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Tariq Ali Speaks Out Against the War in Manchester

08-11-2001 22:30

Tariq Ali, the well known 1968 anti-Vietnam war leader, speaks out against the Afghan War in Manchester.

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Drugs. MAJORITY of 2 million U.S. prisoners. USA has highest incarceration rate.

08-11-2001 19:57

This web page is good for exposing the true magnitude of the U.S. drug war. Reproduce freely. Copy any or all of it, and distribute. Or just pass on the page description and link. The MAJORITY of the 2 million U.S. inmates are incarcerated due to the drug war! The Drug-War Industrial Complex. The U.S. drug-war inmate MAJORITY is calculated by adding together inmates committing drug crimes, drug-related crimes (such as robbing to get money for drugs that are expensive because of the drug war), drug-related parole violations, etc.. The USA has 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's 8 MILLION prisoners.

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Breaking News

08-11-2001 19:43

Vile Conspiracy

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UN fears 'disaster' over strikes near huge dam

08-11-2001 19:01

08 November 2001

The United Nations is warning of a "disaster of tremendous proportions" after US planes bombed a hydro-electric power station close to a vast dam in southern Afghanistan.

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A letter from an American friend

08-11-2001 18:58

. I sent a photo to an american friend - it's a man and his grand-child crying because of the kidnapping of his wife by slave dealers in the Iranian border... - this is his reply... An exemple of Manufactured Consent.

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anyone hear about a B52 supposedly crashed in Pakistan

08-11-2001 18:02

I found an article on the repubblica's ( italian newspaper)
site, it says that Kabul is talking about a B52 that was shot down and crashed in pakistan. It also says that 15 american spies were caputured and that 26 marines were killed
nr Kandahar, their bodies were supposedly handed over to Pakistan. I can't find anything in english, not even a mention,which is hardly surprising I suppose. Anyone heard anything ???? The yankees are denying everything, it shows how the censors are working , the full article is in Italian.

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Anti-war protester shot!!!

08-11-2001 17:56

Anti-war protester shot!!!
Another Carlos

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Flower Power During Wartime: Prince Charles Gets an anti-war slap in Latviahe

08-11-2001 17:45

Flower Power During Wartime: Prince Charles Gets an anti-war slap in Latviahe
Russian TV channel NTV has just reported that a brave woman named Alina has slapped Prince Charles in the face with a bouqet of flowers on the streets of Riga, Latvia, protesting against Latvia joining NATO and the UK bombing Afghanistan.

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Company and manager face manslaughter charges over death of Simon Jones

08-11-2001 16:41

Student killed on first day at docks

Employer and manager stand trial at the Old Bailey on charges of manslaughter three and a half years after death of Simon Jones

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Neo-Fascist Slanders Anti-Globalisation Activists as Osama bin Laden "Terrorists

08-11-2001 16:16

Nu Labour's Neo-Fascist Clare Short, slanders anti-corporate globalisation activists, as 'Osama bin Laden-type terrorists.'

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global trade union day of action

08-11-2001 16:14

Today is/was a global trade union day of action, organised by the Independent Confederation of Free Trade Unions, on the theme of 'making globalisation work for people'. Follow link to ICFTU website for reports and further links.

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Demo against Dictator in Downing Street

08-11-2001 16:13

16:00 GMT. A demonstration is taking place right now outside Downing St against P Mussharaf, the military dictator of Pakistan

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YearZero Magazine: The Shadow Show: Media and the Afghan War

08-11-2001 16:11

Latest piece from Yearzero about the role of the media during this war...

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Guardian article on 'vegan terrorist cult'

08-11-2001 15:37

A disgusting article in the guardian about how vegans are 'a religeous terrorist cult',4273,4293515,00.html

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What London Reclaim the Streets is up to on November 9th

08-11-2001 15:33

A spittingly spot on spoof newspaper (we hope) and a blinding benefit night

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More corporate subversion

08-11-2001 14:50

Subvert the language of the anti-corporate movement, make it appear ridiculous and shallow, consume the words so they become meaningless.

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New Squat in Newcastle – WTO action

08-11-2001 12:36

Building Liberation Organisation Frees another gem from the hands of property speculation.

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Is burning the Union Jack a criminal offence?

08-11-2001 12:01

Can activists burn the national flag and their passports to renounce their citizenship of a terrorist state like the UK?

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Headmaster wants to beat children

08-11-2001 11:59

He argues that he has the right under religous freedom and goes to the British High Court

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Actions against the WTO in Frankfurt am main

08-11-2001 09:41

Actions in Frankfurt am main Germany have begun and contunie from nov 8th to the 10th