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Audio: Direct Action in USA

08-04-2007 01:26

From 28 March 2007

Link to radio programme Against The Grain from Californian anti-war radio station KPFA

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Selling out the marines

07-04-2007 23:23

It's just been announced on TV that the UK marines and sailors are being given special permission to sell their stories to the press. You won't need to agree with my previous analysis that they were used as pawns by both governments to be flabbergasted by this.

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Chiapas: The New Face of the War

07-04-2007 21:49

Andrés Aubry
Originally Published in Spanish in two parts by La Jornada
March 24 and 25, 2007

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The biggest challenge yet to the SOCPA laws!

07-04-2007 16:59

1,184 forms!
Join the biggest challenge to the SOCPA laws. 2000 demonstrations in one day in the SOCPA zone.

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Unite Or Die

07-04-2007 16:50

Either we unite as a body of peace and love or we die as the individuals that we have become.

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You Murderous Tube

07-04-2007 15:51

NuLab mass murderer Tony Bliar, the grinning gimp, launched a new YouTube Channel today. Already they have 16 videos up. Not one of them is about Iraq, which is the only issue most voters relate to Labour now.

Now, if I promise to safetly burn down my local Labour party office will someone else hack this piece of shite website for me ?

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Fights, cameras, action medics!

07-04-2007 12:22

Since the G8 in Stirling, Action Medics have been training people to handle activism-related injuries. Rob Ray takes the course

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Come toUSAF Lakenheath Demo

07-04-2007 12:00

USAF Lakenheath Demonstration!


from 4 p.m. at Gate 1,

on the A 1065,

--to welcome the Vanunu Freedom cyclists on their way to London from Faslane

-- to take part in the annual vigil remembering the bombing of Libya (April 1986) from this base

-- to sustain our protest over the nuclear and cluster bombs at


--to Say ‘Don’t attack Iran’ ( missions could be flown from this US base)

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Brum's spring Critical Mass

07-04-2007 11:50

One less car!
Over thirty people turned up in the early evening sunshine for mass last night in Birmingham's city centre. The ride was great, with no intervention from the cops and no sign of any psychotic car drivers.

A group of skaters and bmx-ers joined us on Broad Street and we finished up in Balsall Heath at the Epic Skate Park for some refreshments.

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Two-Faced [Teflon] Tony Turns On Tehran

07-04-2007 11:43

Sky News admission of spying by Capt Air (funny how this type of name keeps turning up, innit?) squashed. ZioCon Propaganda machine now in full swing...

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Bulgaria: The New Rospuda on Bulgarian Territory?

07-04-2007 11:16

In Bulgaria, it's also possible to seriously endanger important protected terrain, and the situation is strikingly similar to that of the Rospuda bypass in Poland. In the protected Stranja National Park for the last one and a half years there has been construction work on a leisure village. The Bulgarian Green Party is demanding the immediate ceasing of the construction, and the European Green Party supports this demand.

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Let's defend the autonomous space "Les Tanneries"

07-04-2007 10:38

Les Tanneries
After nearly 10 years of existence, the squatted autonomous space "Les
Tanneries" (in Dijon, France) is being threatened by a private medical
complex, facilitated by the city council.

The excellent social centre, which hosted the centralised part of the PGA conference last year as well as digital struggles and free spaces sections, has a concert hall for do-it-yourself bands and
miscellaneous performances, a housing collective and some anarchist
affinity groups, a hacklab for developing free software and running
alternative servers, a free-shop, a space for mecanics and a bike-repair
workshop, rehearsal rooms and silk-screening facilities, a meeting
space, an organic garden, an alternative media center, a squatters'
helpdesk, a library, diverse ecological constructions, dozens of
collectives, associations, and local and international networks that use
the space to organise gigs, info-nights, actions, skill-shares, meetings
and projects...

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McDonalds welcome your attention....

07-04-2007 09:06

In an attempt to portray itself as a sharing caring company, McDonalds have launched a website -

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“Sack Parliament” cost Met £300,000!

07-04-2007 08:43

What was the cost of “Sack Parliament” ?

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Free Hali Savda

07-04-2007 08:28

Free conscientious objector Halil Savda

on trial 12 April

Sign URGENT on line petition

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‘Spring into Action’ targets Nottingham's climate criminals

07-04-2007 07:47

A day of action against Nottingham's climate criminals has been called for Tuesday 10th April. It forms part of 'Spring into Action,' a week of climate change focused events taking place in venues across the city showcasing practical solutions to climate change.

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British marine admitted that captured patrol was spying on Iran

07-04-2007 03:53

Captain Chris Air, the man in charge of the 15 marines and sailors captured by Iranian revolutionary guards and released on April 4, told Sky News that they were on an intelligence-gathering mission.

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Defend Halima and 1 year old Bailey Jr! - Wednesday 11th April

07-04-2007 02:37

Defend Halima and Bailey Jr!
There is to be a demonstration and protest outside the offices of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT) on Wednesday 11th, April 2007 from 9.00 am, in Piccadilly Exchange, Manchester, near Mosley Street Tram stop, Piccadilly Plaza. The demo is in support of Halima Aboubacar and 1-year-old Bailey Jr. who face a deportation appeal hearing.

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“Foul nuclear waste deal” alleged by German activists

07-04-2007 02:12

Opponents of Germany’s main dump for highly radioactive nuclear waste are crying foul over a deal the environment minister is proposing. The deal would be to resume exploration of a salt deposit as a final repository if the minister’s opponents agree to a wider search for alternative sites. Local opponents to dumping near the northern village of Gorleben point out that since the early 80s there has been scientific proof that the salt dome there cannot prevent atomic waste from entering the biosphere because it lacks rock cover.

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Nottingham's April [Extra] Critical Mass and Bike About

07-04-2007 01:34

On Friday 6th April, Nottingham's Critical Mass Bike Ride started from a NEW Meeting Point in the Market Square. This ride was an extra one! Normally, it is the last friday of every month. This event was added as part of the 'Spring into Action' programme [see below].