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Pinheirinho Eviction Masacre, Sao Paulo Brasil Update

MR | 24.01.2012 19:02 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Despite numerous reports and eyewitness accounts from within of extreme brutality and fatalities in the 2000+ police assault at 6am Sunday morning on the Pinheirinho occupation, the mass media continues to churn out the police version that the whole eviction was over in 40 minutes.

See previous reports on Indymedia for background:
Pinheirinho Occupation, Sao Paulo resisting eviction now

Pinheirinho Occupation, Sao Paulo brutally evicted this morning

Today, there was another demo in Sao Paulo, about 300 people held marches in Sao Paulo to protest in front of the Palace of the State of São Paulo. Solidarity demos are being held all over Brazil today in support of the landless of Pinheirinho and against the violent police attack in Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre,Belém, Brasília, Teresina, Rio de Janeiro, Franca (SP), Curitiba, Londrina, Guarulhos/SP, Fortaleza, Macaé and Juiz de Fora.

Last night in Rio there was also a solidarity downtown starting from Carioca and moving through the streets.

This morning members of the occupation Zumbi dos Palmares e do Dandara in Sumaré (SP) including folks from MTST (Movement of Homeless Workers) blocked the Anhanguera highway in the region of Campinas as part of their own struggle and in solidarity with the evicted and beaten of Pinheirinho. In addition to these actions, MTST actions were planned today in Brasilia and Belo Horizonte.

At the eviction, it was clear that the police were targeting activists from the occupation for beatings and arrest. William Boulos, leader of Sao Paulo MTST, was beaten up. In a statement from today William Boulos said:

"We need to strengthen the denunciation of the murdered from three days yesterday. There has been a total blackout in the press. The bodies were not taken to the IML (Morgue) of St. Joseph and are missing. One is a 4-year-old, who arrived dead yesterday at 18 pm at PS Industrial Village, after being shot in the neck by a rubber bullet. We have several witnesses, but hospitals - with express orders from city officials and the Military Police - will not confirm this information, fearing that the anger and resistance will increase. It is essential to use our channels to report these facts"

In this video, you can see police attacking with tear gas the station set up by the State (who had ordered the eviction!) to 'care' for those evicted during the assault. Despite this being reported as a safe zone for those who had lost their homes, the police attacked with tear gas and stun grenades.

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