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Oil to Occupy: The Restless West Coast

25-01-2012 06:25

Audio "Oil Free Coast" 3 speakers against Tar Sands pipelines and tankers in Canada, including First Nations. Then on-scene audio from Occupy Wall St West in San Francisco Jan 20th. Awaiting arrest, and crowd microphones against corporate takeover.

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On the qestion of the Denial of the Armenian Genocide.

25-01-2012 05:02

French government has just voted in favour of a law which criminalises the denial of the Armenian Genocide. Fourty thousand Turks have marched in Paris attempting to challenge this development. This article exposes the French Government's sheer hipocracy in shamelessly exploiting the suffering of the Armenian Nation. It also exposes the Turkish appologists of the Armenian Genocide and their national chauvinist agendas.

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Market solution is the crash - prospects for March 2012 Euro settlement?

24-01-2012 23:52

Continual attacks & attrition from markets against politicians and civil servants suposedly representing sovereign nations - prospects for crash or solution of Euro crisis in March 2012

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Violent Football Thug Jeff Marsh is EDL Spokesman for Leicester Demo

24-01-2012 21:37

Thug Jeff Marsh
BBC Radio Leicester held a phone in this morning to discuss the 4th February demonstration by the English Defence League in the city. (podcast

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Occupy Nottingham: 100 days and counting

24-01-2012 20:55

On Sunday 22nd January, Occupy Nottingham marked it's 100th day in occupation. The camp, part of a global network of occupations, was started on October 15th. Despite the harsh weather, campers remain committed to staying "as long as it takes".

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Speaking about the motives behind the occupation, a camper who has been there from the start said: "We will be here for as long as it takes. We want to get people to realise enough is enough. We may not be able to stay here forever, but we are still trying to raise public awareness. We're still getting overwhelming support from people."

Another camper said: "Initially we were hoping for 24 hours but we have exceeded that. The message is beginning to get out there. People of all walks of life are starting to take notice and take things on board. We would like to see the city council being a bit more vocal with the Government. Our MPs also need to stand up for our city in Parliament."

With occupations elsewhere in the country either evicted or awaiting eviction, there was some concern, early in January, that the city council were planning to evict the camp by the end of the month, however the council have subsequently denied this.

Campers continue to report widespread support (and even received a solidarity message from Occupy Rotterdam), but this hasn't been universal. Late nights, particularly at the weekends continue to be problematic and, the large "occupy" banner has been stolen.

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Coryton oil refinery to close

24-01-2012 19:36

People who followed the Coryton oil refinery blockade back in September 2010 will be interested to learn that Coryton's parent company has filed for bankruptcy meaning the refinery is set to be closed and hundreds of jobs are on the line.

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Pinheirinho Eviction Masacre, Sao Paulo Brasil Update

24-01-2012 19:02

Despite numerous reports and eyewitness accounts from within of extreme brutality and fatalities in the 2000+ police assault at 6am Sunday morning on the Pinheirinho occupation, the mass media continues to churn out the police version that the whole eviction was over in 40 minutes.

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ACPO and The Met in the dock

24-01-2012 16:56

John Catt, who says "Put an end to the 'Big Brother' police state."
On Thursday 9th February 2012 at 10.00am, in the Royal Courts of Justice, the Strand, London WC2A 2LL, there will be a Judicial Review of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), a private limited company, and the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, for the running of a controversial £9 million publicly funded secret 'domestic extremist' intelligence database about political activists.

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Defend occupy LSX from eviction! Eviction is imminent!

24-01-2012 16:36

We are calling on everyone who can to come down to the occupy London stock exchange camp outside St Paul's cathedral to defend it from eviction as eviction is expected within the next two or three days.

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Igloos at Davos as Occupy WEF begins

24-01-2012 07:31

ANTI-CAPITALIST igloos have been built in Switzerland at a protest camp against the World Economic Forum.

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Cooperatives, Credit Unions and Experience of a Social Care Coop

23-01-2012 23:45

Audio John Halsted
On Saturday 21st January 2012 John Halsted spoke at a session on Cooperatives, Credit Unions and Experience of a Social Care Coop at the 3rd National Occupy Conference in the Citadel of Hope in Sheffield.

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Sparks week of protest: Wed 25th Jan

23-01-2012 22:52

NGBailey sites: NGB/No Go Besna

Ballot papers gone out for BBES a yes vote is imperative for strike action to be able to begin on 9th February.

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Fat Cats Lose Fight To Occupy City Of London

23-01-2012 21:14

Occupy LSX
The long-awaited verdict in the case of the City of London Corporation against the British people is in.

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1 Feb: Vigil at Wrexham Mag. Court with 82 year old Census Refuser John Voysey

23-01-2012 19:58

previous anti-war census refuser vigil outside wrexham magistrates court
John Voysey from Herefordshire will appear at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Wednesday 1 February charged under the Census Act 1920 with failing to complete the 2011 Census. John has been a conscientious objector since 1947 and is still standing up for his principles today, aged 82, to the point that he will refuse to pay any fine imposed rather than 'become an accessory' to the actions of the arms industry. Join John for an anti-war vigil outside the court from 11am.

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Demonstration against the Conservative Local Government Conference

23-01-2012 18:58

Demo against the cuts - 24/02/12 Queens Hotel (nr train station) Leeds

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Cleaners on Tyne & Wear Metro Fight Back

23-01-2012 18:55

The RMT asked for the motion below to be discussed at the Northern TUC on 21 January and it was passed unanimously.

"The Northern TUC notes that Churchill Contract Services provide cleaning on the Tyne & Wear Metro via DB Regio, the operator of the system.


Northern TUC further notes that these cleaners live in the Tyne & Wear areas and are paid the minimum wage for doing a vital job in ensuring the metro system is clean and tidy whether it's the trains or the stations.


The Northern TUC also recognises that the cleaners provide a presence on many of the stations and are often the only interface there is with passengers.


The Northern TUC is therefore appalled to learn that unlike other workers employed on the Metro these cleaners do not receive free travel on the Metro system that they work so hard to keep clean and tidy.


In any circumstances it would be a matter of concern for one group of workers to be treated so unfairly but the fact that this is happening to a group of low paid workers on a publicly funded transport system accountable to the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority is appalling.


The Northern TUC agrees to support the campaign of Churchill cleaners to receive free travel facilities by,


· Writing to the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority

· Lobbying MPs in the region

· Responding positively to future request for support for affiliates in pursuance of the campaign."

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Oil Tanker Drivers Strike Wincanton

23-01-2012 18:55

Unite the Union press release onbehalf of oil tanker drivers

Wincanton tanker drivers set for seven days of action

16 January 2012

More than 100 Unite oil tanker drivers, working for road haulage firm Wincanton on the ConocoPhillips contract, will begin a week long series of stoppages from Tuesday 24 January to 31 January, over the company's refusal to stop the attack on drivers' pay and terms and conditions, says Unite, the UK's biggest union.

The seven days of action, agreed by an overwhelming majority of Unite members at a mass meeting held yesterday (Sunday 15 January), follows last week's resounding ‘yes' vote in which 83 per cent backed the call to strike on a 96 per cent turn out.

The Wincanton oil tanker drivers - who work out of three of the UK's major fuel distribution depots at Immingham, Kingsbury and Stockton-on-Tees delivering fuel to Jet forecourts around the UK - have had enough of the shabby treatment they have received at the hands of ConocoPhillips, which has been pursuing a draconian cost-down agenda with no thought to the job security of the drivers delivering its fuel.

Oil tanker drivers play a crucial role in the economy transporting millions of tonnes of fuel safely and on time across the country.

Matt Draper, Unite national officer, said: "Our members could not have sent a clearer message. Wincanton may well be surprised by the strength of feelings amongst its drivers, but it ignores their concerns at its peril.

"The steady erosion and the ongoing attack on the pay and terms and conditions of not only these drivers, but of all those in the industry, must stop. The drivers have had enough.

"ConocoPhillips holds the key to resolving this dispute. All it needs to do is re-think its decision to abandon TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment) and instead commit to protecting the terms and conditions of the drivers who deliver the company's fuel to its forecourts safely and on time.

"ConocoPhillips has a duty to ensure that in the event of a contract tender or transfer, the terms and conditions of the drivers are protected. It must act now to stop this race to the bottom."

The drivers, working on the ConocoPhillips contract, balloted for industrial action operate out of three of the UK's major oil terminals; Kingsbury in Warwickshire, Immingham in Lincolnshire and Stockton-on-Tees in the North East. A seven-day stoppage to operations is likely to hit fuel supplies across the UK and in particular the Midlands and the north of the country.


For more information, please contact Chantal Chegrinec, Unite campaigns officer, on 07774 146 777 or Matt Draper on 07970 081 519.

Notes to editors:

The strike action will begin on Tuesday 24 January 2012 at 5am and run until 04:59am on Tuesday 31 January 2012 at the sites of Kingsbury in Warwickshire, Immingham in Lincolnshire and Stockton-on-Tees in the North East.


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Walsall Youth Causals United, 3rd March Demo

23-01-2012 17:59

Walsall Youth Causals United are planing a demo on March 3rd. This photo from their facebook page shows they intend to be peaceful and non-violent ...

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Defend Right to Protest - University of Birmingham

23-01-2012 17:47

When: Wednesday, 22 February 2012
Time: 13:00 until 14:00
Where: Clocktower, University of Birmingham