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Protest against Playboy Sunday 8th April 9.45pm

04-04-2007 21:59

Playboy - Shut it down now

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Shell Poisoning Erris Water Supply: Don’t Mention The Water, Part One

04-04-2007 19:32

The first of a two part short film (from an in-progress feature movie called Policing The Pollution) investigating the pollution of Carrowmore Lake, the water supply for over 10,000 Erris people in County Mayo. The polluter – Shell. Local resident John Monaghan and myself look over the water tests and confront Mayo County Council.

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Don't hate Americans - Our peril is your peril - Globalist Conspiracy

04-04-2007 18:33

There is a conspiracy among the international money powers of the world to create superstates that will (ostensibly) supplant the constitutional rights of the great democratic nations (UK, USA, etc). In the UK it will be a European Constitution that will (ostensibly) override the Magna Carta and British Constitution. In the United States the assault has been success versions of the USA PATRIOT Act and a movement toward a North American Union.

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Vote Nobody at the Welsh Assembly elections

04-04-2007 18:21

whoever you vote for the government always wins
Voting is not an expression of power, but an admission of powerlessness.

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MG articles nominated for European award

04-04-2007 18:11

European Commission commends articles defending human rights and democracy for Muslims

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Cardiff: Latin America Meeting

04-04-2007 17:29

Wednesday 18 April at 7.30
St. Mary of the Angels Church
Kings Road
off Cowbridge Road East
Canton, Cardiff

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Shake G8 bike-ride starts tomorrow

04-04-2007 17:25

Shake G8 bike-ride starts tomorrow

From tomorrow on, the protests against the G8-summit (which will take place this year from 6 to 8 June in Heiligendamm on Germans Baltic-sea-coast) roles on.

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Media Alert: A Menace To Us All - Max Hastings and Iran

04-04-2007 15:46

When the big fish of British journalism enter the much bigger pond of the American prestige press, they understand that success requires a willingness to massage elite American prejudices.

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Holding to account a Runaway Government

04-04-2007 14:42

Illegal wars, domestic negligence, increasing segregation across the globe and the consistent arrogance of political leadership.

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200 Private Cops For Liverpool?

04-04-2007 14:28

It looks like Liverpool will have 200 privately funded police in 2008 – Capital of Culture year.

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Imperial Sunset? - Threats to US Hegemony

04-04-2007 14:07

The Iraq and Lebanon wars have shown up the limits of the latest in military technology. Relatively small militias, armed with rudimentary weapons, fought the U.S. and Israeli armies to a standstill; one withdrew hastily, the other doesn't even know how to retreat or even avoid slow attrition. This imposes severe limits on U.S. capabilities and projects for seeking military solutions to political problems. If the U.S. repeats in Iran the folly it committed in Iraq, the myth of its military prowess shall be in full ruin.

On the other side of the globe are the mass movements of Latin America. They are neither "terrorists", nor "rogue states"; hence not even fictitious targets for invasions. Not even a spectre of communism. Just millions of the poor on the march for equality, justice, and redistribution of wealth. Not a cauldron of religious millenarianism, sectarian strife and ethnic divisions, as in so much of the Muslim world. But a direct revolt against neoliberalism and imperialism as such.

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UK Anti-G8 Mobilisation meeting: Feedback from Reading 25/04/07

04-04-2007 13:25

The second UK wide anti-G8 mobilisation meeting was held in Reading on Sunday March 25th. Here is some feedback...

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Quid Pro Quo

04-04-2007 12:30

Quid pro quo
Some sort of Greek filth

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Palestine: The Political Ecology of Disaster

04-04-2007 11:54

On Monday, March 26, 2007 in Northern Gaza, a river of raw sewage and debris overflowed from a collapsed earth embankment into a refugee camp driving 3,000 Palestinians from their homes. Five residents drowned, 25 were injured and scores of houses were destroyed.

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A Bogus “Hostage Crisis”

04-04-2007 11:52

On March 31, the President of the United States made a statement pertaining to the 15 British sailors and marines unfortunately detailed in Iran: “The Iranians must give back the hostages. They’re innocent. The Iranians took these people out of Iraqi waters. It’s inexcusable behavior.”

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Robin Hood blockades the Base

04-04-2007 11:22

On Sunday April the 1st, a team of outlaws from Nottingham blockaded the main gate of Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base for 4 hours.

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Ike was right

04-04-2007 10:43

Ike and scum6
About scum like Erik Prince of Blackwater who is derailing our domocracy for a few grubby $$$$$

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No more immigration prisons: National Day of Action

04-04-2007 10:29

No more detention. Defend the rights of migrant workers. April 21st 2007.

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Demonstrations at Directions Hearing for Country Guidance Tribunal on DR Congo

04-04-2007 09:49

On 12th April 2007, there will be a "directions hearing" for the Country Guidance tribunal on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This will be a meeting between the judge, the barristers bringing the case and the home office to ensure all parties have been served with the information they need. After this the date for the full hearing will be established.

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School burnings

04-04-2007 09:31

The last item to appear on IndyCymru told why children burn schools.