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31-08-2006 14:52



Show your opposition to Blair and Reid’s policy of deporting vulnerable people to dangerous countries! Support the efforts to stop forced removals to Iraq!

The Home Office has detained many Iraqi Kurds, perhaps 60, and some have been told they will be removed on 5 September. We believe there are also some Arab Iraqis in detention. All over Britain Iraqis are living in fear of a dawn raid on their home, or of arrest at their place of work or when they go to report at the Home Office signing centre. They fear losing even the precarious position they have found in British society.

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Video - Bicycology represent Climate Action in Selby

31-08-2006 14:27

Video - Bicycology represent Climate Action in Selby. Creative interaction in the town centre, including bicycle powered gameboys and music. Find out more about what bicycology is.

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Video of Kids March leaving the Camp for Climate Action.

31-08-2006 14:17

Video of Kids March leaving the Camp for Climate Action.

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Sustainable transport at Climate Camp

31-08-2006 14:16

Important issues with transport around the Climate Camp site were recently identified by a roving reporter.

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The So-Called Voluntary Return

31-08-2006 13:23

1,900 asylum seekers were removed under Assisted Voluntary Return schemes (1,635 principal applicants and 270 dependants), 38% of the 5,070 total removed in May/June/July 2006.

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Subcritical Nukes...

31-08-2006 12:55

The National Nuclear Security Administration (Nevada Site Office) has plenty on subcritical nukes, however yesterday's test is not up yet. The February Karakatoa tests are up, complete with videos - watch 'n' learn!

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How Much Poverty Can a Society Endure?

31-08-2006 12:49

Pretending that justice is possible with growing inequality is pure ideology. Distributive justice is the key for a peaceful future.. Spending for the welfare state has not growin in Germany.

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Eight Day Strike For Liverpool Lives

31-08-2006 12:31

Despite a massive and hypocritical media campaign against the firefighters, Merseyside FBU members today began what is effectively an eight day strike in protest against £3.5 million of cuts.

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Climate Camp coverage on Radio 4

31-08-2006 12:29

Links to listen to Radio 4's You and Yours programme's transmission from Thursday 31st August 2006 with segment on Climate Camp and related topics and some BBC news.

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Filipinas in Lebanon treated like ’modern-day slaves’

31-08-2006 12:16


Filipina overseas workers in Lebanon are being treated like “modern-day slaves,” this was the main finding of Filipinos who had just arrived from Lebanon as part of an international civil society and parliamentary delegation.

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climate camp radio 4 interview You and Yours

31-08-2006 11:46

just did radio 4 interview, about the Reclaim Power action at Drax as they couldnt get a radio car to the camp. you can listen again at was at 12.05

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The Sovereignty of CUBA must be respected

31-08-2006 11:39

To sign the Demand "The Sovereignty of CUBA must be respected":

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The Guardian must stop lying against Muslims and recognise the truth

31-08-2006 11:30

The truth is, and here it is being said for the first time in this form, that Muslim people’s objection to Satan Rushdie was not about Rushdie's alleged freedom to write fiction. It was to Rushdie's satanic evil plot to distort the humanity of the entire Muslim peoples across the world. All Rushdie's apologists have suppressed the truth. They have covered it up with the lie that Muslims are against freedom of expression. Muslims are against the organised lying against human rights. There is no cause higher than this on earth. Uphold human rights. To deny Muslims the right to freedom to express opposition to the lies of Satan Rushdie or his likes is the greater violation of the allegedly western-only virtue of freedom of expression

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Residents Against Greenbelt Exploitation (Fairburn, Yorks)

31-08-2006 11:15

We are three local villages of Ledstion, Ledsham and Fairburn and we are fighting greenbelt exploitation in our area with regard to a proposed opencast mine.

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Climate Camp Thursday

31-08-2006 10:56

more pictures of Climate Campers this morning heading out of the camp...

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Architecture and war in palestine

31-08-2006 10:54

En eye opening review of the israeli army tactics in urban warfare. Israelis capitalize on Deleuze, Guattari, Derrida and even Guy Debord in order to figure out the best possible way to fight in hostile streets. The scientific way to kill an entire city.

Indymedia Athens.

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Drax phone numbers

31-08-2006 10:39

Feancy phoning Drax for a news interview?

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Mainstream Media coverage of actions from the Camp for Climate Action

31-08-2006 10:25

Mainstream Media coverage of actions from the Camp for Climate Action

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Solidarity with asylum seekers demo 5th September

31-08-2006 10:02

'Voice of Asylum Seekers' are asking for your solidarity and support with their campaign by demonstrating outside Reliance House (Water Street), Liverpool, on Tuesday 5th September, daytime 12.30 - 1.30.