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Labour Tears Up Act of 1801- Church Privileges Restored

02-03-2001 15:28

An obscure but key constitutional document of 1801, known as the Limitation of Clergy, has been repealed.

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Chiapas Revealed

02-03-2001 12:01

Chiapas Revealed
PDF file of a 24 page magazine that includes a 12,000 word essay on the way the Zapatistas organise and a 10,000 word article from Marcos on globalisation.

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U.S. Will Not Meet With Colombian Rebels

02-03-2001 04:34

More irony and more treachery by the U.S.

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UPDATE: Anti-Colombia War

02-03-2001 04:14

Update briefing:

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Luton Students OCCUPY!!

02-03-2001 02:24

20 Luton University Students are still occupying the faculty of Science, Technology and Design in Park St. Luton. They are holding the faculty's main offices in protest at thousands of proposed exclusions of students for non payment of tuition fees and rent and at the shutting down of the faculty of humanities.

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Squat "Gazpacho" in Barcelona evicted on Febraury 28 th

01-03-2001 22:55

Squat "Gazpacho" in Barcelona evicted on Febraury 28 th
On wednesday February 28th at 8.15 a.m. in the morning the Police broke in the doors of the squat Gazpacho.
The 12 squatters were alarmed through the noise of the breaking in have been woken up and went to the top of the roof of the house.

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01-03-2001 21:08

A demonstration to mark one year of imprisoning innocent victims at
Oakington Refugee Detention Centre, organised by Cambridgeshire Against Refugee Detention.

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Arabs Who Live In Glass Houses

01-03-2001 19:25

Arabs Who Live In Glass Houses

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Full list of 21 banned "terrorist" organisations

01-03-2001 01:25

You may have heard by now that the Home Office has produced a list of 21 organisations they recognise as terrorists under the new Terrorism Act which was passed last week. It took me ages to find a complete list of all 21 organisations but I eventually found it at Altavista's news section.

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Report from EZLN caravan in San Cristobal, Chiapas

01-03-2001 01:01

First Act on the Zapatista Caravan in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, 24 February 2001

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new us marine anti human

01-03-2001 00:16

the new microwave weapon brought to you by our friendly amerikkkans

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28-02-2001 18:49

The Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday have been the mouth piece for the police federation, publishing irrelevant and untrue information about Delroy and Sonia Lindo. This protest has been called by the Lindos.

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Anti-Activist PR guide published

28-02-2001 15:35

IPR publishes a pr guide to countering activist attention - good reading :)

Managing Activism - Denise Deegan £14.99
paperback 0 7494 3435 X 152 pages

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China US Human Rights Record in 2000

28-02-2001 13:34

After the publication of allegation against China about the soi-disant "systematic
violations of Human Rights in China", the Chinese authorities counter-attack,
with a report about the Human Rights situation in USA. This document is well
documented, with statistics and facts.

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Elections - what elections - thoughts on voting.

28-02-2001 11:44

NOBODY cares if you boycott the election.
NOBODY will remember you or your anger.
Don't forsake your right to vote!
When it comes to ballot time, write:-

or just vote NOBODY - X

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the big caravan

28-02-2001 10:37

the big caravan
Camino de el d.f.

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Days of Action in Cancun F26

28-02-2001 01:25

The first day of the World Economic Forum in Cancun was accompanied by protests and marches by Mexican 'globalifobicos.'

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Odd Times Indeed in Britain- Electoral Crisis Looms

27-02-2001 14:45

It was something of a shock to hear about lunchtime monday that Gordon Brown was meeting with heads of the IMF and World Bank, under our noses in London, with a plan to revitalise the Commonwealth, Britain's private post-imperial project.

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International campaing from Italy to World

27-02-2001 09:22

International campaing from Italy to World
Revoke Mr. Kissinger's 1973
Nobel Prize for Peace

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Virtual Sit-in of HLS TODAY: Tuesday, Feb. 27th, 2001

27-02-2001 08:26

Virtual Sit-in of HLS TODAY: Tuesday, Feb. 27th, 2001