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Nestle Job Interivews Go Wrong!

29-06-2001 20:19

Job Interivews held in Bristol to gather new workers for a Nestle cafe went a bit wrong as undercover activists 'applied' for job then disrupted the interview.

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Repressions before bordercamp in Krynki

29-06-2001 19:08

Organizers of the border camp in Krynki (in the north-east of Poland) face repression and intimidation from the Polish police and Office of StateProtection (UOP, secret intelligence service).

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Anarchist Travelling Circus Stays Home!

29-06-2001 17:47

18-22 July 2001: Close Campsfield Detention Centre! Close Every Detention Centre! Free the prisoners!

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Alert! Press Lynching by Libel Law

29-06-2001 16:54


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Final Declaration Barcelona-2001

29-06-2001 14:58

Declaration of the Campaign against the Worl Bank BCN2001.
Proposals of actions for coming years.

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Austrian cops 'Ready to Shoot' demonstrators

29-06-2001 12:29

After body bag stories for genoa we get cops authorised to shoot demonstrators - see corp media articles below:

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Open up the borders

29-06-2001 10:34

Call for symbolic action in support of Genoa and Campsfield actions at end of July

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Tony Blair invited to anti sanctions auction

29-06-2001 10:30

revcival of iraqi economy encouraged by anti sanctions auction

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Barrick Gold Mining: the story that has it all!

29-06-2001 09:56

You've probably read of some pretty sick business practices on the pages of indymedia. But how about a huge mining corporation trying to crush Amnesty reports of how it allowed 50 African miners to be buried alive?

Bush snr. & jnr are involved in this one. So is the Indonesian dictator, Suharto, and the Saudi Arms dealer, Adnan Kashoggi.


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F.A.Q. for all people who will go to Genoa

29-06-2001 08:48

A constantly updated page with relevant information and details on the anti G8 days in Genoa (July 18-22).

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Esso & EU: suspend aid to Chad-Cameroon pipeline

29-06-2001 06:49

In this article from AP you can find some intresting links about the subject (We put the liks in it).
Environmental and human rights activists called on the European Union to suspend its financial backing of a dlrs 3.5 billion pipeline project to move oil from 300 wells in southern Chad to Cameroon's Atlantic port of Kribi.

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We are losing you! Get a clue!!

29-06-2001 06:11

Wake up, open up your eyes; maybe then we can find the solutions instead of keep causing problems

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free paul Robinson

29-06-2001 02:52

free paul Robinson
more pics

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Free Paul Robinson Pic

29-06-2001 02:50

Free Paul Robinson Pic
pictures of the demo

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Paul Robinson Picture

29-06-2001 02:48

Paul Robinson Picture
cops gun

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Free Paul Robinson Campaign

29-06-2001 02:34

Free Paul Robinson Campaign
Photos and report of solidarity picket at the Swedish Embassy in London, in defence of Paul Robinson, imprisoned in Göthenburg during the G8 protest.

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A fiesta for life against death!

28-06-2001 21:35

On September 11th 2001 something beautiful is going to happen to mark the opening day of Europe's premier arms fair. Come along and give the armed wing of capitalism a lesson in creative resistance!

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Essex incinerators (whether we want them or not)

28-06-2001 21:08

Despite protests, petitions, manifesto promises and public demands, Essex County Council look set to ratify their new waste plan which includes provisions for the construction of up to six waste incinerators, which NOBODY WANTS!

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"the Anachist Express"!!!!????

28-06-2001 19:35

from the times. just had to post this one....we can't stop laughing.....

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Strategic forecast and operational guidelines for the movement to come...

28-06-2001 17:46

Strategic forecast and operational guidelines for the movement to come...