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18-11-2004 23:32


Zapatista supporters and activists from the revolutionary union the IWW will descend on Starbucks stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh on Saturday 20th November. The protestors aim to show solidarity with Starbucks workers in New York City and with the indigenous Zapatista movement in Chiapas, southern Mexico. Other Starbucks stores round Britain are also being targeted in a co-ordinated day of action by Zapatista solidarity groups.

The demonstrators will be serving up free
Zapatistacoffee to customers and passers-by outside
Starbucks stores in Edinburgh
and Glasgow city centres.

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Tory party now as unpopular as in days of Iain Duncan Smith :-) :-) :-)

18-11-2004 22:52

Tories back to days of Duncan Smith - poll

Alan Travis, home affairs editor
Thursday November 18, 2004
The Guardian

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First Snow in Sheffield

18-11-2004 21:29

On the evening of November 18th, Thursday, first snow in Sheffield.
This is a celebration poem.

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ArtWash@ TruWash Art in a working Launderette

18-11-2004 20:40

a site specific art installation in a working Launderette
On the 20th /Nov./'04 @ 7.30pm-9pm
Admission free
good bus connections

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Fallujans pay the price of liberation

18-11-2004 20:30

When a nation's identity, existence and dignity is put at risk, the sacrifice required is far more than the lives of a group of fighters, and that is why Falluja has chosen to carry the flag of resistance in Iraq, in the clear knowledge it may be wiped out.

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Second USUK Al Fallujah massacre

18-11-2004 20:04

Al Fullujah November massacre
Second USUK Massacre in Al Fallujah..
on SFBay Indy...

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"The Streets of Baghdad"

18-11-2004 19:53

** Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches **

November 18, 2004

The Streets of Baghdad

We had our daily car bomb today when a suicide bomber drove his car into
a US patrol as it passed near the Yarmouk police station. Several Iraqis
were killed, with no report yet on US casualties. I felt the rumble even
though I was on a street far away from the blast-at least 5 miles distant.

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18-11-2004 19:42

It's about the lie of war that governments and the military have elaborated over the last ten years, the technological, smart surgical war that is supposed to limit civilian deaths, thereby somehow making the killing acceptable. It suggests that the conflicts at the moment are the on-going practice of a policy of war orchestrated the US administration, both before and after 911, and nothing to do with terrorism.

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Hunt Scum now STUFFED!!!

18-11-2004 18:50

The parliament act will now be used to enforce a complete ban on fox
hunting that will come into force in Febuary 2005!! Long live our

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Demonstrate against Aznar!

18-11-2004 17:31

A demonstration has been called for Friday December 3rd, on St Michaels Street (off Cornmarket, Oxford) at 7.30 pm, to 'welcome' Jose Maria Aznar. He is speaking at the
Oxford Union on foreign affairs - on which his most notable contribution was the
unwavering support he gave to Bush and Blair over the war on Iraq (including contributing Spanish troops). Spread the word - bring pots, pans, and anything with which to make noise.

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Clowns Close Army Recruitment Centre. Video

18-11-2004 16:28

Action in Leeds.

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New MOVE film showing @ Maelstrom – Weds November 24th 8pm

18-11-2004 14:51

Next Wednesday 24th Nov at 8pm we will be showing the new film about MOVE.

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SSP Benefit Xmas Meal December 3rd, 7.30pm @ Maelstrom, Leeds.

18-11-2004 14:44

SSP Benefit Xmas Meal December 3rd, 7.30pm @ Maelstrom, Leeds.

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Fallujah in Pictures

18-11-2004 13:04

Resistance Fighters? Civilians? Human beings.
The Fallujah in Pictures website (address below) is grim viewing...

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M.E.P. get involved in Indymedia harddrive seizures

18-11-2004 13:04

Phillip Whitehead MEP asked a question in the European Parliment about the seizures

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Going BEYONDTV this weekend

18-11-2004 12:49

Come to a radical film festival

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Microsoft, WTO, IP law, Monopoly

18-11-2004 11:36

Another example of how the WTO and IP (Intellectual Property) law are used to club "developing" nations into accepting the corporate dominance of (predominantely) the U.S.

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Bad reviews, ethical criticism, corporate band wagons, bad feelings - Band Aid!

18-11-2004 10:52

Stations are banning it from their airwaves because its "Rubbish". Paul McCartney was so exhausted after recording his bit that he collapsed on the floor. The original cover was banned by record execs because it might frighten small children.

And what's worse, the lyrics have come in for major criticism... While no one is criticising the basic good intention, what might have been waking the world up 20 years ago to the issues of poverty and famine and fundraising, is no longer sufficient in todays world.

What else can go wrong?

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Mansoor Hassan and Family Defence Campaign

18-11-2004 10:42

Mansoor Hassan , his wife, Aqila and four children are from Pakistan. Mansoor is an investigative journalist. As a result of his exposures of political, criminal and social corruption he was forced to flee the country in 2002 and seek asylum in the UK. Like thousands of other applicants his case was refused and his family are under immediate threat of deportation.

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Come on and make a stand, join the Caravan of Love!!

18-11-2004 10:07

I was emailed this by the ISM (Internationalk Solidarity Movement - international peace activists working in human rights in Palestine, for those that don't know), and thought as many people should know about it as possible.