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an Israeli's answer to John Pilgers article of last week

19-09-2001 23:13

when I mailed the Pilger article to some people I got this as a reply its from an american orthadox jew who is a liberal(in US)this represents the sort of ill informed properganda that A LOT of people beleive especially in the US so dont post angry replies it would take up too much space

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Muammar Qadhafi Gives Wide Ranging Speech

19-09-2001 23:02

Muammar Qadhafi has given a wide ranging speech on terrorism, colonialism and world peace.

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Save our square - friends of Swiss Cottage

19-09-2001 22:13

campaigners have now been occupying a square emarked for a development of luxury flats for 17 days please come along and show your support

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ZNet Reported Off Line!

19-09-2001 21:56

ZNet Reported Off Line! At such an important time the writings of many important commentations such as Chomsky, Zinn and Pilger are off line!

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stop death

19-09-2001 21:54

do something now

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Authorities target Anarchist in Italy

19-09-2001 21:20

police raid anarchists all over italy. Pinelli social center in genoa burned.

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the coming generation - not so blind?

19-09-2001 19:24

They asked in school who the children felt sorry for

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ANSWER! - Act Now to Stop War & End Racism

19-09-2001 19:05

International A.N.S.W.E.R. is a coalition that is uniting to call for worldwide rallies against war and racism. On September 29, there will be a national march and rally at the White House in Washington DC, as well as marches on the West Coast of the U.S. and around the world. We call on all people of conscience and progressive organizations to take up this call and organize rallies around the world.

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Coruption in the mental health service.

19-09-2001 17:17

A man with personality disorder goes free from court for smashing up flat. Althouge a free man he has no wheir to live and is homeless. The local mental health service offer no support or help.

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Think About It

19-09-2001 16:27

Just think about it, if any gentileEstate would have followed what the JewishEstate has been doing to gentilesE for so many years in such a blatant fashion, there would have been a World War Three! How is it that Zionism does not equate to RACISM? Is not it true that what is good for the goose must be good for gander?

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Call for Peace

19-09-2001 16:00

Site brngs people together for peace.

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AUC and Taliban: U.S. Policy Backfires from Colombia to Afghanistan

19-09-2001 15:42

Special to the Narco News Bulletin

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Call Blair / Download petition - info from CNDUK

19-09-2001 15:35

Info below from CNDUK who are co-ordinating saturdays vigil outside Downing Street.

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The Osama Bin Laden Ebook

19-09-2001 15:33

All his fatwahs, speeches, declarations, pictures, interviews in a happening ebook. Free download at: Also has stuff about Taliban, Nostradamus and virtually anything that is connected to Osama. Download and view extensive pictures and unedited transcripts

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IMF/WB Washington protests shift to Anti-War

19-09-2001 15:23

After the attacks in Washington and the cancellation of the planned 2 day (already previously reduced from one week) IMF / World Bank meetings in Washington, the coalition behind the anti-capitalist convergence protests have decided to press ahead with protests but change them to an anti-war focus.

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UK Peace movement kicks off

19-09-2001 14:47

UK Peace movement and resistance to "war" kicks off...

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19-09-2001 13:50

Building anti-racist, anti-war university networks

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Peace Vigil - Downing Street - 18/09/01 Picture

19-09-2001 12:59

Peace Vigil - Downing Street - 18/09/01 Picture
Picture from early evening of a section of the hundreds who gathered outside downing street in london this evening at a vigil for peace. "justice for all not vengeance"

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Press manipulation

19-09-2001 12:41

Media manipulation of recent events.
Received this and have translated, but my French is a little rusty, so have included original too.

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The origins and variants of fascism

19-09-2001 11:54

Long before it became possible to speak of fascism Marxists considered the question of what new political features would be associated with the transition of free competition capitalism to monopoly capitalism. The question was — what political changes would take place when the economic basis of bourgeois society changed?