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'Alternatives' Public Meeting in Telford on June 10th

23-05-2006 19:15

Local peace group, Wrekin Stop War, are inviting people from across Shropshire (and beyond) to attend a public meeting exploring themes connected to peace and the planet.

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BNP attempts to regain lost cred in Barking and Dagenham

23-05-2006 19:06

Persil DOES wash whiter...
After meeting fiasco, the BNP tries to bluster its through its embarassment

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Corruption in Russia - what about the UK?

23-05-2006 18:35

Every week, corporate rags like Sunday Times spew venom at Russia for autocratic government and corruption. Yet little is said about Britain's oligarchs which include a whole raft of people including Sir Adrian Montague, Lord Sainsbury etc. Let's start with the former as he is on the website. He is planning to buy the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, which has received billions of taxpayers money including £5.2bn this year alone.

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Crossrail - what is it, why is it bad and how did it come about?

23-05-2006 18:26

The background to the Crossrail is it is a railway aimed at benefitting the rich while harming the poor and costing taxpayers billions through a man called Adrian Montague. It was supported by all three main parties without information about financial implications or the company having shown it was going to ensure that it would cause the least harm to Londoners. For more information on the background to Crossrail, see the following url

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"Bush is certifiable"

23-05-2006 17:59

George W Bush is suffering from a peculiar but not that uncommon form of madness in which a pathological part of his psyche has co-opted all of the healthy parts into its service.. The savior complex is a seriously deranged ego-centric narcissism.

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23-05-2006 17:36

Foreign residents of Tuscany are fighting a battle against poison baits which are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of animals each year.
Cats and dogs and wild animals the baiters are not fussy what they don't massacre with their shot guns they catch in illegal traps and snares or murder with poisons. It took my dog 18 hrs to die a horrendous death.

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23-05-2006 17:15

Planning permission for a wind turbine on the Mendip Hills has been allowed on appeal. Lone Green voice at Inquiry helps swing the decision to build a single 2 MW turbine at Shooters Bottom, Townsend Lane near Chewton Mendip (i)

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Palestine Today

23-05-2006 17:04

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday, May 23, 2006.

The UK asks Israel for compensation for two shootings, and the army invades several West Bank cities and arrests two in Ramallah, six in Bethlehem and 16 in Nablus.

These stories and more coming up stay tuned.

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Israel's UN ambassador slams Qatar, praises Bolton

23-05-2006 17:02

And this is precisely the problem. Until the US begins an infinitely more even-handed approach to Middle Eastern policy, we will have failed not only every country in the region, but ourselves as well.

A "humanitarian organization" would not support Ethnic Cleansing and Apartheid, nor would it support calls for a long-planned Act of Aggression. Sadly, B'Nai Brith has become nothing more than another "Jewish" organization led by Zionists, acting on Israel's behalf, instead of that of everyday Jews.

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McNulty wife behind corrupt Crossrail

23-05-2006 16:59

Tony McNulty's wife Christine Gilbert, who is the chief executive of Tower Hamlets Council, is behind the Crossrail scheme and its negative impacts across the area. She attended meetings while being married to then Crossrail minister, her husband Tony McNulty. It is interesting she is presently also under fire for alleged fraud in the corrupt Labour council.

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23-05-2006 16:49

Ex-lawyer and the UK's own version of UK oligarchs Adrian Montague is using his predictable PFI/PPP method of making money. Montague takes public companies, sells them cheap and then makes money for shareholders by getting subsidies from taxpayers over a long-term period. He is already ripping off taxpayers with Crossrail at present but the Channel Tunnel is his new target.

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Radical Academics event at the Square Social Centre, Weds 24.05, 6pm

23-05-2006 16:12

Six speakers, one DJ and a screening confirmed for what promises to be a very interesting event!

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We are all Jessies!

23-05-2006 16:05

The video by Jesse Macbeth in which he describes killing 200 civillians whilst on operations in Iraq is being accused by many of being a fraud.

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Talks by John Zerzan this Monday and Friday

23-05-2006 14:53

Monday 29 May
7.30 for 8pm at Rampart Centre, Rampart St, London E1

organised by London Anarchist Forum

Wednesday 31 May
University of Leicester, 501 Ken Edwards Building, 3.30pm-5pm

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Canada's poor face `emergency': UN

23-05-2006 13:33

The employment insurance program needs to be more accessible, minimum wages don't meet basic needs, and homelessness and inadequate housing amount to a "national emergency," says the UN body's report from Geneva. ..."Minimum wages in all provinces," the UN report said, "are insufficient to enable workers and their families to enjoy a decent standard of living." About 51 per cent of people using food banks, it also said, are receiving inadequate social insurance benefits.

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McNulty wife in election fraud scandal in Tower Hamlets

23-05-2006 13:11

It is interesting that McNulty has been sacked as immigration minister and moved to Police minister as his wife, Christine Gilbert is the chief executive of Tower Hamlets. The elections in the area have been marred by allegations of fraud and Gilbert has been the returning officer. There is a police investigation at present, question, is can Mcnulty as the husband help?

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Cholesterol study is Bitter Pill for Bayer´s One-A-Day Vitamins

23-05-2006 13:11

CHICAGO -- German research casts doubt on the effectiveness of a sugar cane-based ingredient sold as a cholesterol treatment in One-A-Day vitamins and other products marketed in dozens of countries.

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Massive errors/malpractice found in DWP medicals

23-05-2006 11:02

DWP doctors guilty of massive, errors, altering documents and other malpractices

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supporto legale

23-05-2006 10:52

benefit gig, hanover sq.

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23-05-2006 10:42

full report and pics of brian's eviction will appear on the main brian haw timeline later. in the meantime i've been asked to pass on a request for people to greet tony blair with bells and whistles tomorrow morning as he arrives for question time.