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RTS go to the ballet

01-08-2001 01:05

London Reclaim the Streets pas de deux with BP in London's fashionable Covent Garden. A cast of thousands (well, 6), tutus, flyers, and a policeman obviously unaware of the recent anti-stalking legislation.

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Farrakhan allowed to visit UK

01-08-2001 00:52

In a significant victory for free speech, the Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan will now be allowed to visit and speak in the UK. Whatever who think of his vague separationist beliefs (which don't seem very clear half the time), this guy is worth listening to and I for one am looking forward to see him speak here.

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Globalization and alternatives FAQ

01-08-2001 00:51

Please email me if you can help me write a section on the UK.

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S-Top Hopping!

01-08-2001 00:22

about the (non-)sense of summithopping

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Considerations on violence in the context of mass mobilization

31-07-2001 21:52

In the past months, many anti-globalization demonstrations have taken
place. These actions have prompted everywhere the same reactions from
the media and even from some of the activists themselves. Protesters
were divided between the "good and law-abiding" citizens and the "bad
and violent" anarchists. It seems to us that the situation deserves an
analysis that goes beyond this simplistic dichotomy.

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bobby israel deaf messenger or whatever

31-07-2001 21:45

weird things do happen around this guy

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Italy/G8 Summit: Amnesty International calls for commission of inquiry

31-07-2001 21:33

In the light of continuing reports and allegations of human
rights violations during the G8 policing operation in Genoa, the
conduct of the Italian law enforcement and prison officers
involved should be comprehensively investigated by an independent
commission of inquiry, Amnesty International said today.

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Sniff Sniff

31-07-2001 21:31

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real sequence of Carlo Giuliani's death

31-07-2001 21:30

15 photograhs showing the sequence of the shooting of Carlo Giuliani.

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20.8.:GLOBAL ACTION DAY:Our resistance continues!

31-07-2001 20:29

Over 40 activists arrested because of the anti G8 protests are still in jail in Italy.
Let`s keep up international pressure to free the prisoners and to remind the public of the torture and murder,because it tents to forget very quikly.
Come up with ideas,do actions,create pressure….

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La cara dura de Susan George

31-07-2001 19:19

Susan George continua aún más lanzando leña a la hoguera del dividionismo.

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31-07-2001 18:57

Account from last nites "paint-bombing" of Italian Embassy in London.

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G8 - the aftermath - eyewitness report - part 2

31-07-2001 17:43

see part 1 - please get onto anyone who can make a difference and spread the word

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G8 - the aftermath - eyewitness report - part 1

31-07-2001 17:41

I've finally escaped to what appears to be a safe place to
try to describe what I've seen in Genova. I say "appears"
because its not at all clear that the repression is over.

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That Tessa Jowel email address...

31-07-2001 14:50

Here it is... (and here's the itc website address too for good measure)

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Making sense of Genoa

31-07-2001 13:05

Report back on Genoa from activists present throughout the week; Photos too. Come and help us make sense of what we went through

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Middle class or working class?

31-07-2001 12:46

From the August 2001 issue of the Socialist Standard, journal of the Socialist Party Of Great Britain (libertarian socialists, not authoritarians despite their name!)

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Globalise Resistance Genoa report back with GSF member this Thursday

31-07-2001 12:17

*Globalise Resistance Public Meetings with Antonino Campenni from Cobas union federation & Genoa Social Forum

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Request for email addresses

31-07-2001 11:51

Does anyone have any useful addresses?

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free trade/speech poster/tshirt/etc...

31-07-2001 08:03

free trade/speech poster/tshirt/etc...
when 100's of thousands of people show up and are turned away at the "GATES" by 8 people who control the money, the media, the world there's something horribly F)(*#)(D!!! feel free to distribute/print