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Kings Cross ~ Animal Rights and Councillors Fight Side by Side at Kings Cross

17-12-2007 21:19

Camden Councillors and Animal rights Activists are set to fight side by side against Gordon Brown over the controversial plans to build a monstrous virus containment facility and animal testing laboratory on a Camden council estae near to Kings Cross -Broill Place / St Pancras.

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Christmas Boycott of Isralie goods from occupied territories

17-12-2007 20:22

This is a small but user friendly list of specific 'festive' products that come from 'illegal' settlements in the occupied territories in Palestine. Please pass around to networks and groups and gladly print out if need be and distribute to shops, supermarkets and health foods stores

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BNP threaten anti-fascist leafletters in Brinsley

17-12-2007 20:12

The split in the BNP should not fool anyone that either side, Graham or Griffin will change their methods of political work; violence, threats and suppression of democratic expression is central to both as we found out in Brinsley on the 16th Dec.

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Call out for solidarity and support for Australian anarchists

17-12-2007 20:00

In a time of International repression against activists all over the globe, we are calling out for letters of support and solidarity for anarchists arrested and facing severe repression after the G20 economic forum protests of November 2006 in Melbourne, Australia.

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How the Anglo-American elite shares its 'values'

17-12-2007 18:43

When Prime Minister Gordon Brown spoke recently about his government's devotion to the United States, "founded on the values we share", he was echoing his Foreign Office minister Kim Howells, who was preparing to welcome the Saudi dictator to Britain with effusions of "shared values". The meaning was the same in both cases. The values shared are those of rapacious power and wealth, with democracy and human rights irrelevant, as the bloodbath in Iraq and the suffering of the Palestinians attest, to name only two examples.

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Forbes on Wikipedia:Gary Weiss 'Edits'

17-12-2007 18:39

Even Davidson's more recent 'biotech' penny stock scam Pluristem was not added to MantanMoreland's Davidson Wikipedia biography - but with reason - that's why he deleted my Davidson bio contribution in the first place - to censor the subject and facts about Davidson on Wikipedia.Too bad Gary Weiss' boss, Steve Forbes,encourages this type of irresponsible corporate behavior in its employees just as Gary Weiss encourages such behavior in his Wikipedia biographer MantanMoreland ! :

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Pictures from Sequani March & Blockade

17-12-2007 18:25

Activists from around the country travelled for a national march and demonstration in Ledbury on Saturday 15th December. One the return journey, five people sat down and began a blockade in the centre of town in solidarity with the Sequani 12: on bail and awaiting court cases for SOCPA conspiracy charges.

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Palestine Today 121707

17-12-2007 15:54

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday December 17th, 2007.

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Major Corruption

17-12-2007 15:32

John Major has protested that the Tories were not corrupt in the 80s and 90s. These claims will remain unconvincing unless they answer two questions. First, why did they give an apparently unjustifiable £300 million contract to one of the two companies involved in the arms deal illegally linked to the Pergau Dam? Secondly, who gave the tens of millions of pounds needed to fund the Tory party in that period.

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Iran after the NIE report

17-12-2007 15:04

Exploring the issues, exploding the myths

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CDG crisis deepens

17-12-2007 14:59

The crisis at Careers Development Group worsens.

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Fossil Fools Day, April 1st 2008

17-12-2007 14:56

April the 1st is Fossil fools day!
Rising Tide International is calling for a day of action against the fossil fuel industry on April 1st 2008...


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Jane Mary Mutetsi belongs to Nottingham

17-12-2007 13:52

Jane Mary Mutetsi
Jane Mary Mutetsi is currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC with removal directions set for Tuesday 18th December on British Airways Flight BA063 leaving Heathrow @ 21:05 for Entebbe/Uganda.

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A new social center for London

17-12-2007 12:56

Things appear to be on a low ebb in terms of social centers in London and with the rampART likely to be closing within the next month or so, it is clearly time to open a new space.

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Germany, Hamburg: riots after 3 000 cops try to stop anti-repression-march

17-12-2007 12:33

Germany. Riots broke out after (how funny!) 3 000 robocops tried to stop an anti-repression march.

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UK physicians respond to The Guardian's disinformation on Dr David Kelly's death

17-12-2007 10:36

The importance of a Government cover-up (in the context of the investigation of the suspicious death of the world expert on biological and chemical weapons who, at the time of his death, was perceived to be blowing the whistle on the Government which had taken the country to illegal war on a pack of lies) cannot be over-emphasised. Richard Norton-Taylor (and others in his position) should be pressing for a proper investigation of Kelly's death, ie a proper inquest, rather than wasting his time attempting to rubbish Norman Baker's book, while claiming the moral high ground. Otherwise, there is a risk that he and other apparent apologists for the dreadful Blair and Brown governments are seen in the future as the shameless enablers that perhaps they are.

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Shop an MP and help prosecute the PM under SOCPA

17-12-2007 10:30

Mark Thomas and co. are appealing for people to help in reporting sightings of MPs breaking the law by giving political opinion ("demonstrations") within the Westminster SOCPA zone. They would also be very much grateful if you bought a badge to donate funds to the ongoing case against Gordon Brown who appears to have taken the law into his own hands... Perhaps in solidarity with Brian?

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Rod Coronado Pleads Guilty to expolsives charges

17-12-2007 09:40

High profile 'Earth First' and AR leader accepts plea bargain.

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Monday 17th December - Campsfield IRC another disturbance in progress

17-12-2007 07:28

I have just had a call (5:37 am) from a detainee in Blue Block at Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre (IRC), Kidlington, Oxford, describing a disturbance developing there AT THIS MOMENT.

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Scottish human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar prosecuted

17-12-2007 05:52

Scottish lawyer Aamer Anwar is due to appear before the High Court in Edinburgh in January 2008 on charges of contempt of court, relating to statements he made following the conviction of his client on terrorism charges in September.