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URGENT! Australian Aborigines to repossess NSW pastoral properties

29-05-2005 12:54

Moree, central NSW, 29 May - - Aborigines of the Gumilaroi Nation are about to move onto several pastoral properties in western NSW to reclaim them as Aboriginal land, says the spokesman of the Nation, Michael Anderson.

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London ESF Arrests Update

29-05-2005 12:37

In total there were 10 arrests (that we know of) during London ESF (October 14th-17th 2004):

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Detained and threatened with deportation

29-05-2005 10:36

As a Zimbabwean detainee who fled for fear of persecution in my home country I find the situation so stressfull. If you could tell me the difference between Zimbabwe and Britain I would be glad to know because at present Britain is also breaking its human rights, locking innocent people up in detention centres, deporting them back to Zimbabwe to the same ruling government they fled from.

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Report on the EPA of ESF-4 held in Prague 20-22 May 2005

28-05-2005 23:10

Despite the fact that almost one third of the participants were Central and Eastern Europeans, the Prague EPA also was dominated – as usual - by the Westerners (i.e. the organisers of the previous ESFs). The agenda as well as the content of the Assembly meetings were strictly controlled and manipulated by the invisible „Leadership”.

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28-05-2005 22:26

Market Europe
All member states of the European Union will soon have to agree to or reject the project of European Constitution. A European campaign has just been launched in order to contribute to develop a large movement against this project of constitution. You can support it and join it by subscribing to the following text. France is voting on Sunday.

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Critical Mass

28-05-2005 21:35

Photos Critical Mass

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High-profile climate change campaigner goes nuclear

28-05-2005 19:18

Mark Lynas
Mark Lynas, author of climate change book "High Tide" and long-time direct activist has written in this week's New Statesman magazine of his conversion to nuclear power as a solution to climate change.

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Zapatista Fortnight in Nottingham 1 - 15 June

28-05-2005 17:32

Ever heard of the Zapatista's?

A fortnight of activities in Nottingham are planned to kick-start the new solidarity group. Come along, find out and get involved!

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28-05-2005 16:15

A group of Traveller solidarity activists dropped a banner over Constant and Co's offices at 66 Harpur st, Bedford today.

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Palestine, the right to education & the academic boycott of Israeli institutions

28-05-2005 15:53

Oxford PSC have organized a public speaker meeting to discuss the academic boycott of Israeli institutions.

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Dolphins and Coca Cola in Egypt

28-05-2005 12:51

Dolphins need help and Coca Cola needs discouraging in Egypt

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28-05-2005 12:16

London Critical Mass had a Street party.

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Canterbury Gay Pride 11 June

28-05-2005 11:19

The city of Canterbury,Kent (darkest Toryland) is to see it's first ever Gay pride event. (The 1st such 'open' one in Kent.
A gay pub in Maidstone held an 'in house' version a couple of years ago but this is the first really visible one...

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"The War is Not Over" - Artweek Exhibition at OARC

28-05-2005 11:14

From 28th May to 5th June there be a display of anti-war art at the Oxford Action Resource Centre, East Oxford Community Centre, Cowley Road.

Any funds raised will go to support anti-G8 actions this July.

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Stop The War Coalition Get Go Ahead for 2 Edinburgh G8 Protests

28-05-2005 10:55

The Stop The War Coalition have progressed in getting approval for their two protests in Edinburgh around the G8 Summit in July.

This is despite The Scotsman Newspaper briefing against them and initial objections from Lothian and Borders police.

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G8: Geldof planning Edinburgh concert on the first day of the Summit?!?!

28-05-2005 10:14

I am finding myself increasingly increduluous at the news reports being published around the Make Poverty History campaign and in particular the "Live8" re-runs of Live Aid being championed by Bob Geldof.

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Be a Geisha at the G8!

28-05-2005 10:03

A gentle gaggle of geisha will mingle in the masses during the G8 summit, 2nd - 8th July in Scotland, when 8 men think to meet undisturbed, unruffled and untroubled to decide upon the worlds future.

Join the geisha of gaiety on a passionate mission of peace and progression.

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G8: letter to object to clampdown on protests

28-05-2005 10:01

On 1st June

Sheffield Green Party is actively defending our civilian liberties and right to demonstrate in the face of the June summit. You can read and sign the letter to object to the clampdown on protests (before 31st May)

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NUJ wins union recognition battle with new media giant AOL

27-05-2005 21:44

The NUJ was awarded automatic recognition at AOL (UK) part of the giant US media conglomerate AOL on Wednesday. (25/5/05).

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What side are you on?

27-05-2005 20:30

We are on the edge of a precipice. We may have already been pushed into the abyss. It really depends on who is in control.