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'Nun of the Above' stands against Glenda Jackson

17-05-2001 18:24

NEWS RELEASE: Glenda Jackson vs. The Nuns

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How to change the world.

17-05-2001 16:36

Here are a few of my suggestions on how we as individuals can contribute towards changing the world. If anybody has any others i'd like to hear 'em.

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Anarcho-punks CONFLICT boost Nobody campaign

17-05-2001 13:46

Conflict play Nobody's anti-election night festival

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Marks and Spencer TU Protests

17-05-2001 12:22

Trade unionists from Britain and the European continent are today marching through central London to protest the layoffs at the Marks and Spencer retail chain.

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17-05-2001 11:47

The long-running McLibel case entered a new phase today. The McLibel legal office is run from the home in North London of McLibel defendant Dave Morris. But he is now fighting an imminent threat by Haringey Council to evict him and his son Charlie along with the McLibel office on Tuesday 22nd

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Activists pickett British-Colombian Business Meeting

17-05-2001 11:44

British and Colombian activists pickett a meeting organised by the British-Colombian chamber of commerce to attract foreign investment into that country. There are clear links between human rights abuses by paramilitaries and the activities of multinational corporations in Colombia.

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EU to massively extend electronic surveillance

17-05-2001 11:09

Big brother getting even bigger alert! Encrypt or die!
But seriously what with the FBI chasing US based indymedia sites for peoples IP logs and RIP being further implemented in this country this just confirms the wider state agenda 100 per cent... check out the full report.

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Metropolitan Police Authority discusses Mayday

17-05-2001 11:04

Report and comment from the Metropolitan Police Authority discussed the policing of the Mayday demonstrations in London

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Update of the Protest against the Efficient Consumer Response Conference

17-05-2001 09:37

Yesterday Six protestors were prevented from handing out leaflets at the Efficient Consumer Response meeting that is being held in Glasgow.

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The Lawless Ones

17-05-2001 09:07

You cannot see the eye of the Demon, till him come callin'

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16-05-2001 20:25

We have to go and protest at the New Labour conference in Brighton from September 30th-October 4th!!! Publicity, maximum media coverage and an embarrasment for Tory Blair.

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Council On Foreign Relations- Expose The Criminals

16-05-2001 20:00

The CFR’s Annual Report for July 1, 1993-June 30, 1994, page 4, states:

"The Council on Foreign Relations is a nonprofit, and nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to improving the understanding of US foreign policy, and international affairs through the exchange of ideas.

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Send bricks to Labour's freepost address!

16-05-2001 19:46

As an act of resistance against privatisation, send bricks and other heavy stuff to:

Sheffield Labour Party
S2 1ZZ

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Turkish Political prisoners - urget action

16-05-2001 18:48

22 Turkish Prioners now dead from hunger strike more to folow

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Mclibel crises as defendant and legal office fight eviction next Tuesday

16-05-2001 17:26

Mclibel crisis as defendant and legal office fight eviction next Tuesday

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Democracy is theft. Steal your vote!

16-05-2001 16:56

Should you vote, spoil your ballot, or stay at home? Or are there other options to excercise your democratic privilege?

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US embassy picket for Mumia Abu-Jamal

16-05-2001 14:11



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Report of the Blockade of the efficient Consumer response meeting in Glasgow

16-05-2001 11:01

18 Anti capitalist protestors met at the exhibition train station in Glasgow at 7:30 yesterday. They were in opposition to the "Effecient Consumer response meeting" that was being held at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center.

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New Labour's secret plans revealed by newspaper.

16-05-2001 10:28

New Labour document leaked today reveals secret plans to privatise just about everything for the benefit of globalisation-friendly multinationals, carpet-baggers and fatcats.

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Oh No Not Another Coverup "Senators Criticize the F.B.I. Over McVeigh Documents"

16-05-2001 06:19

"Any kind of failure at the F.B.I., anything that happens at the F.B.I. that calls into question something they did or failed to do, leads to a lot of mistrust with the American people," said Senator Richard C. Shelby, a Republican from Alabama and chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, after his panel met in a closed session with Louis J. Freeh, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Who trusts these people anyways?