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16-07-2006 21:19

A new pamphlet by Leeds ABC will be launched on August 6th.

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Film Night: Atenco - Breaking the Seige! Wed 19th July, Reading.

16-07-2006 20:33

Please tell friends/family/groups/email-lists who might be interested!

// FILM SCREENING: Atenco - Breaking the Seige!

// WHEN: 7.30pm, Wednesday 19th July

// WHERE: Room 3, RISC International Solidarity Centre, 35-39 London Street, in Reading town centre

May 3rd 2006: As Mexican Police violently attack the peoples of Texcoco & Atenco, Mexico City for selling flowers, the residents display their dignity, humanity and bravery in their steadfast resistance, which continues......

Hosted by Chi'iltak (Reading based anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian Zapatista Solidarity group).


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Solidarity with Detainees in St Petersburg

16-07-2006 20:09

Anti G8 Protestor in St Petersburg, 2006
There will be a demonstration in solidarity with those arested in St
Petersburg on Friday 21st July at 1pm outside the Russian Embassy in London

Address: 6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W 8 4QP, UK

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US Vetoes 2nd UN Resolution on Israel: Summer Rain Intensifies, Widens

16-07-2006 19:48

What is it that has the Bliar Government so beholden to Israel and its Zionist Extremist leadership? Is the Israel Lobby in Britain as strong as in America?

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16-07-2006 18:34

Please give money using the pay-pal details from the medics' site below; prisoners are getting no food or water and the UK-medics are trying to get it to them.

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Bully tactics fail to spoil Camp Titnore open day

16-07-2006 17:28

TITNORE Woods landowner Clem Somerset employed private security guards with video cameras to try and scare visitors away from the protest camp's open day on Saturday (July 15).

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G8 Delegates Blockaded in Hotel, Protesters Arrested

16-07-2006 17:17

The following is a report about actions this morning (16/07/06) in St. Petersberg.

Solidarity actions requested!

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16-07-2006 17:16

There wil be a late session in Parliament that day, until 10pm.

Join us before the summer recess of Parliament to protest at the ongoing Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

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300+ Demonstrate in Berlin Against G8 and Repression

16-07-2006 16:48

Today, around 300 people took part in a demonstration in Berlin against the G8 and the system it represents, and demanded a release of those arrested in St. Petersberg taking part in protests against this year's summit.

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Help do solidarity actions now!

16-07-2006 16:27

The people arrested this morning in Russia are being tried RIGHT NOW in a closed court, they have had no water and have been denied access to lawyers. We need to put pressure on the russian government - do what you can

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Of our sins.

16-07-2006 15:56

on the cultural diversities and the mistake of trying to impose a culture and a morals the other people

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Asylum Seeker UNITY protest 22.07.06

16-07-2006 14:55

Come to the monthly UNITY protest outside the Home Office Immigration Centre, Brand Street, Glasgow

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Fairford Peace ‘Disarmers’ - Trial At Bristol Crown Court Starts September 4th

16-07-2006 14:51

Three years of pre-trial hearings later, the trial of Margaret Jones and Paul Milling is due to begin. Archives of the pre-trial hearings and history are below the following press release.

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join action against websites such as Redwatch

16-07-2006 14:37

Kevin Watmough-redwatch fuhrer,BPP and aaryan beauty
Shutting down the peddlers of hate

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Medics Appeal from Russia

16-07-2006 14:29

blog report from Russia,

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Welsh anarchos inhumane treatment

16-07-2006 12:41

at least 4 welsh activists were amongst those arrested during actions over the past 24 hours in St. Petersburg.

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"KSL: Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library" double issue now available.

16-07-2006 10:23

The Kate Sharpley Library have just published a double issue of their bulletin, focusing on the Spanish Revolution of 1936, the Iron Column, and the execution of Salvador Puig Antich in 1974.

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arrests in russia

16-07-2006 08:37

Many people including internationals have been arrested brutally yesterday. They are in 29th police station...if you want to show solidarity call the police station to hassle them / ask for your relatives

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WOT: Eight Theses on the Destiny of the Concept of Workers' Rule

16-07-2006 08:33

These eight theses are the first installment of
"Seventeen Theses on the Destiny of the Revolution
in Communications and the Concept of Workers' Rule".
... brought to you by the "Weapon of Transparency" channel.

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Are there still people that believe that violence works?

16-07-2006 08:10

Appalling violence and mayhem!
While we watch the latest round of appalling violence and mayhem spilling across our screens it is worth stepping back and looking at the process a little more simply