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Manchester NO2ID December Newsletter

03-12-2007 22:03

Manchester NO2ID Logo
All the latest news and upcoming events from the Manchester NO2ID campaign.

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Documentary Film Festival Spain

03-12-2007 21:57

Call for entries for CINESTRAT 08, competition for docs about climate change, peak oil, ecology, nature, etc. Deadline febr. 29 / 2008. Check regulations and get more info at

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An Injury to One - Film Night, 11th Decemebr

03-12-2007 21:05

An Injury to One is An Injury to All - a film about the iWW organising in Butte Montana in 1917.

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2008 Diary available from Friday - not-for-profit DIY agit-prop from Newcastle!

03-12-2007 19:47

Wor Diary (the D.I.Y, collectively made diary for 2008 made by people in Newcastle to draw inspiration and ideas from our city's fine heritage of protest, rebellion, dignity and mutual aid), is available to order from Friday 7th December (following the 'pub quiz' launch event at the Star and Shadow Cinema on 6th December at 9pm).

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Total Out of Burma, Brighton Action

03-12-2007 18:19

As part of the November 24th day of action against Total Oil's involvement in the Burmese Junta, 15 Brighton based students and residents descend on the Total Oil garage in Kemp Town.

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Trial of DSEi arms fair protester - case thrown out

03-12-2007 18:15

The case of pensioner Gwyn Gwyntopher, who was being maliciously prosecuted for alleged 'trespass' at Custom House DLR station during the DSEi arms fair in September, was today thrown out of court by magistrates in east London on a legal technicality.

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Campaign launches The NO2ID Pledge

03-12-2007 18:06

Civil liberties and privacy campaign NO2ID today launches The NO2ID Pledge. Following hard on the heels of the launch of its legal defence fund – which involved calling in donations pledged by over 11,000 ID refuseniks – the campaign is throwing a renewed pledge, taken by means of signing a certificate, open to all who oppose the government’s ID plans. The pledge is a means of publicly declaring their personal commitment to refuse to comply.

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"Taking Liberties" now available on youtube

03-12-2007 17:37

TAKING LIBERTIES reveals how the six central pillars of liberty have been systematically destroyed by New Labour, and the freedoms of the British people stolen from under their noses amidst a climate of fear created by the media and government itself.

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Veg*n Climate March update

03-12-2007 17:17

Be part of history in London this Saturday! Be part of the biggest ever mobilisation of vegetarians and vegans on environmental grounds!! Veg*nism is the solution to many of the catastrophies facing the planet - it`s time to tell the world!!

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Photoshop the FIT!

03-12-2007 16:46

The London FIT team have been considering designs for their corporate Christmas cards with an emphasis on that personal touch.

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Palestine Today 120307

03-12-2007 15:51

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday, December 3ed, 2007.

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Aldermaston - "next generation" alert

03-12-2007 15:10

Latest tng-alert (DEC 2007). The Ministry of Defence have lodged a planning application to build a High Explosives Fabrication Facility at the nuclear bomb factory. Immediate written objections and ongoing action required. Plus brief news on the peace camp, November blockade, etc. Get involved :)

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Appeal for left unity in the NUS

03-12-2007 14:10

Left activists in the student movement have launched this appeal for a united left challenge to the National Union of Students leadership at next year's NUS conference. Please circulate, particularly to members of SWSS/Student Respect!

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Switzerland: Police brutality against RTS. 245 activists detained

03-12-2007 13:54

Nearly 500 riot cops with tanks and water cannons stopped a peaceful RTS-party. The cops used pepperspray, non-lethal guns and did beat people. They detanied 245 people.

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Britain exports ‘le hunt sabotage’

03-12-2007 13:29

Sabs in France cancel the hunt
“It is a recent phenomenon that came from Britain,” said one hunt enthusiast, describing a wave of commando-style actions against stag hunts by saboteurs clad in black. One hunt west of Paris said it was targeted in October by a group of three dozen militants from a French organisation called Animal Rights. They prevented huntsmen letting hounds out of a lorry. Police have been called to protect various other hunts from interference by the men and women in black.

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The Hidden Holocaust--Our Civilizational Crisis Part 2: Exporting Democracy

03-12-2007 13:07

Part two (part one) of an article by Nafeez Ahmed on the history of imperial genocide follows, the subject of this article was the subject of recent public meeting, The Hidden Holocaust - Our Civilizational Crisis.

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Appeal for International Support from Polish Anti-Coke Campaign

03-12-2007 12:41

Join Santa in boycotting Coca-Cola, his former employer, this Christmas!
International appeal for support: Polish Humanitarian Action should cease their Christmas campaign collaboration with Coca-Cola immediately.

For decades the Coca-Cola company has been embroiled in controversy for breaching the basic human rights of its workers and harming the environments in which it operates........

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Quick message from SHAC: NO SHAREHOLDERS!

03-12-2007 12:06

At this moment no shareholders identified - after all dropped HLS.

Keep in mind Huntingdon. Your secret is our secret.

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Armenia - The Unanswered Question

03-12-2007 11:35

On Tuesday 6th November, Aegis Trust and Nottingham Student Aegis Society, in association with Nottingham Playhouse, a pre-show talk for Beast on the Moon to look at the history behind this compelling play took place. Enclosed is the report with pictures.

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Save Titnore Woods

03-12-2007 11:02

Public inquiry into Southdowns national Park..Demo to make sure Titnore Woods included!