18 PeaceNoWar: Latest News from Irarq, Palestine, SOA Protest and more

18-11-2002 12:57

UN Backed to Iraq, US Want to War with Iraq
Israeli Force Again Assult Palestine!
School of Americas Protest-Ft Benning , GA
Big Brother is Watching Everyone

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Health consequences of war

18-11-2002 12:18

Major health implications of war against iraq

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Unionists persecuted by right-wing thugs and police

18-11-2002 11:51

Death threats, police raids and assassinations are the daily lot for Colombian trade unionists. The persecutions and assassinations are "the dark consequences of the imposition of a State of National Emergency", says Colombia's national union confederation CUT

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Demonstrations-Belgium (Irak)

18-11-2002 10:55

Anti-war protest's growth in Belgium: After the traditional pacifist dem. in Kleine Brogel ( "secret " US Military and nuclear base) in the middle of oct.,three dem. took place._October 30:peace march in Verviers (125people) - November 10: " " in Brussels (5000 p.)
November 17: 10 000 people against war in Brussels

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On Hebron Ambush Site, a New Settlement Rises

18-11-2002 10:51

In the first 24 hours of the settlement's life, its builders went from pitching tents to hooking up water lines and a generator and, tonight, to discussing where to get closets and carpeting. By dusk, Israeli boys were laughing and playing soccer on a field where they had never dared to venture before, as soldiers set up a seven-foot-high concrete barrier around the new community

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Stop new airport

18-11-2002 09:41

More than 70 local councils are backing the building of a new London airport on the edge of the Thames estuary.

They must be stopped!

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An Idea for the Proletarian shopping action on Oxford Street on 21st of December

18-11-2002 09:32

This is an idea which will cause minimum risk to those taking apart and seriously disrupt business on Oxford Street on the busiest shopping day of the year!

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Apartheid Victims Sue Global Corporations

18-11-2002 09:16

A lawsuit has been filed in New york against 20 global companies that supported apartheid South Africa.

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Former Italian PM convicted of murder

18-11-2002 09:03

Former Italian PM convicted of murder
Andreotti: Still serves as life senator
A court in Italy has sentenced former Prime Minister
Giulio Andreotti to 24 years in prison over the 1979
murder of a journalist - overturning a previous ruling.
This old dried up piece of shit is the real mafia boss of bosses, nobody really believes the Toto' Riina fairy tale.

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war needs good public relations

18-11-2002 06:58

meet the RENDON group