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Bush UK Visit 'Exclusion Demands' Spark Protest

11-11-2003 15:58

President Bush may be subjected to the humiliating sight of an effigy of himself being dragged to the ground by anti-war protesters in London's Trafalgar Square next week.

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Check the word on the street in Harehills

11-11-2003 15:57

Short film made by people of Harehills about their community

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up to 55,000 deaths on all sides from Iraq war

11-11-2003 15:41

"Continuing Collateral Damage: The Health and Environmental Costs of War on Iraq 2003 " concludes that between 21,700 and 55,000 people have died since the US/UK-led invasion, with the number of killed and injured continuing to rise. Among the dead, the report estimates 7,800 and 9,600 Iraqi civilians. The number of injured civilians is estimated at 20,000.

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Secret NATO Command Bunker - Indymedia Exclusive

11-11-2003 15:13

NATO Command Bunker Under Our Feet: A Bristol Indymedia Exclusive
To most of us it's just another chain link fence off the road from Bath to
Chippenham, but investigative journalist Duncan Campbell believes the
underground Corsham Computer Centre houses a top-secret and top-level NATO
command post. Recent anonymous reports by contract workers who have been
deep underground say a gigantic new U.S. computer system has just been
installed. And the Ministry of Defence press office still have the cheek to
deny that there are underground facilities in Corsham. So are the U.S.
Department of Defence and our MoD hiding from Al Quaeda... or from the
public who pay their wages? Phil Chamberlain takes a peep down this and
some of their other nearby multi-billion pound rabbit holes.

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A military constitution for the European Union?

11-11-2003 15:00

WRI Logo
The draft European Constitution is worth loking at from an antimilitarist point of view: increase of armaments in the constitution, EU forces all over the world, "preventive wars". Everything we are used to from the USA now in a modern European version - and in a constitution!

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Film Screening at Spitz - Argentina with new addition

11-11-2003 13:52

This month In a continuation of the popular screenings at the Spitz – INDYMEDIA in collaboration with the ARGENTINA SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN are showing four films based around the struggles that have taken place in recent times. Argentina may be economically deprived - Yet as these films show, the country is rich in human ingenuity, passion and resistance, as they unite in there struggles to overcome there recent trauma’s and search for a better way.

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Why I'd go to prison (Kate Holcombe)

11-11-2003 11:34

Kate Holcombe
AN EVESHAM anti-war activist is set to face trial at Gloucester Crown Court on Wednesday [12th Nov] charged with criminal damage.

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Activist on Bridge urges Commuters to STOP BUSH

11-11-2003 11:26

Perfect colour coordination!
Commuters at the Cambridge station were in for a surprise this morning when they were greeted by a large banner spelling STOP BUSH and a voice of a protester announcing the arrival of the American president rather than the next train.

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The real reason America went to war with Iraq

11-11-2003 11:20

In the late 1990s a group of right wing politians and business people got together to found the Project for the New American Century. They set out to map how the United States and its corporations could profit from its sole superpower status. Amongst its plans were regime change in Iraq. When George Bush became president many of these politicians who had set up the PNAC became part of the administration - including Donald Rumsfield (Defence Secretary), Dick Cheney (Vice President) and Paul Wolfowitz (Deputy Defence Secretary).

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Thessaloniki Prisoners Benefit Night

11-11-2003 11:14

Friday 14th November

a benefit night in support of the Thessaloniki Prisoners Support Campaign at the Eton Mission Social Club, 91 Eastway, Hackney Wick.

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Thessaloniki: Hunger strike - Transport

11-11-2003 06:47

After an enormous mobilisation of police mechanism, the transport of the 5 hunger-strikers from the Hospital Papanjkola'oy to the Hospital of Prisons Korydaloy' began at 2 o' clock , as a result of a command by Ministry of Justice.

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ESF 2004 to be in London!

11-11-2003 00:56

Here is a first-hand account of the meeting today in Paris to decide on the next venue for the European Social Forum 2004. I will try and send a daily report which you guys might make a feature if you have time xxxxx

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For George Bush: We don't need no fascist Groove Thing

11-11-2003 00:37

"Don`t just sit there on your ass
Unlock that funky chaindance
Brothers, sisters shoot your best
We don`t need this fascist groove thang"

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Economic Plans for Iraq May Violate International Law

10-11-2003 23:33

The U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority’s (CPA) failure to adhere to Iraq’s foreign ownership laws violates international laws, and could nullify contracts signed by foreign investors.

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Cambridge Man Shot by Israeli Army

10-11-2003 23:15

Cambridge based activist Mika who is working with the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine has sent us the following report...

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Thessaloniki LegalTeam2003 PressRelease: 10/11

10-11-2003 22:50

Legal Team 2003 Press Release 10/11, on thirst strike (sorry, machine translation)

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A New Song To Sing!

10-11-2003 22:09

Something for you to sing as you're being knocked about by John "ID Cards" Stevens' mob in London next week.

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An American War-Wolf in London!

10-11-2003 22:04

An American War-Wolf in London
Hi folks, you are welcome to use this image on websites, posters, placards etc.
as part of the campaign to stop George W. Bush's state visit to London.

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Thessaloniki 7: on line details

10-11-2003 20:05

Details and updates of the Thessaloniki 7 prisoners.

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Shoot To Kill

10-11-2003 19:20

Bush visit. Special relationship. Shoot to kill.