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15-02-2005 18:40

Socialist Worker publishes the first evidence of
a massacre of civilians by US troops in Fallujah

LONDON, 15 FEBRUARY 2005 -- In November of last year, US forces
in Iraq launched an all-out assault on the city of Fallujah. They claimed they were hunting down terrorists.

Tomorrow Socialist Worker carries the first hard evidence that the attack on Fallujah involved the systematic and deliberate murder of hundreds of civilians. We print at length the testimony of Dr Salam Ismael, who visited Fallujah last month with humanitarian aid from Britain...

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British youth and their perception of the Iraq War

15-02-2005 18:25

The Iraqi elections have seemingly gone rather well and the anti-war lobby is taking a bit of a bashing from Michael Gove et al. In my experience, it was opposition to the invasion that re-politicised my generation. Is their re-awakening based on false premise?

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Recounting Iraq's Sanctions Horror!

15-02-2005 18:04

On the 26th and 27th January 2005, The Iraq Solidarity Campaign - in both Manchester and Liverpool, organised two public meetings called Paying the Price - Saving the Children of Iraq! to initiate a campaign to dedicate the 30th January - as a day for humanity and to honour those, alive, or no longer with us, who at often great risk to themselves, have strived to bring normality to Iraq over the years.

At both events, Felicity Arbuthnot spoke about her experiances of having been to Iraq over thirty times and about what she found there in light of the UN imposed sanctions regime and also about the people whom she had the honour of meeting. Below you can read the speech that Felcity Arbuthnot gave at the meetings.

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Anti War Rally in Cambridge

15-02-2005 17:51

Many passers by and activists...
To commemorate the second anniversary of the biggest public demonstration ever held in British History, and to highlight that the occupation of Iraq still drags on, several dozen activists assembled in Cambridge Market Square for about two hours this afternoon.

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Livingstone exposed over Al-qaradawi

15-02-2005 16:39

Campaign group OutRage! lists its response to Ken's Dossier on fundamentalist muslim cleric al-Qaradawi

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Oxford marks the second anniversary of the war on Iraq

15-02-2005 16:37

Two years after the enormous anti-war march and rally in London in 2003, Oxford activists sought today to remind us of the shocking and violent events that have taken place in the intervening period.
A national demo has also been called for Saturday 19 March by the STWC, see details at

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Exxon's excuses

15-02-2005 16:35

Reply received from Exxon in response to stopEsso/Greenpeace campaign Email.

The usual bullshit..

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Police Violence at Hebron Anti Roads Protest

15-02-2005 16:30

Grnadfather Prays for the sanctity of his land
The local Palestinian community of Hebron, attempt to protest against construction plans for an illegal settler road which would destroy part of their ancient grave yard, but are prevented from even gathering to protest by IOF and Border Police. One Grandfather was arrested as he prayed for his land.

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Possibilities for protest using "small, clued-up & largely autonomous groups"

15-02-2005 15:06

NVDA workshop with the Seeds for Change training co-op in the run-up to George Bush's European tour. 11am – 5pm, London School of Economics, Clement House (NOT the Student Union as previously advertised), Room D202.

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15-02-2005 14:15

Two campaigners found guilty of libelling McDonald's have won a ruling that they should have been given legal aid by the British Government.

Helen Steel and David Morris were dubbed the McLibel Two during a landmark 314-day trial - the longest civil or criminal action in English legal history.

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capital of Vulture ? Culture Watch 2008

15-02-2005 13:49

An email circulating in the community and arts worlds in liverpool calls for accountability from those responsible for liverpool 08 developments

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Concious fashion - day two report

15-02-2005 12:57

The second day of conscious fashion week looked at the environmental impact of the clothing industry, be it from the use of chemicals in production, growing, and the waste inherent in the fashion industry.

Those who have attended other events at the rampART will know that the hall can change quite a bit but the make over for monday was quite a shock with the hall almost devided in half with a packing case cat walk, an industrial sewing machine as an info-table covered in leaflets from No Sweat and the like and a models changing room.

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Conscious fashion - report from sunday

15-02-2005 12:30

The first day of conscious fashion week was themed on the exploitation of labour with slave camps, sweat shops, child
labour, reclaiming labour and the economy of fashion.

Saddly it didn't go off quite to plan with no-shows from a patchwork head and the Friends Of Falun Gong who were going to be talking about labour camps in China. A couple of the films never materialised either but the show must go on, and it did...

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Council Bailiffs Duped by Protestors

15-02-2005 11:54

Protestors NOT evicted at Linslade. The protestors retreated under the cover of darkness as a surprise tactic against the Council. The fight goes on....

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Opposing the Olympic Bid

15-02-2005 11:52

Saturday saw the successful launch of a week of protest which ends with a public demonstration in Meridian Square, Stratford Station on the 19th February at 1pm. 20 traditional narrowboats travelled the canals and gathered at the site of the proposed Olympic Stadium.

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Victory for McLibel 2 against UK Government

15-02-2005 11:18

This morning (15th February) the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg declared that the notorious and long running McLibel case was in breach of the right to a fair trial and right to freedom of expression. The McLibel 2 (Helen Steel, 39 & Dave Morris, 50) had launched legal proceedings against the UK government arguing that the marathon 'McLibel trial' which lasted 313 days - the longest trial of any kind in English legal history - and UK libel laws, breached the European Convention on Human Rights Article 6 (right to a fair trial) and Article 10 (right to freedom of expression).

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Sowing the Seeds of Dictatorship

15-02-2005 11:16

An excellent, well-researched overview of current intellectual property laws as they relate to agriculture in Scotland and India. Farmers in both countries are coming under attack from huge agricultural multinationals that are trying to make it illegal to follow the normal farming practice of saving seed for next year's crop.

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Brian's evivction from Parliament Square Comes ever Closer

15-02-2005 10:01


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Alaska has approved the shooting of over 1000 wolves

15-02-2005 04:52

will the wolves survive
Alaska has approved the shooting of over 1000 wolves from helicopters. The Friends of Animals online protest kicks off today. Visit the web site, fill out a short form, and a postcard will be sent to the governor.