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They shall not pass - demo @ kalyx/Colnbrook 10th February 2007

11-02-2007 15:59

200 + demonstrators from all over the UK supported the demo outside Kalyx/Colnbrook called by the 'No Borders Network'

Police bottle it
For over an hour no traffic passed in or out of the complex as the police gave up trying to clear a path through the assembled protestors.

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London Hunt Sabs assaulted - footage on you tube + google

11-02-2007 15:14

2 seperate assaults on North + East London Hunt Sabs by Essex Hunt Masters captured on video and used by Granada TV.

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Photos: No Borders Demo @ Kalyx/ColnBrook

11-02-2007 14:29

More photos of the action outside Kalyx/ColnBrook detention centres called by No Borders London.

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Capitalism and Corruption

11-02-2007 13:53

Until recently, the bribes paid by German firms abroad were deducted from the corporation tax as operating expenses.. The neoliberal dogma doesn't need any religion any more since it makes capitalism itself into a religion.. The cult of abstract riches cannot replace morality.. In structural over-accumulation, surplus capital presses on the finance markets. Mergers and takeovers become central.

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Cambridge University arms investment demonstration, 10 Feb 2007

11-02-2007 13:36

On Saturday 10 February 2007, around 200 Cambridge students took part in a demonstration against investment by their colleges in the arms trade. Organised by Cambridge Students Against the Arms Trade (CSAAT), the participants assembled outside the Guildhall and marched around the the centre of Cambridge with chanting and banners before assembling on the lawn of the Senate House (where cards were checked so that only members of the university were admitted) to listen to speakers who included the local M.P. David Howarth.

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March on Worthing Police Station on Saturday!

11-02-2007 13:28

PROTESTERS are set to march on Worthing Police Station, West Sussex, on Saturday February 17 - and you're invited to join them.

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Don't flirt with the occupation

11-02-2007 12:08


Hackney Palestine Solidarity members protest against Valentine’s Day flowers grown on illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land

On Saturday 10th February, Hackney PSC members joined a large group of protesters against Israeli agricultural export company Agrexco(UK) Ltd at their Hayes depot. Agrexco/Carmel are dealing with large amounts of Israeli flowers in the build up to Valentine's Day. Agrexco is Israel's largest exporter of agricultural produce into the European Union, and is 50% Israeli state owned. It imports produce from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which appropriate land and water resources by military force from Palestinian farmers in a deliberate policy of colonial settlement. As a result of the protest on Saturday 10th February, deliveries had to be rescheduled.
Contact for information on Hackney Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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Second Day of Action Against Israeli Company Importing Valentine's Day Flowers

11-02-2007 08:38

Sunday 11th February 2007




Photos/Interviews, Call 07845039980, email

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Families Against Corporate Killers in Liverpool

11-02-2007 08:22

A group of about twenty people attended a meeting about the Families Against Corporate Killers (FACK) campaign on Thursday, 8th February, at the Liverpool John Moores University building on Clarence Street.

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Australian PM criticises Barak Obama

11-02-2007 05:51

John Howard, known internationally as a Bush lackey, shameless coward, racist and abandoner of Australian citizens in trouble, today levelled a criticism at U.S. Presidential candidate, Barak Obama. The ‘aluminium tubing’ Prime Minister stated that Obama’s Iraq policy would “completely destabilise and destroy Iraq”. Howard seems ‘completely’ oblivious to the FACT that his participation in the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq has ALREADY COMPLETELY DESTABILISED AND DESTROYED Iraq!

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“friendly fire” killing of British soldier by US pilots

11-02-2007 02:29

The scandal surrounding the release of video evidence of a British serviceman’s death by “friendly fire” underscores that the lies and deceit surrounding the illegal invasion of Iraq continue.

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Photos - Hundreds protest against Munich security meeting

11-02-2007 01:59

Protesters march in downtown Munich, southern Germany, during a rally
Protesters march in downtown Munich, southern Germany, during a rally against a conference of the world's top security officials on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2007. The annual conference, now in its 43rd year, is often used as an opportunity for officials to conduct diplomacy in an informal setting. Banner at center reads 'Attack Nato-Siko (Nato Security Conference) and G8 for a world beyond capitalism'.

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Operation 'Pick'n'Mix' Worcester

11-02-2007 01:34

Op Pick'n'Mix Worcester
Whose streets? Our streets! Built by the working classes for the working classes!

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Torchlit March for NHS 22 February Liverpool

11-02-2007 00:54

Help us fight for our Health Service
Thursday 22nd February
Assemble 5:30 pm Royal Liverpool University Hospital
Torchlit march to St. George's Plateau

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Iran Attack: Once Again, the New York Times Serves as Propaganda Tool

11-02-2007 00:29

Recall, back in May of 2004, a superficially contrite New York Times editorial staff admitting it published “questionable” information about claims of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, information that ultimately paved the way for the slaughter of 650,000 Iraqis.

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More from Harmondsworth 10/2

11-02-2007 00:26

Around 250 people assembled outside Harmondsworth today, a mix of refugees, asylum seekers and their supporters. Some had travelled by coach from as far away as Manchester, Leeds and Bradford. Some played Samba. Some wanted to give long speeches and pump their ego's for the Labour leadership race.

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Embroidery in Bethlehem

10-02-2007 20:51

Embroidery in Bethlehem - an account of a circus touring palestine.

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Birmingham raids & racism in Britain

10-02-2007 20:32

here is a selection of news items on last week's 'terror raid' in Birmingham and two relevant articles on racism

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Photos from Harmondsworth and Colnbrook demo

10-02-2007 20:15

Entrance to Colnbrook and Harmondsworth blocked
Today about 250 people went to Colnbrook and Harmondsworth detention centres to protest against the locking up, and deportation of migrants and asylum seekers.