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Freedom of information? They're having a laugh!

03-03-2009 19:25

This letter has been received which may be of interest to readers and begs the question - what is the government hiding?

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"Move or the baby gets it", police lies at Plane Stupid action in Scotland

03-03-2009 19:13

After almost six hours the Plane Stupid Scotland's action at Aberdeen airport ended with the protesters voluntarily unlocking themselves from their blockade. The eleven people, including local residents that this morning breached the airport fence have now been arrested. The protesters were told by police to dismantle their peaceful protest because the taxiway they were secured to was needed by an emergency helicopter. A baby apparently required urgent treatment, and any other approach would cause delays. Obviously the safety of the public was of paramount concern to the activists and so they duly removed themselves....

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How to tear down (Australian) Judicial System (and get squished in the process)

03-03-2009 18:41

What if a tree fell in the forest?

Protecting common law rules of ultra vires and natural justice, against deprivation of rights under color of law, what is the due process of law, that judges apply the law as passed by the parliament.

What safeguards does the Senate have to protect the integrity and application of the rule of law, of Commonwealth of Australia laws, and Australian judicial system within the Commonwealth, and the separation of powers of the Executive and the Judiciary? Are Mandamus and Habeas Corpus and other instruments of rule of law made redundant by any Commonwealth of Australia laws, and/or the Constitution;

NB. The Writ of Mandamus against High Court Australia French, Hayne, Gummow and Crennan JJ are NOT online at the moment.

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Reminder: Bash a Billionaire TONIGHT 7pm Park Lane

03-03-2009 17:32

Bash a Billionaire, Burn a Banker
100 billionaires will meet at the Dorchester Hotel tonight to demand more tax cuts for themselves, and control of the UK's aid budget. Lets give them a warm welcome!

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Bristol Dissent g20 Call Out

03-03-2009 16:58

An Anti-authoritarian call-out for resistance to the London G20 Summit

G20 SUMMIT IS COMING TO LONDON attempt to re-build confidence in global financial markets.

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Anti-Coal Protesters Blockade Washington Power Station

03-03-2009 16:50

Thousands of demonstrators braved icy winds and snow to march on the US capitol's coal-fired power plant on Monday to demand a more sane approach to energy policy. Organized by Capitol Climate Action thousand blockade the five main gates to the Capitol Power Plant in southeast Washington, not far from Capitol Hill.

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Students at The University of Birmingham hit Natwest again

03-03-2009 16:27

students drawing their message
Just a week after the last action on campus, students at the University of Birmingham protest outside Natwest again, continuing their campaign against the dirty investments which the bank are addicted to.

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Agenda Security

03-03-2009 16:02

Institute of Animal Technicians IAT accredited Courses now available from Agenda Security Services-2009 Dates released.

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Doubt of global financial crisis?

03-03-2009 15:47

Europeans "doubtful" about true extent of global financial crisis

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A.R Activist Asked To 'Meet' With Police!

03-03-2009 15:38

Recently I was asked to attend a 'meeting for coffee' with a police officer going be the name of 'Kev' from Community Intelligence or C.I.U, a new department of N.E.T.C.U, based at Scotland Yard. So I have decided to write the following article to let others, that have been approached, know that they are not alone an to hopefully put there minds at rest.

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Palestine Today 030309

03-03-2009 15:34


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday, March 3ed, 2009.

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Watch out if there's a cop from Gwent about...

03-03-2009 15:12

...he might shoot you!!!

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Wikileaks: FBI Report on Activist Counter-Intelligence

03-03-2009 14:50

UNCLASSIFIED/LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE, the site responsible for leaking a multitude of useful documents to media and activists, has posted an article titled, "FBI: Tactics Used by Eco-Terrorists to Detect and Thwart Law Enforcement Operations, 15 Apr 2004," an appraisal of counterintelligence resources in our community.

Though government intelligence is widely known to be an oxymoron, this could lend some insight into their thinking and methodology, acting as a guide to activist counter-intelligence for the animal & earth liberation movement. The document studies the successful methods in which the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), Earth Liberation Front (ELF), Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), Earth First! and anarchist groups evade and/or thwart law enforcement methods to gather intelligence.

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Anger after the CALL Lobby to Parliament 25th Feb 2009

03-03-2009 14:48

We need to fight the huge cuts in Adult Education currently being made by the government. Those who have a degree cannot now take a subsidised course at that level or lower. John Denham (government minister) says Spanish for Holidays is a waste of time. Money which goes to war should be used for making all education free.

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Demos at Huntingdon Life Sciences

03-03-2009 14:46

A few of us are off to both sites in the next 2 days.

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SHAC Week of Action Part 3: Russia, France & Italy

03-03-2009 14:26


Part 1
Part 2
March feature

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New Course - Origins of the Credit Crunch, Newcastle, March 11th 2009

03-03-2009 13:06

'The History and Politics of the Credit Crunch’ is the title of a new course led by Dr Trevor Bark and starting on March 11th 2009 at the Workers Educational Association building at 21 Portland Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle.

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Summer of rage? It's a figment of febrile imaginations

03-03-2009 12:52

Kevin Smith, a participant in last years Camp for Climate action responded to the Guardians police propaganda piece on the so-called 'Summer of Rage'. Other papers have been churning out the same spin. Kevin says that senior police officers are trying to frighten people off protesting about climate change but the climate camp have been fighting back. The media team initiated a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission about the article, "Anarchists plan City
riots for G20 leaders' arrival in London" by Robert Mendick and Niger Rosser, which appeared in the Evening Standard and Daily Mail on 20th February. The complaint has already resulted in the headline and content of the article being changed on the papers websites. Last year complaints such as these solicited retractions and apologies from several papers.

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The horrors of Israel's peace

03-03-2009 12:38

Gazans, traumatised by war, will be transformed into docile subjects of humanitarian assistance. From the perspective of a Gazan youth, both possibilities are horrifying: to be killed or to witness death silently -- to end one's life or to kill oneself as a political and ethical human being.

As the diplomatic efforts around the war of Gaza show, peace has also become a sort of a "civilisational imperative" that the Palestinians are asked to abide by, while abandoning their resistance to the ongoing occupation. Peacemaking, in Palestine, and in other places in the world, is our contemporary civilising mission, and it is deadly.

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Demand for energy falling as recession deepens

03-03-2009 12:24

Falling demand for energy and tighter margins has started to bite into the record gains made by energy companies over the last couple of years. The papers are today reporting that the Drax group shares are trading near a record low on the announcement of a small drop in profits between 2007 and 2008 while demand for electricity in the UK apparently fell 4.3% in the last quarter of 2008 and looks set to continue to fall as the recession deepens.