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HIV Protesters Beaten When Trying to Protest in Front of China's Premier

16-04-2008 02:02

Eleven HIV patients who sought to call the attention of China's premier to their plight were attacked last Saturday by police, according to a Beijing activist.

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Israel Loves Mugabe

16-04-2008 01:10

In reviewing the facts, it is hard to come up with a single despotic government that hasn't received some sort of aid or assistance from the Israelis: Colombia, where "former" Mossad agents train government anti-terrorist units and right-wing paramilitaries – El Salvador, where arms and expertise provided to successive right-wing juntas helped stabilize these US-supported regimes – Guatemala, where "former" Israeli military and intelligence officers provided security for the notoriously repressive Guatemalan military dictatorship – and the pattern is repeated throughout South and Central America.

The list goes on: Iran, under the rule of the Shah Reza Pahlavi, was the scene of the notorious SAVAK's worst crimes: the Iranian secret police reportedly were schooled in techniques of torture by the Mossad.

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Kings of the Nuclear Jungle

16-04-2008 01:06

Nuclear Kings of the Jungle
Russia nuclear support designs, German technology applications, Eastern European productions, Iran contractor equipment smuggling, Iran bank money-laundering, Russia contacts in South Africa and Uganda arranging Congo black-market nuclear yellow-cake, uranium, cobalt, beryllium, and columbite-tantalum ( coltan ) smuggling to Kazakhstan metallurgy processing, delivering new Iran strategic war plans using individual Tactical Nuclear Terrorists ( TNT ).

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Iraq - The beam in our eye

15-04-2008 23:32

Iraq is big and under USUK occupation. Palestine is small and under Israeli occupation. Hmm. Which one shall we protest against... the one that our country is not occupying of course!

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Scottish Police Harass a Peaceful Protest

15-04-2008 22:40

Five members of the Edinburgh Clown Army (1) were detained for questioning this afternoon at a peaceful and entertaining biofuels protest in Bruntsfield(2). They have since been arrested and charged with a breach of the peace, despite maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

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Mother on hunger strike

15-04-2008 21:43

breast feeding mother on hunger strike since 5th April when they tried to take her and her baby to the airport. she took refuge in the church and refused to leave. there is a genocide going on in Burundi.

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Shut Down Guantánamo! London Actions in April & May

15-04-2008 20:44

All pictures courtesy of D. Viesnik
The London Guantánamo Campaign has held weekly demonstrations outside the US Embassy on Friday evenings since February 2007. This month, we decided to extend our demonstrations to target other co-sponsors and profiteers from torture and the "war on terror". For details of these actions and next month's schedule, read on.

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High Court rules government acted unlawfully in stopping BAe-Saudi arms inquiry

15-04-2008 20:33

On April 10, the High Court in the UK ruled that the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) acted unlawfully by ending a 2006 corruption inquiry into the £43 billion Al Yamamah Saudi-British arms deal.

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Repression in Tibet: the class issues

15-04-2008 20:32

The Chinese regime’s repression in Tibet has been thrust into the international limelight by a series of protests in cities around the world, criticisms of Beijing’s actions by Western powers and the threat of a boycott of the Beijing Olympics.

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When The US Congress Denied The Mass Of Americans Their Possible Freedoms!

15-04-2008 20:10

When the wealthiest country in the world continues to allow the enslavement of the tens of thousands of their own innocent Middle Class and Working Poor to decades of false imprisonment,it's time to ask for International help!Currently there are reported to be 100,000 falsely imprisoned Americans living along with the estimated 2,000,000 US prison population nationwide.America now has the very unique distinction of not only being rated the #1 in the World for having the largest prison population,but America also has the distinct rating of having the largest wrongfully imprisoned prison population in the World as well.Our US Congress affords themselves all the perks and salary most Americans could only dream about,but ask anyone of these Leaders Of The Free World to protect our Middle Class or Working Poor Americans from continuing to be falsely imprisoned endless decades due to the lack of federal appeal legal counsel being afforded them, and you just might be thought of as being crazy?

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Faslane Punx Picnik Benefit: Birmingham

15-04-2008 19:57

Benefit for Faslane Punx Picnik on Saturday 19 April at the Wagon and Horses on Adderley Street, Digbeth (near the Rainbow pub)

£5 in 6 til late

Free Curry from 6-7pm - so get there early!

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Palestinians versus Tibetans - a double standard

15-04-2008 19:51

Tibet and Palestine

The fact that the media has turned global protest into 'Free Tibet Month', after ignoring the slaughter and oppression of the Palestinians, and downplaying antiwar sentiment worldwide, is a glaring example of their Bias.

If Kant were dug up tomorrow and asked about the Palestinians, he would probably answer: "Give them what you think should be given to everybody, and don't wake me up again to ask silly questions."

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Olmert Lays Out Cease-Fire Demands

15-04-2008 19:42

Note that Olmert confuses the cease-fire with the negotiations to follow, and that he's using this to achieve the same goals that his Government of Extremists had hoped to achieve through their illegal policies, which are wholly responsible for this crisis and escalation in tensions and violence.

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"The Unconquered", Tron Theatre, Glasgow

15-04-2008 18:38

Promotional picture from The Unconquered
A review of the play "The Unconquered," written by Torben Betts and performed by Stellar Quines at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow.

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Listen To Our Cry/ Mothers on hunger strike

15-04-2008 18:21

Seven mothers in the family unit in Yarl's Wood immigration prison are on hunger strike since Thursday the 10th of April. The group of those not eating includes two breastfeeding mothers.
A protest involving up to 15 families started last Thursday when a mother who was to be taken to the airport took refuge in the church with her baby and refused to leave.

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Circus Hollywood & York Riding School - Alliance of Cruelty

15-04-2008 17:48

York Riding School are going to be letting Circus Hollywood, who use animals in acts, use their land for performing.

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Harmondsworth prison: who profits?

15-04-2008 17:36

Some background.
Sodexo founder Pierre Bellon, a very good friend of Sarkozi, wants to increase the use of detention Europe wide.

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Reminder: tomorrow demo at Kalyx in support to the Harmondsworth detainees

15-04-2008 17:17

The detainees are complaining that they are being deported without having their cases properly heard. The so-called fast-track system means that asylum seekers are not getting enough time to prepare their cases. Legal representation is often of very poor quality. They further say that they are being abused by detention staff.

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John C. Yoo-- USA's EICHMANN --photos essay

15-04-2008 17:12

Author of Bush's Torture Policy
John ("Jack") Choon Yoo is America's Eichmann. Bear with me, I am not making this up; I'll give you the links to "reputable" MAINSTREAM sites. Furthermore, Yoo is the biggest personal threat to the U.S. Constitution. He wrote two infamous Torture Memos of the U.S. Justice Dept. He has prepared legal briefs paving the way for George Bush (or some successor) to become an actual -- not virtual -- dictator of the United States. This testicles bit is so incredible I will just give you the link: He would authorize U.S. military and intelligence to crush the testicles of young boys to get their parents to talk! (And U.S. troops and CIA agents have proven themselves capable of worse atrocities.)

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Pavilion gets greedy

15-04-2008 16:48

boarded-up maisonettes Firgrove Court
Pavilion Housing Association is looking to the next four years to sweat its assets, to extract the maximum value.