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Russia Resurgent

28-09-2008 17:30

A history of US intervention in Russia and the resurgence of Russia recently

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ARK, Teachfirst and Common Purpose

28-09-2008 12:37

ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) works in partnership with Teachfirst, who offer discounts on Common Purpose courses. They are also linked to people at Tavistock, via the 'Teaching Leaders' program.

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Heckler & Koch Campaign Benefit Gig, Sat 25th Oct, Wolverhampton

28-09-2008 11:41

Heckler & Koch Campaign Benefit Gig, Sat 25th Oct, Wolverhampton, 4pm - 4am

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MoD in 'disgrace' as safety breaches at Trident bases reach record high

28-09-2008 11:18

From Sunday Herald:

Lapses at Faslane and Coulport include power failures, spilled radioactive waste and contaminated workers.

By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor

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‘Major action’ by fascist ‘Hard Men’ in Leeds

28-09-2008 11:09

How sweet!
For the first time in ages, Tony White has bravely gone into Leeds city centre in broad daylight! 'Big T' said he felt safe with Kate McDermody's bodyguard's strong arms around him.

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Telegraph publishes 39th article parroting corporate pseudoscience on asbestos

28-09-2008 09:45

Since 2002, the Sunday Telegraph columnist Christopher Booker has published at least 38 articles denying or downplaying the health risks of white asbestos. His claims are strikingly similar to those made by the industry-funded "Chrysotile Institute". Earlier this week, the Guardian ran an exposé on Booker's activities. In his response, Booker yet again distorts the scientific facts around this issue.

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New Leeds Anti BPP Poster

28-09-2008 09:16

Download this jpeg to print posters and get them up in your workplace, pub, community centre, college, etc.

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Israeli exporter shut down as part of 'Boycott Israeli Goods' week of action

28-09-2008 05:23

the blockade this morning
Human rights activists have occupied and shut down the HQ and only UK freight warehouse of Carmel-Agrexco, Israel's largest agricultural exporter from the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Both gates to the Carmel-Agrexco depot in Hayes, Middlesex, have been blocked. Four protesters have locked themselves inside a cage blocking one gate, while another is D-locked to the other gate.

The action in the early hours of Sunday morning was timed to coincide with a Week of Action called by the Boycott Israeli Goods campaign ( Protests against the sale of produce from apartheid Israel have taken place outside supermarkets around the country, which account for 60% of Carmel-Agrexco's total exports.

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Refugees. Annociate is free

27-09-2008 22:26


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Infousurpa out now

27-09-2008 21:53

After a summer break ... InfoUsurpa is back now.

Please print and distribute.

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The end of the Amazon: A New Ecuadorian Constitution

27-09-2008 19:59

“Being in favour of the Ecuadorian constitution, then, is to sentence the Amazon to death, notwithstanding any little points they have thrown in here and there to make environmentalists jump and cheer with laughter.” It is voted upon tomorrow and could spell the end of the Amazon. It enshrines environmental destruction in law.

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The European Social Forum at Malmo

27-09-2008 19:30

European Social Forum at Malmo

By Uli Schmetzer

MALMO, Sweden, September 21 - If little else the European Social Forum (ESF) in Malmo this month ventilated the diverse aspirations of the alternative movement and the difficulty of a reunifying theme to make the dream work.

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Rare sighting of endangered Leftists in Walworth, South London

27-09-2008 17:40

Graphic Design for the Revolution - Old School
On Saturday 27th September, the South-East Council of Action organised demo to defend local council housing estates in Walworth, London was held. An estimated 40 people, young and old, marched through Aylesbury Estate, down a busy Walworth Rd and onto Heygate Estate where a meeting was held.

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27-09-2008 13:43

Palestinian David v. Goliath
It was Mr. Obama who seemed more aligned with President Bush's current policy of authorizing American special forces to cross the Afghan-Pakistan border into Pakistan's tribal areas that Al Qaeda and the Taliban have used as a sanctuary.

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Babi Badalov, gone but not forgotten

27-09-2008 09:19

Exhibition of Cardiff gay artist to go ahead despite deportation

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No police at Critical Mass London!

27-09-2008 08:27

In an extraordinary development no police turned up for the September ride. Not only that but they were notable for their absence throughout the ride and the weather was perfect.

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Concrete Roadblock Action 4 Palestine

27-09-2008 03:46

"Flying" Israeli roadblock in the Palestinian area of Tulkarem.
At about 3.30am this morning political activists with tipper trucks blocked the entrances to Israeli company Carmel Agrexco.

The tipper trucks dumped builders rubble across both gates of the company headquarters in Hayes; similar barriers are common in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Carmel Agrexco is a 50 percent Israeli state owned fresh produce importer, and much of this produce comes from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jordan Valley. In fact, 70 percent of all illegal settlement exports are made by Carmel Agrexco.

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New social centre in camberwell

26-09-2008 22:25

About a year after the eviction of the former New Camberwell Centre, a new social centre has been opened in Camberwell, not far away from where the previous one stood.

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This Week in Palestine week 39 2008

26-09-2008 19:57

This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for September 20 through 26, 2008.